LOVE That Has No End 7

Posted: November 11, 2015 in STORY

When my mom was worried thinking about my sister’s marriage Carmen came up with proposal of her cousin Abel, who was also looking for a bride. I was against it because it will reduce my chance with Josh. With Carmen acting as an intermediate my mom never even thought about enquiring more about the guy. Who can be suspicious about the guy who left his job in Dubai to take care of his mother back in Bombay. Everyone including my sister liked that guy. I still remember it was October when my sister first met him. He seemed to be in hurry to marry my sister. Who wouldn’t be in hurry to marry such a nice girl like my sister Hazel. She never even once raised her voice, never fought back. One minute we were talking about marriage and in blink of eyes it was January and my sister got married. As we didn’t have any spinster in my family Hazel requested Joshna to be her bride’s maid. I was angry, I was furious some stranger will steal my chance to dance with woman I madly love. On wedding day I stood holding snacks plate in my hand and watching them dance. My hands itched to prick the guy’s eyes with the fork. When I felt my control slipping away I counted 1 to 100 in reverse order, it didn’t help . By then I had walked to the dancing couple and stood like an alpha male with eye brows raised. The best man looked at Joshna then at me, and then walked away with knowing smile. I held her close to my heart moving with rhythm of music to the waltz. I wanted to seize the day for now, for tomorrow and for many days after that. I walked back to my seat without saying anything lost in my world.

I was glad to see my sister smile. I prayed that her smile remains forever. Abel held my sister hand throughout the ceremony. I was sure whether he will keep her happy but I hoped that he will keep her happy. She deserved it, after a miserable childhood and all hardships she went through, it was her right to be happy. My mom was never-bursting bubble, talking to all the relatives and smiling at the photographer. If our dad was normal like others we would have been the perfect family. No matter how much you hate some people, they are always in your heart more than the people whom you love. The only person who had more right to be there was absent physically.

With heavy heart me and mom said bye to Hazel. She was all weepy and sobbing. When we finally reached home in the dawn house felt empty. We already missed her. I picked the chilled beer from the fridge and sat going through the album of my memory in company of my solitude for the first time in my life.

Time flew, I became very busy with church work as I was president of the youth committee for our diocese. But I made sure I spend enough time with Joshna. With her demeanour I couldn’t miss her smiling sitting around my friends like her own. Due to some unknown reason Jason never made it to her friends list. Our usual hang-out group included me JOSH, Kevin, Dominic, and by default JOSHUA, the gooseberry

It was a month after my sisters marriage there I stood again watching Joshna walk the same aisle with her twin brother Joshua. Purple flowers I picked for her were standing proudly on her head which were perfect match to the white flowers bouquet she held in her hand. I hid my smile looking at Joshua who looked a ward boy in front of his beautiful sister. The closer she walked to the alter all I wanted to do was to drag her to the priest and say “I do, I will take care and love her till my death”. I never let any disturbing thought put into action. She looked at the crucifix and bowed her head in front of priest; the woman I loved looked like Gabriel to me.

There was small get together after the function. How I wished it was party after our marriage. She was very happy as if she tasted water from the never drying fountain of life. We danced, we laughed, and we talked. Again the gooseberry Joshua was there everywhere I went near his sister. Except his mere disturbing presence everything went fine. It was special day for me as well as I saw the satisfaction, joy reflection on Joshna’s eyes. Sunk in white with little bit of purple shade on her head, non-bargained smile the picture still stands on pedestal in my heart.

Some of her aunts noticed the electricity flowing between me and Joshna, and raised their well-shaped eyebrows at me. These married women I tell you, can smell love before it blossoms. I smiled at them and shrugged my shoulders never showing any emotions or feelings on my face. One of her aunt winked at me and said “soon-to-be-son-in-law” and my cheeks turned red. Joshua walked to me, looked straight in my eyes said “For her flowers you could have least given me a rose to put it on my blazer but one need to be born as girl to get flowers!!!”.

We became very close after her christening. I didn’t feel jealous when she started spending her time with my friends in my absence. I knew it by then no matter where she is, with whom she is, the special place is already occupied for me, call it confidence or over confidence.

                                                                                                       To Be Continued(without delay….)

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