LOVE That Has No End 10

Posted: November 17, 2015 in STORY

After 7 months of bed rest when finally my sister delivered a tiny, underweight baby boy . She fought the life for him, for her baby; she was a real fighter. Even though baby was under weight, he was doing fine. I stood and watched my sister holding her baby close to heart with tears in her eyes,admiring that little wailing creature .Motherhood may be every women long to experience I felt. Gray clouds were finally clearing out for my sister.

Austin proved me right, he was an over possessive, self-centered guy. He didn’t like Josh spending time with us, especially me. His demand to know her whereabouts every single minute started getting into Josh nerves. I chuckled seeing his insecurity; if he could he would have kept Josh under survivalence 24/7.

There was parish camp in Goa, we all were excited to go to and she had to take Austin’s permission. As if they are already married and she is reporting her daily activity to him. It was painful especially for me to see her suffer. When Austin flew his red flag saying no she was very sad. When Joshua said he wont go unless she come, she was forced to pack her bags. Before even she could set her bags in the hotel room there was Austin phone call demanding answers for his questions what she is doing , where is she and whom she is with.

Joshua couldn’t see his sister’s torment. He looked at me with concern and said “its better you talk some sense into her, I am tired of telling her, she wont listen to me”. I wanted to tell him no but again she was the woman I loved. I know it won’t do any good to me but I was willing to risk my peace of mind for her sake.

While the tourists were enjoying sea shore in Goa’s beautiful beach I sat on sand talking to Joshna; trying to be her good friend with my feelings for her masked by my smile. She just sat there next to me watching the people take dip in water. When I realized she is not going to talk I knew I have to be the one to hit hornets’ nest. I asked her “are you happy”?

She chuckled and said “When was the last time you saw me smile?”

I turned so that I could look directly into her eyes and said “When you were with me……..”

Taking silence as her shield she continued admiring the people enjoying water

Freedom, understanding, respect, trust, love, care you need them in proportion; neither more nor less. If the proportion varies then the relationship is not healthy. I have seen my sister living in hell ,I don’t want the same thing happen to you; think about it” saying that I made a run to the tempting water not waiting for her but sure as hell she will.

She didn’t listen to me like always; stubborn as mule she was. It was difficult to click a pic with her even in a group. We literally have to pull her close and force her to stand. Austin knew her all passwords and would check whenever he feels like. There was no space, no privacy for Josh. We came back from Goa and Austin came back from Dubai to check on Josh. He met me, it was a formal meeting. Looked like he wanted to see who the guy with whom his girlfriend spends her most of the time. He even didn’t like Dominic and Kevin I couldn’t understand him. I could see Joshna’s smile again holding Austin’s hand and I thought may be my doubts were baseless. Even though I was trembling inside I was happy because she was happy.

Joshna and I were still good friends, even though she was committed. I made sure nothing came between our friendship. We used to chat on social network about the day to day activity. One day I told her lets go for movie on Social network knowing her answer will be no. This time she paused for a while before saying no. She was tempted I was sure, all I had to do was push her little bit and she will say yes. I said “we’ll book corner seat for me and you; let Dominic, Joshua and Kevin sit together. It was a joke and she knew it. Joshua hate sitting with Kevin and Dominic, she knew it, and her simlies on the chat was proof of her smile on her face.

Next day there was a surprise waiting for me in the social site. I was trying to message Josh and bingo I couldn’t find her, I was blocked!! I called Josh, and she was surprised too. She didn’t have to explain me anything; I understood everything, son of a gun. I wanted to talk to Joshna but I chose silence. After few days again I got friend request from her I accepted thinking may be the love birds had a long chat. We chatted as usual that day thinking everything resolved. But I was proved wrong very next day when again I was blocked. When I told this to Josh she kept quiet looking serious as if she had to make some right decision. Expression on her face was clearly explaining how she hated Austin dictating her life. Next day she sent the friend request this time I didn’t accept.

Hazel was having tough time with Abel and here Josh had tough time with Austin. Two ladies I cared about were having tough time and all I could do is just watch and talk when it’s unbearable to see them in despair. In middle of all this Austin decided to come down to Mumbai to meet her. Her mom didn’t like his unplanned visit from Bahrain, she was well aware of his insecurities.

After his departure, due to late night fights over the phone, Austin lack of trust on Joshna got into depression. As Carmen couldn’t see his daughter weep, she decided to go to Bahrain with her sister as she wanted to talk to the Austin personally. As Carmen’s cousin was staying in Bahrain she thought what she had to loose, she can give a try for her daughter’s sake. When Austin got to know about Carmen’s visit, he went to meet her. Carmen wanted to talk to him alone but she never got the chance. Its then Austin invited her to his house along with her sister Edna. So Carmen along with her sister Edna went to his place. To make the matter worse his parents talked about Josh and Austin wedding which she was not expecting. As she wanted to discuss the issue with Austin she hadn’t told to her sister. There she was caught up between the scissors. To play safe she just told her she is not sure and her daughter is still young. She never got the chance to talk to Austin alone. She came back to India wondering about her daughter’s future.

When I realized Joshna might marry Austin I started to maintain distance with Josh. I had stopped meeting her because I didn’t want any misunderstanding to raise between her and Austin because of me. I also didn’t want to be that shoulder on which she can lay her head and cry. I was so much in love with her it hurt me to see her with other guy.

                                                                                        To Be Continued

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