LOVE That Has No End 9

Posted: November 13, 2015 in STORY

Joshna left me many messages, she even tried to call me but I didn’t want to talk to her.There was lot of tension between Pinto family and Hegdae family. I wept in silent night for my sister and I wept for the woman I love so dearly.

Unfortunately or fortunately my sister was pregnant again. My mother was worried how she will handle the situation in this condition. Doctor put on medication but was useless. Whatever she used to eat she used to vomit. Even though she was on complete bed rest her condition worsen instead of improving. When my mom couldn’t see her suffering she said “let’s go for checkup Hazel…”. But she smiled and said “no need mom, I am doing lot better. But still mom insisted on the check up and took her to famous hospital. Doctor found that her fetus was dead months back and she have to go for DnC. My sister cried continuously for 2 days. A mother never want to lose her baby no matter how bad situation she is in, that’s what I realized seeing my sister.

After few days Abel came home to meet my sister along with his mother. Even though my sister didn’t want to go he convinced her that he is a changed man, who wouldn’t believe him when he vowed on the bible. I didn’t want my sister to go with him. She will suffer again I could feel it in my bones but when my mom agreed I doubted my mom’s decision. Sometimes being the last one so much painful, nobody wants to listen to what you have to say.

Hazel got pregnant for 3rd time and this time she quit the job. She was bit worried though about full time mental harassment and abuse. As if could my mom understood her dilemma she bought her home after third month. She was advised to complete bed rest. Mom and I made sure she was relaxed and had her food on time. We never let her out of our sight.

I still remember, it was October, I went to northeast, Nagaland for youth conference. My mom was alone with Hazel at home. I was gone for couple of weeks but I used to call home every day and mom used to update me about everything. Abel used to come to see my sister at my house, whenever he felt like seeing her, like a real caring husband. Even though I wanted to stop him mom told me to keep quiet, she wanted a calm surrounding for my sister. North East green mountains, tribal history tempted me to forget about everything back at home but I was still worried for my sister.

When his visits became regular my mom was all tensed seeing him. My sister was suspicious about my mom’s behavior when she was around Abel, she tried to talk to mom but mom took silence as her companion. But somehow Hazel was sure it was something to do with Abel.

She had made up her mind that she won’t give up on the baby. What more he can do? He had tortured sexually, physically and emotionally. There was nothing left with which he could make her scare.

I was back from northeast with new wonderful experiences. My sister was doing well, my mom looked tensed and she started acting absurd. I thought maybe she is worried about Hazel so I didn’t pressurize her.

I went to see love of my life trying to forget everything. With her cream color shorts she looked adorable to me. I was still dazzling in her beauty when she drop the bomb on me.She met this guy Austin on social network whom she knew since she was a kid. Austin, that’s what she said his name is, now moved to BAHRAIN and is working in bank. I didn’t like the way she was telling me about this Austin guy with blush on her face but I sat on bench listening to her. She said he proposed her and waited to see my reaction. I jumped and told her to say no because she hardly know him, people change with time and social media is not enough to know a person. If she really liked this guy she should give herself sometime. I poured all my convincing skills with fake hope she wont open the door to heart to anyone else.

She looked at me with those innocent eyes, smiled sweetly, ignited the match stick to the leaked petrol and said “I said Yes”.

There I was standing and watching her restraining my emotions to reflect on my face. One minute I see a slight possibility and next minute the possibility is gone, burnt with somebody else happiness. I showed my smiling face, I was happy for her, at least I pretended to be.

He was in Bahrain and she was here in Mumbai. Few times he had come down to meet her; she felt she did the right thing by saying yes to him. This time she even went a step ahead, told her parents and updated her relationship status. While her friends hit the “Like” button I was sinking in my sorrow.

                                                                             To Be Continued(without delay….)

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