Grand Pa, Do Something

Posted: November 7, 2015 in Living My Childhood For Second Time


Alan:”Omg, SnL is coming from Bangalore. She gonna torture me Again, with her camera and multiple poses. I need to talk to grandpa this time. At least some one needs to think about the right thing.

dady n alan

Alan:”Grandpa”, he pauses wondering how to continue the sensitive topic

Granpa:”Yes Alan, you want to talk to me?”



Alan:”Yes grandpa, its about your youngest daughter”

Grandpa: “You mean to say that %^ old monkey who plays with you like 3 year old”

Alan:”I wouldnt dare to call her monkey, if she hears she might kick my butt” he looks around and makes sure SnL is not in the earshot. “Listen grandpa, you need to think about her marriage”

Grandpa:”oh my, now why you are worried, if I may ask”


Alan:”Please Grandpa, get her married ASAP. If you want me to kiss your hand I am ready but please find a guy for her”

Aloma:”This punk is gonna spoil everything for us girls. dont listen to him grandpa, SnL is COOOOL”


Grandpa:”Why kid, what happened?”


Alan:”You have no clue what all things she demands me to do. Other day she told me to take off my shirt, placed a crown with peacock feather on my head, giving bamboo stick in my hand she said “Now pose, you are Kishna”. You know I feel weird to expose my body:)


Grandpa:”Who is Kishna?never heard about him before”

Aloma:”Its KRRRRrrrrishna grandpa”

Alan:”Yes yes same guy Kishna”

Grandpa chuckles.



Alan:”I am telling ya, I almost hit her head with that bamboo. She went on clicking the pics while i was bathing in the hot sun. Dont blame me in the future if anything happens to your daughter.”

Grandpa:”Thanks for the warning kid”


Aloma:”No such things grandpa, I love her, shes is my favorite”

Alan:”shut up, when men are talking dont interfere, Listen grandpa…”

Aloma:”you shut up, you have no clue about women empowerment you dirty male chauvinist pig..”

Alan:”see that’s what SnL is teaching Aloma, “women empowerment”. You ought to do something grandpa, clock is ticking”

Grandpa:”What else she has done to you..”



Alan:”She took us to the garden and told to tilt our head 110 degree till she got her shot. I almost fell and broke my neck”

Aloma:”Ras**l lying.”


Alan:”Then she made me hold a plant taller than me in the hot sun”


Alan:”I thought that was it but no this lady continues demanding different pose. Girls with their drama can do but boys cant, can they grandpa?. You tell me, you are boy aren’t you?

Grnadpa:smiles, “Yes I am a man, I can understand your problem kid”


Alan:”I tried to talk to my babe, your wife. Tried to bribe her with my little butterfly kisses but looks like even she is under SnL’s spell.


Alan:”Sometimes, she want us to be rabbit”


Alan:”And sometimes peacock!!!!!SnL and her stupid ideas are pain in ass. You have to find a guy for her grandpa…hurry, before she ruins my school-free days”

Grandpa:”haha my boy, she is my daughter not my burden, when she wants she will get married, stop fussing”.


Alan:”I thought you are in my gang but no, you disappointed me grandpa, I hate you”. Alan yells with frustration

Grandpa:”come on, chill out there”


Alan:”Jesus, looks like only you can make things happen. Send prince murmuring or the angel with tail but send someone. I am tired of the torture”


Alan:”If you answer my prayer, I will become a priest(I dont write on wall, its Aloma who wrote) I am a good boy

  1. Gaurav says:

    She has grown so fast..!! She is cute..!!


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