LOVE That Has No End 6

Posted: November 10, 2015 in STORY

There was no match between us, I was tall, thin had shoulder length hair like barbarian and long nose like parrot where as she was so beautiful like morning due. I have noticed how the heads turned when we walked on the street but that never bothered me.We used to spend time together but she was a passive partner. I used to talk to her, call her on phone and she would just listen. She was being nice or it was just her will I wondered.

When I realized her dad didn’t like me the air in my balloon was gone. Imagine you like the girl, dreaming about plaiting future with her and there is her dad standing like a villain, gun in hand in his khaki shorts. I still remember the incident when I was talking to her over the phone, he took the phone and blasted saying why are you calling my daughter late night. Since then I stopped calling her at night. Sometimes I wonder why I did that, to bandage my spoiled image?

We used to meet and talk, I mean I used to talk and she used to listen. I was having tough time at home. I had little inferior complex as she is good, her family was perfect and I came from broken family, she is gorgeous and me ugly. To make matter worse her dad didn’t like me, after listening to her how she could date guy whom her parents didn’t approve . There against all odds I still kept swimming in the flooded river with hope that someday I would reach my destination, when I would have convinced both father and daughter.

But there were few things I noticed regarding her special treatment towards me. She never spoke to any people in church but me, even though she had male friends she never conversed with them like she did with me. She made it clear once or twice that she isn’t interested in me that way. I knew she would be just friend but I was falling for her with my mind, body and soul. When you fall in love with somebody its not necessary even the other person should love you, I was a man believing those great words. To make the matters worse my feelings for her never changed, spending every minute with her in fact made me fall for her even harder than I anticipated.

I still remember the day when she compared me with Joshua her twin bro saying I am like her bro. How I wanted to kill myself, there I was dreaming about marrying her and here she was seeing her alive brother in me. Girls have unique knack to see their brother in every other man on earth.

I was a member of my church youth committee. As I loved travelling whenever I got chance to travel to different state, country my decision was made on the spot. Whatever little free time I got, I offered that little time at Joshna’s feet as if she was a goddess and I, her true worshiper. Being in final year of degree I made sure I watched every new released movie with Joshna. When we felt we have too many people around us we just walked miles. I just talked like always, and she just listened, may be some lucky day might come when she just talks and I just listen .When we felt words are not necessary spoke through our eyes. One look at her eyes and I could say what she is thinking. With her on my pillion seat, with her by my side on road, with her mere presence she made me experience true heaven on earth. I am sure according to her “We were just good buddies” and according to me “I was head over heels in love with her and soon would marry her”

I never asked her whether she loves me, I never even proposed her. My love was enough for us I thought. On other hand I was scared to lose her as a friend. Kevin many times raised his eyebrows saying “not going good bro, girls are complicated, talk to her, clear it out”. I just looked through the window where sun rays were kissing earth and earth like always welcomed it with open arms even though the rays were short lived.

                                                                                       To Be Continued(without delay….)

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