I Want To Be…

Posted: January 2, 2016 in Living My Childhood For Second Time


SnL: “What you want to be Alu pumkin when you grow up?”

Aloma: “Teacher, because I get to wear sari and yell at kids.”


Alan:”Even I want to be a teacher, so that I can wear sari” saying he looks at his sister

Aloma: “Hehehe, you cant wear sari because you are a BOY”

Alan: “You are a girl but you wear pants so why cant I wear sari?”

SnL :”Kids” grumbles.


Aloma:”I want to be a dancer, because world is a dance floor”


Alan:”I want to be Masli, the famous soccer player”

SnL:”It’s not Masli its Messi!”

Alan:”Yeah, same guy, Masli”

SnL: Rolls her eyes


Aloma:”I want to be Miss India. I will kill the judges with my poses and smile.”


Alan:”Even I want to be Miss India. I will kill them all with my smile”

SnL:”You cant be Miss India, you can be Mr India, because you are a boy”

Aloma:”YOU ARE A BOY, you cant be miss India, only I can be Miss India”

Alan:Weeps,”No, even I want to be Miss India”


Alan:”You both are mean. I will be a nature lover like my grand-pa, planting tree and watering them.

Aloma and SnL: “and milk the cow” they high five and laugh their lungs out


Aloma:”I am going to be a beautician, hair cutting, hair setting you name it and the service will be provided.”


Aloma: “Make-Up, I am still learning but I am sure I will master the art”


Alan: Runs out of options, digs his nose “Let me think for a while”


Alan:”Yeah,I remember, I want to be Bhima and kill all those bastards for playing with Draupadi’s sari”

SnL: “Remind me to inform your dad that you are watching too much TV these days ”


Aloma: “I want to be a personal fashion adviser. Telling ya, nobody understands fashion like I do”


Alan: “I am going to be a priest, offering the mass and blessings everyone, wearing white robe”

Aloma: “And what will you eat for breakfast”

Alan:”Bed, I will eat bed”

Aloma and SnL laugh their lungs out,”Its not bed its BREAD” says Aloma


Aloma: “May be I will be a Vet, will treat all helpless animal, I will be their voice.”


Alan: Gets excited,”Yes, even I will be a vet”

Aloma: bossily,”No, You cant, because I will be the vet, you can be the compounder.”


Aloma: “I want to be a dentist, my first patient will be you Alan and second SnL. You must see her teeth, all of them are under the siege of cavity. Pity the guy whoever is going to marry her”.


Alan: “I want to be a super hero, because world needs a super hero”


Aloma:”I want to be a model, posing for the shutter bag all time”

SnL: Thinks to herself “Poor kids all excited to grow up, they dont know it’s a trap. First school, then college, then job, marriage, kids, responsibilities and Bhoom, you are gone. You will be the victim at the end”. She sighs and walks whistling slowly.

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