Amazing Spider Men

Posted: January 6, 2016 in Living My Childhood For Second Time


Alan: “I am amazing Spider man 1 and you are amazing spider-man 2. No matter how hot you feel, keep smiling else SnL wont let you change clothes”

Daren: “I am already boiling dude”


Alan: “Wonder from where she gets these crazy ideas”

Daren :”Your aunt is totally crazy”

Alan :”Watch out your tongue dude, you can call her crazy but never call her aunt, it pisses her off”

Daren: “I think I peed in my costume”

Alan: “Oopy-daisy, dont let anyone find it”


Daren :”Thank god, mask is gone. This is when I get to Kiss Mary Jones?” his eyes falls on the cake “Wow cake, looks yum”

Alan: “Kiss my ass.Come on dude, smile hands up in the air, like this”

Daren :”But I want cake and I want it right now”


Alan: “You wont get unless you do as you are told”

Daren:chuckles,”Whom shall I ask?. I will ask my darling grandpa, he will never say no”


Daren: “Grand-pa, I want some cake”

Grandpa busy clicking pics

Daren : Bit louder this time,”Grand-pa, I want some cake”.

Grand-pa: “Wait re naughty boy, let me click some pics for my Instagram”

Daren : “Men, I tell ya”


Daren: “Mommyy, Mommy”

DD :”Yes, Shonu darling”

Daren :”I want cake Mommy, nobody is giving me”, he complains

DD : “Here my baby, taste.”

Daren “Thank you Mommy.Spider man or chaddi man, they are always kids to their mommies”



Alan: Dead tired, changing his dress”Show is over people, go home”

Maushi: “Wow, what a show”

Aloma :”Bravo, I am Mary Jane, can I kiss the amazing spider man 2″

  1. Melroy says:

    This is so Cute… and i believe was your idea Behind the Spider Kids


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