LOVE That Has No End 12

Posted: November 26, 2015 in STORY

After 40 days, between all these worries my nephew was christened,Iyan we called him. As my sister didn’t want it to be grand it was a small function. Abel stood by my sister when the ceremony took place with all smiles on his face. Joshna was there too with her family. In that purple salwar she looked very beautiful. Every time I looked at Carmen my sisters torn clothes came in front of my eyes and Josh smiling face. When I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I shut them tightly.

My mom was worried about my sisters and Iyan’s future so she decided to talk to Abel’s family members after the function. When mom told Abel’s family what he had done they were not shocked and that amazed my mom and sister. Its then I realized he must have done similar things in the past. And for such a bastard my sister had to be the prey. During this family talk we came to know many things about Abel. In the past he had several affairs with girls, some even married women, many maids had left the job because of his loose behavior. I didn’t care about his past there was my sister who was just 27 and my nephew who was 45 days old. His family members begged to give him a final chance as he is a father now this might change him .Little they knew an animal is always an animal. Abel wept and said he will take care of my sister and Iyan. My sister was not convinced but she wanted to give a try for her son after all kids need family.

After one month with heavy heart I and my mom dropped my sister and Iyan at Abel’s place. I hugged her tightly and said “You don’t have to tell mom but remember one call and I will be here, you don’t have to worry about day or time”, saying that with heavy heart I kissed her on forehead and walked away with mom.

As my sister had quit job she was bored at home. To kill the time she used to go to the park beside the building with Iyan. The women from building used to feel sorry for her. They also told her about his affair with his neighbour girl who was a minor. He used to take that girl to his friends place and have physical relation with her. We didn’t realize he could fall for such a low level.

When Hazel got to know that Abel was still having an affair with the minor girl she called me. I went to meet her with mom with firm determination that she will be coming back with us. We filed a police complaint against him and got my sister and Iyan back. Even after that Abel’s family member insisted on having family talk. It looked funny to me, they wanted to have a family talk while whole family was torn into pieces. No matter how much he cried and begged we didn’t send Hazel back to that hell.

My sister wept for her father, wept for son, she wept for her broken marriage. Every time she walked out people would ask “When you’re are going back to your husband’s place?”. She was tired, tired of her life and this freaking society. She applied for a job in Pune and moved there with mom. I stayed back in Mumbai, I had so many things attached to my heart. As my mom and sister were aware of Joshna they didn’t say anything against her. She had told me once “Alan, she is nice girl. Don’t let this family crap tangle you”.

The decision was up to me I wanted the time to show mercy on me.

By now the misunderstanding between me and her dad had been cleared. He was close to me and I was his favorite. Whenever he felt like talking he gave me a call.

I had hopes but Josh was again giving me signal she and I cant be together. Sometimes she would say “find a girl and move on, we can’t be together”. I didn’t care and started to spend most of my time with her. I knew her friends, her colleagues, and even their bithdays. I knew her playlist and which song she likes to what’s going in her mind. We had this connection one look at her and I know what she’s thinking. May be thats whay we were inseperable.

Everything was going fine except her wanting me to move on. We used to chat late nights meet often. Talk all possible shit. It was her birthday 2014 June 16 , she went out with her aunt, there was her wedding topic came , one of her cousin suggested my name but her aunt and all said not to mention my name again. Tuss, I was the closed chapter which her family members never cared to open again

On her birthday night I planned to surprise her. To make sure she is at home I called her dad and he said its right time to come over. When I rang the bell expecting her dad to open the door, I was surprised to see there was no response. I waited patiently ringing the bell. I could hear someone unlatching the door. I pushed it open and could hear Joshna saying “will be with you in 5 minutes, make yourself home”. I smiled, luck was on my side. In little time I got I was able to fill the hall with heart shaped red balloons. When she came out in her puffy bath robe, her curly hair tied up, few drops of water on her face I lost my tongue. She then saw the balloons floating around in the light of the candle and smiled at me, yes that killer smile. I gave her a tight hug, kissed her forehead and wished her all happiness. The feeling, emotions, of that day are still alive with me till date.

Soon it was my birthday she preponed my birthday a week before as I was travelling to Singapore for youth conference. When I came back from Singapore I got a ring for her. How I wanted to kneel in front of her and ask her to marry me and put the ring, my wish never came true, I was scared that she will say no and stop talking to me, mercilessly killing our friendship.

When my mom came from Pune to visit me Josh came to meet her. My mom knew something’s wrong between us she knew that I was madly in love with Josh. To my surprise she didn’t hesitate, she welcomed Josh with open arms. Once Josh left, she asked me if she should speak to Carmen about the allience,I said no even though I wanted to say yes. How lucky I felt at that moment to have a mom like mine understanding, supporting and loving.

Days passed and Josh started to avoid me. I couldn’t understand her behavior. I wanted to meet and talk about it but she was not ready to bring up the issue. She used to avoid my every question with “you should move on and I don’t want to talk about it”

She believed she has to stop talking with me so that I could move, we tried couple of times but we couldn’t. I never understood why she doesn’t want to give a try with me.

When I couldn’t take her silent torture I went to meet her. I told her how I feel about her I am sure she already knew about it. She didn’t tell how she feels but kept on saying “find a girl and move on”. Once I lost my calm and shouted pointing out at her “See I found a girl but she doesn’t let me move on with her”. For which she hugged me tight and said “Not me my dumbo…different girl”.

don’t do this to us” I whispered in her ears. Her tears had soaked my shirt where she laid her head on my chest.

We cant be together Alan, Not now not ever” all she said and sobbed. I just held her close crying with her for the love I felt for her which I can never brand.

I was devastated but I didn’t want to give up my 9 years love just like that. So I decided to take some guidance from my friend Ryan ,a priest. Starting Josh looked hesitant but after lots of convincing she agreed to meet Father Ryan. We three sat in his office, he directly asked her whether she loves me or not. She looked at the priest and said “I am sure I don’t love him”. I knew she was lying may be Even Ryan felt the same thing so he asked her again whether she is saying no because of the family complication or because of her past. Without blinking her eyes she repeated her answer with firm voice “I am sure I don’t love him”. Is this the same girl who was telling me to find a girl and move on? Why she wanted me to find a girl and move on when she didn’t love me? I want to scream at her but instead I said “I dont know what is love but I know I understand her and she understands me .We use silence as our mode of communication. She doesn’t have to tell me what she is feeling one look at her and I know. I trust her and I think even she too trusts me, I care for her and she cares for me. According to me that is love”. There was silence for a while. I could feel her restlessness “ I care for him but I don’t love him I am sure about my feelings” she repeated, I could see her tears in her eyes. Father Ryan looked at us and said ”In this case you guys should stop spending with each other, it’s going to be very hard “. Did I do the right thing consulting the priest no, I wanted to bang my head to the wall. Instead of convincing the girl here he was telling us to go separate ways. Priest I tell you!!!

                                                                                                                   To Be Continued

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