LOVE That Has No End 3

Posted: November 7, 2015 in STORY

It was the week the priest talked about, youth meeting and having fun. I was on sofa watching TV when my friend Kevin walked in fully dressed. He forced me to come for youth meeting as it was a national level meet up and girls would be around from all over country. For sake of Kevin I dressed and walked the steps of the church hall.

When I saw the crowd I felt like running back. With Kevin’s firm hand on my arm I was forced to take steps forward. After registering ourselves, we stood there searching for a place to sit holding registration badge in our hand. With Kevin busy standing and watching girls I stood there searching for empty chairs. After noticing some vacant chairs near the stage I just wondered how the meet up would go.

Time rolled and I lost the track. With fun filled activity throughout the day I made several friends from Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Ranchi and Delhi. I enjoyed every bit of it. When finally day came to an end I enrolled my name to become an active member of the youth group.

With my sister looking for job after graduation, and I joining college for degree, the excitement of life’s new phase kept both of us busy.

It was a blessed day because I saw her for the first time in church. Priest was preaching the sermon and I was dozing off when Kevin pinched me and told me to open my eyes. He signaled me in direction of this girl who was seated in next row. I just wondered how Kevin spotted her siting in same row on other side of aisle. She was listening to the priest attentively. With her occasionally blinking eyes she managed to focus on the source of her hearing. With her left hand slowly pulling her hair behind her ears, she covered her yawning mouth with right hand. She closed her eyes for what it looked like glorious one minute, took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again there was no trace of slumber. I and Kevin both were staring at her from our side bench. When we got some stares from people to focus on altar, we looked at the crucifix wondering how one can look so beautiful just sitting and listening to the lecture. All we wanted was to know more about this beautiful angel with brown eyes, outlined by thick black eyebrows. Her deep black curly hair made me wince with pleasure. We were dying to know whether right cheek had the similar dimple like left, whether she sits in same place every Sunday….

I tried to listen to the priest but my all attention was on the girl. No matter how much I tried she brutally attracted me like a merciless magnet. After the mass when Kevin searched in the crowd he couldn’t spot her. We both were heart broken. With a hope that next Sunday we could spot we went home with heavy heart.

That Monday I left my college and went to purchase souvenir to be given to my friends on my youth meet to South Africa. As I was walking back through a road which had to pass through this famous women’s college I stopped to have well known meduvada, and there she was with her friends eating the vada pav and I froze to ground. It was the second time I saw her and she still looked breath taking. She was eating while talking to her friends. With her long earing dangling whenever she turned her head she looked amazing. How I controlled the temptations to talk to her. I was bit happy, even though our colleges were different train station was same. If I am lucky I can get the glimpse of the goddess of my heart every day. Next day I came earlier than my usual time to catch the train with hope to see her, when all the daily commuters stared at me air was gone from my balloon. I was little disappointed but I was not sad. I had hope, hope that soon I will see her and when I see I will talk to her no matter what.

With most waited Sunday near Kevin and I got ready for church on time. That beautiful angel was inspiration to us to go to mass or else imagine visiting same place just to follow their so called commandment, how boring!! We waited for the unknown angel in the same place but she didn’t show up, we were like the energy equation without energy in it. After the mass when my mom called me to meet someone, I said bye to Kevin and stood next to my mom. My mom started to tell about some lady while we waited. With my mind still wondering the reasons for absence of my angel I stood there passively listening to my mom. My mom continued while church priest walked towards us with a middle aged lady by his side.

Priest said she has a daughter. When mother is so pretty I am sure daughter will be prettier”. I just chuckled listening to my mom’s blabbering. Women!, I tell you can cook up whole story in one minute.

Priest introduced that lady as Carmen. Born catholic married to hindu Carmen had two kids. Carmen shared saying “I fell in love with Dileep and wanted to marry him. I married him against my parents and families wish. I didn’t baptize my kids because I didn’t feel it’s necessary, but my daughter who will be 18 soon wants to be baptized. I don’t know why all of sudden she wants to be catholic, its not like we followed any religion back then. Once in a while I used to go to church and sometimes I would take my kids along. I tried to talk to her but all she wants is to be baptized. I don’t know whether it’s wise thing or not because nobody knows the future”.

Priest ,my mother and Carmen started taking turns in expressing their views, I stood there passively listening to them and actively wondering where the girl disappeared. After a long hour of advice and consoling session when finally my mom bid her farewell to the small party I was cursing the girl. “Wondering why she wants to be baptized, she might fall in love with Hindu guy, it will be easy then, why to make things complicated?”. My mom gave me one of her “you talk nonsense look and continued to walk towards home.

                                                                                                                 To Be Continued(without delay….)

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