LOVE That Has No End 4

Posted: November 8, 2015 in STORY

That month rosary was in our house for our ward. Even though Carmen was from different ward mom invited Carmen and her family. Every time rosary was held in our house I cursed my fate which made me clean every corner of the house and my mom made sure I was her assistant calling me every now and then.

It was evening and I was dead tired to welcome the guests. So I sat on vacant chair like a faded hibiscus. I saw Carmen and gave one of my dry smile wondering whether she bought her Hindu daughter along. My mom called me “Alan babu anga yoo(come here)”. I stared at my mom, she knows best ways to embarrass me in front of anyone, without saying anything I walked to her. I said “hi” to Carmen and then was stoned to the floor. When I saw her the floor beneath my feet slipped and I felt I am flipping. The more I watched her the more I felt drowned. Those captivating beautiful eyes, graceful walk and that heart stilling smile and thick curly hair, wow. While I was wondering about the girl, the girl has been there in my mom’s and Carmen’s conversation. I smiled, it’s a good omen.

When she finally stood in front of me all I wanted was to see those eyes more closely. When Carmen introduced her daughter Joshna to me I was jiving with joy inside. The queen who was ruling my mind and heart, the angel who captivated my heart stood there on my door step looking at me with those innocent brown eyes. How I wanted to kiss Carmen for giving birth to such a beautiful girl. “Carmen you are going to be my MIL” I said to myself and smiled. Yeah I had decided then and there at the age of 20 that I am going to marry this gal. That killer smile on its place again she smiled and said hello politely. I watched, tried not to fall to hard but gave it up and fell head over heels love with her then and there at that precise moment on my doorstep.

I had no idea when the rosary started and when it ended. All I was aware was presence of this beautiful girl in my house, in the same freaking room. Every time I thought about it I was thrilled. With power of her smile even the black moon day turn into full moon day, I felt. Those dimples had the capacity to bold guys I could feel it. When everyone started to leave I cursed the time for the first time for being so fast. Carmen stood along with her beautiful daughter. How I wanted to stop her, to make her stay for some more time and continue the boring conversation with my mom. When my mom bid her farewell I was heartbroken. With the ruler of my heart leaving I felt like a cripple with my legs.

After everyone left my mom and sister were discussing about how the rosary went. Mom said “You know Carmen”, my ears got alert like rabbit, she continued “recently shifted to Bombay. Her husband is Hindu, got two kids, twins. One is that pretty face girl who came and other one is son. You know Hazel, they both want to be baptized.” My sister was listening without asking any question while my questions were piled up like old office records. Before I could ask some of my important questions my sister changed the topic. Women!!When they talk one topic, back of their mind next topic will be ready. I was living with two women still I couldn’t understand their whole women psychology.

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