LOVE That Has No End 5

Posted: November 9, 2015 in STORY

I rolled on the bed, that night, sleep was very mean to me. I was too excited to sleep. I called my friends Kevin and Jason to inform them that I found their sister-in-law. I repeated “Angel-Joshna-Visits-my-house” 4 times, answered all their questions without getting annoyed. When I finally drifted to sleep I was still thinking about Joshna, the killer who killed my heart with mere looks.

I was wondering how I could approach her without raising any eyebrows. I was just thinking when one evening mom said “Hey Alan, need to buy some groceries will you come with me, I have to…”

I said “aree mom, take your daughter along, I am busy”.

Mom picked the basket from the table and said “she is real busy unlike you. I had to go to Carmen place as well. First time I am going so thought you could help me to find her house. But that’s ok…”. Before she could finish there I was all dressed and combing my hair with my fingers. I picked the basket and said “Lets go mom”.

I prayed to Saint Anthony, I prayed to Mother Theresa, I prayed almost to all saints saying let Joshna open the door when we knock. With my heart beat so loudly in my mouth, butterflies flying high, I was nervous; slowly I pressedon Carmen’s call bell. When nobody answered the door I turned towards my mom and said “they are not home I guess mom.. ”, I was sad. “Press is properly Alan, whats wrong with you” my mom was inspectiong me. Before I could give a explanation to my mom, the oasis of my deserted life opened the door with broad smile and invited us in. There I sat drinking in her beauty while my mom and Carmen talked, non-stop. I self-introduced to her twin brother “Joshua” and her father Dileep. I sat there listening to ladies blabber with eyes on Joshna. When finally I couldn’t take it anymore I asked her to join me for walk if that’s ok with her parents. With permission of her father there we were walking on the lane. Me, Joshna, to spoil sweet company third gooseberry Joshua was walking between us. Kids were playing cricket on the lane and this girl encouraged the bowler. I smiled and walked beside the gooseberry. When the urge to push the gooseberry to nearby drain became unbearable I thrust my hands into my trousers pocket.

Kids called the gooseberry and I started to pray to god for a favor. My smile broadened when the gooseberry went to play. I took some time to adjust to the silence and said

Your mom says you want to be baptized. Don’t you think you should wait, you might fall in love with Hindu guy”.

She looked at me for a long time, more than I anticipated; may be even she is falling in love me I was tempted to think. “not in this life time. I want to be baptized because I want to be called Christian. May be my mom inspired me but whatever is the case I am determined and nothing can change, my mind. “

You are too young to say that..”

She laughed and those dimples were deep, I fell inside them. “I will be 18 this July, officially a adult.“

2 years difference I smiled to myself. As I felt the determination in her voice I gave up and walked by her side, not holding her hand, not talking but merely enjoying every single second with her.

To my surprise she started telling me about her past relationship. It was our casual meet after rosary-Sunday and here she was pouring her heart to me about her past. Even though I hated her boyfriend I was happy, I was happy because she started to open up that’s the first sign of trust. I smiled and looked at her, all I wanted was time and to be patient.

She was a good friend of this guy Malcom , when he proposed few years back she said yes without even thinking. But when he became more demanding about the do’s and don’t’s she gradually started to feel suffocating. Her father’s disapproval against him was one more reason she had to consider. To save herself from further suffering she broke up with him. After that she never dated any other guy. Walking beside her I swallowed my comments. I didn’t care about her past till her present is linked with me.

When the day ended I was sure she’s the one who is going to me my wife. With heart filled with joy when I started to walk back home with my mom I was truly happy for the first time in my life after my father’s sour episode.

I never counted my visits to her house thereafter. As they were newly shifted to that locality they found my presence very useful. The bond between me and Joshna started to deepen their roots.

                                                                                                           To Be Continued(without delay….)

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