JEWEL Of Panambur Beach

Posted: December 7, 2015 in My Silly thoughts
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That loud dancing sound of water was enough to set any humans heart on the speed boat. With parents busy monitoring their excited kids, wagon wheel owner was calling for the customers, only bird, Crows were searching for the leftovers by the tourist, while life guards were keeping a hawk watch on everyone. It was just 6.00 Pm and the Sun seemed to be in hurry to rest for the day. With familiar sea smell hitting my nostril I walked on the bright, clean sand towards the sinfully tempting end.
Whole crowd seems to be lost in its own little world filled with only water; taking dip, enjoying the waves, writing their names on the wet sand, drinking the salter water once in a while. Nothing could hold my attention for I was looking for someone special .Even though It was years back I read about him, deep down inside my heart I knew I can find him there . I didn’t had to wait for I found him sitting patiently on the sand close by a family. As I looked on he waited, without losing his only focus, Food. Once the family left . he took over the area, searching for left overs. He munched on whatever little he found, he didn’t bark at the crow with whom he had to share his food.
He is not just any other ordinary beach dog. With his twisted legs and small wounds all over his body he is a special dog. He may not have a owner or shelter, which he can proudly “say mine” but his run in this race of life goes on regardless his disability. If you ever visit Panambur beach, Mangalore make sure you say hello to this little guy.


Please Note:I couldn’t name him because deep down my heart I knew he already has a name, so I skipped whole ” hello tiger”, “Tommy, Tommy Tommy”, “phew Jimmy” part . As I couldn’t find any locals around to inquire more about this darling, my questions are still hanging with loose end. If you have any more info about him kindly feel free to share

  1. Afshan says:

    U captured the lil crow too behind him !
    was meaning to read ur posts from long , finally made it
    keep writing


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