LOVE That Has No End 11

Posted: November 24, 2015 in STORY

Seasons changed and time moved, by now I was gone away from her life and Kevin was getting close to Josh. I still don’t know which thing pushed Josh over the edge, Austin’s insecurity, his over possessiveness or her mother’s concern for her. Finally one good day Josh broke up with Austin. Josh emotional need, rift in my sister’s married life all the problems were cooking my brain for a feast. Many times I was tempted to pack my bags and get lost in the world of stranger.

When my sister became more suspicious about my mom’s strange behavior around Abel she spoke to her friend who happens to be priest. She told him about mom’s strange behavior with Abel. She was sure he must have done something to her. Priest called her and asked her to meet personally. When she went to meet the priest first thing she told was “don’t tell anything to Hazel”. Weeping she narrated the whole incident to the priest.One day as usual Abel came to visit Hazel and she was in the kitchen. she was busy cooking for Hazel when Abel came from behind and grabbed her , his groping was the raw proof of his lust. Somehow she pushed him and ran to safety of bathroom. She locked the door and wept quietly as she didn’t want to worry her already sick daughter. She wept thinking what kind of animal her daughter got married to. Priest consoled her saying “Be strong Helen, I know you have suffered a lot but be strong, don’t give up, god is with you. Hazel already assumed he must have done something to you. So don’t worry by not telling you are not protecting anyone.

That night my mom spoke to my sister about it. Both hugged and cried I sat there burning with hatred, disgust towards Abel. The man was worse than the animal. I was hurt that mom even didn’t consider of telling me. May be she had her reasons I consoled myself.

Priest had advised mom to confront Abel and record the whole conversation. When Abel came next time my mom and sister confronted him but he denied. How I wanted to get from my chair and beat that guy. My hands itched, my blood boiled, my male ego roared but I waited. He went on denying all the accusation in the beginning but agreed to all at the end saying my mom was the one who made the first move. If my mom and sister didn’t have caught me by arm I would have murdered that mentally sick psycho right there. How dare he was to accuse my mom.

I wanted destruction to save myself from doing something wrong. Every time I thought about Abel I lost my calm, I tried my level best to suppress my anger. I Joined GYM worked out for 2 to 3 hours but still there was my mind loitering every corner of Able’s street. So to save myself I started chatting in our what’s app group. As Josh was free from her obligation she ignored my flirty blows. Dominic and Joshua didn’t mind because they knew I am not serious. But Kevin started to act absurd, I felt something is not right. As I was busy with my family problem Kevin was the one who used to spend most of his time with Josh. They both were getting closer but I was sure that Josh will never fall for Kevin. It was Kevin I was not sure about. He knew how much I loved Josh and still love her, he also knew that we both can’t be together because of fucked up family problems.

December 2013 Josh went to Mangalore to attend her cousin’s wedding. Before she left I went to see her. We talked for a while then she held my hand looked into my eyes and said

Your friend needs you“.

I was confused wondering she herself is the friend she is talking about. Unknowing there was this small fountain rising higher and higher in my heart. So I touched her arm and said “You can tell me now, I am here”. She laughed so loudly it echoed in my head and I loved it. Wiping tears from edge of her eyes she said “Not me, Kevin needs you, talk to him”. I asked with surprise ”why , what happened to him?”. “Just talk to him” she said. I didn’t like the uneasy feeling that was building up, my fountain of energy dead already, I went to meet Kevin.

He tried to smile when he saw me but his smile didn’t reach his eyes. He was my friend since childhood so I knew something was wrong. I asked him what happened .He looked away and said nothing. I said I can read him through his eyes and he is not alright. I waited hoping he shouldn’t say anything which will tear my heart apart. When he realized I wont give up that easily. He told not naming the girl that he asked the girl out but she said she is not ready. It didn’t take long to realize he was talking about Josh. Some stranger falling for the girl you love dearly is understandable but your close friend falling for your girl is painful to bear. I didn’t know what to say but if both liked each other then who am I to come in between. I gave him hope told him may be girl is not ready and to give her some time.

Josh was back from Mangalore, I met her in our usual spot, the park. I tried to convince her saying all good things about Kevin.. She has right to be happy she needs to move on. If Kevin is the guy she is choosing then be it, I was ready to climb the steps to gallous.

She then told me Kevin proposed her in May 2013 soon after her and Austin’s breakup which Kevin didn’t tell me. In December before she left for Mangalore again he proposed her she said clearly it’s no and to stop pestering her.

I tried my best to convince Josh because I felt she has to settle without me ; I had no hope and Kevin was a good guy. I tried to convince her again praising Kevin and to give him a chance.

For her stubbornness I lost my convincing power.

I didn’t give up in January 2014 on chat I told her to think about Kevin. I don’t know whether I hit her saturation point because she replied saying “Alan you know right you and I can’t be together”. Did she just talk about herself and me? that too being together? Did I hear correct?. I was confused and failed to understand what she really meant. How many times I tried to analyze what she really meant. Fearing If I point out she will end our friendship I kept that sentence roam freely in my mind.

It was February and valentine’s day was round the corner. I made big collage of her pics . One evening I met her after work in our usual spot and gave her the collage before valentine’s day. She smiled seeing so many pictures of her and said it’s beautiful. Even though she liked it she didn’t take it with her.

On Feb 14, 2014 she came to my home and I lost my tongue seeing her at my door step. Dressed in red color top and black skirt she looked smoky hot to me. Her straighten hair was coming back to its curls and she looked old Josh to me. Happy I was but confused as well we were supposed to go for dinner me Josh Kevin , Dominic and Joshua. We were supposed to go together but me and Josh left before anyone could join us. Seated in light of candles all I could see was her. So before anyone could join us I told her which I should have told year’s ago.I looked into her eyes and said “I LOVE YOU”. She smiled mercilessly killing me again with her eyes, patted my cheek with her tender finger and said “I know Alan, I know”. She didn’t repeat those same words, she didn’t hug me or kiss me but I knew by then yes, she loves me too. She didn’t have to say her eyes poured her heart to me. I felt I am the happiest man on earth .

                                                                     To Be Continued

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