Dont Go Daren, Its More Fun And Wild Here

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Living My Childhood For Second Time


Alan: “Don’t go back to Singapore, stay here with me”

Daren : “Why, whats special about this place?”


Alan :”you can play outdoors, roll on the floor like wild pig”

Daren :”Is it safe to do that?”

Aloma : “Fear, my darling is your enemy. Look at us and learn”


Alan: “You can feed the Ambaas(cow), drink fresh milk”

Daren :” Interesting, I love milk, I love cow too”


Alan: “We can start up golibaje business”

Daren: “wowie, I will be the salesman”

Alan: “Whatever you want, It will be fun”


Alan: “We can kiss ladies anytime we want. They will never say no”

Daren : “I love ladies and I love kissing them”


Alan: “When you are bored, you can always visit beach, pick sea shells and have sun bath”

Daren :”Its very tempting”


Alan: “We can work in fields, sing loudly, yell at each other without caring the neighbors”

Daren :”Wow, I am thinking. My throat is so dry, I want some water.Are you thirsty?”

Alan :”Yeah bro.”


Daren :”Water boy, come here, My friend and I, are thirsty”

Alan: “Watch out your tongue, your dad might knock out some of your milk teeth”

Daren :”No worries bro, my dad is my best friend”


Alan: “And my crazy sister Aloma, will be always there”

Daren : blushes, “Wow, Definitely I am staying”


Alan:”When we are bored we can play chikubuku-chikubuku train with teacher maushi, she is more fun”

Daren :”Awesooome, I am madly in love with chikubuku-chikubuku train”



Daren :”Dada”

MD: raises his eyebrows,”What happened to the water boy?”

Daren : “Dada listen, can we stay here, its so pretty. Fresh air, clean water I am in love with this place”

MD: “And in love beautiful girl! . Keep quiet and pack your bags, your school  awaits.  ”

Daren :”Oh dada, I don’t want to go”

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