LOVE That Has No End 13

Posted: November 27, 2015 in STORY

I lost my last ray of hope. I looked strong but from inside I was wailing, weeping. I stopped the bike near her house, she didn’t get down from bike immediately she still sat there and slowly laid her head on my shoulder. I sat there motionless fighting with my emotions, feelings, my tears.

After a while when I couldn’t take the torture anymore I said slowly “Go josh go, find your happiness and don’t worry about me. It shouldn’t trouble you whether I find someone or not because you don’t love me” . I knew she was weeping but I had to be rude. She got down and started walking towards her home. I sat nd watched her walk taking all the happiness, love and joy from my life, with her.

That’s how we stopped spending time together. Now we occasionally we chat ,sometimes when I have urge to see I go to her house and spend some time and come. Somehow even she misses me, I tell her how much I miss her but she never tells me.


I saw the watch on the bed clock, 5.00PM it will like any other night when I have to live with no night sleep. With Hazel starting her new life in Pune with mom and Iyan I feel left alone in this crowded Mumbai. The girl I loved wants me to move on and here I am recalling my past like, every fucking moment. I checked the gallery in my phone there she was smiling at the camera, first woman I love so dearly and unconditionally. There are some lucky days like today when she calls to say hello. When she does I feel like king of my castle.

Few days back I asked her if she loves me again; I am a stubborn man I don’t easily let things go specially the woman I adore so dearly. I knew her answer but saying no she confirmed it . I tried to talk to her about giving a chance to Kevin because he is a really nice guy. I still love her and I will do till my last breath; after all she is my first love. I don’t know about future whether my story will end with a happy ending with her in my arms forever but I don’t care. I want her to be happy, If her happiness is being with Kevin or any other guy then be it. I will console myself saying I lost her someone more deserving than me.

I traced the finger around her smiling face on my phone and closed my eyes for so called my sleep.

                                                                     THE END

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