When I Treid My Sisters Clothes

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Living My Childhood For Second Time


Alan Lobo: “Girls have to go through so much pain while dressing, matching hair band, matching ear ring and then posing…Uff, its such a difficult job”


Alan Lobo:” I love the skirts especially, full air conditioning below down there:)”


Alan Lobo: “Roses, who doesn’t love them?I just cant stop kissing them”


Alan Lobo:”I can pose with my skirt as well but I still have to master one more art. “Art of pouting”


Alan Lobo:”I am learning the toughest thing its not easy to make your face look like monkey but I am a tough kid”


Alan Lobo:”I dont know how does my sister manages it to pose, my neck already hurts”


Alan Lobo: “After all this dressing up, juggling with matching colors, ear ring, hair clips and my sisters shoes its worth posing, can you complain on my looks?

Please Note: “If you are looking for page boy, flower girl for your wedding contact my manager “My crazy aunt” and she will walk through the procedure. I charge 2 KG of gummy bear, 3 KG of dark chocolates (that’s for my aunt) and 2 KG of chewing gum for appearance.

  1. swathi says:

    love u Alan.. though i have not met you..u CRAZY aunt puts all ur pictures in her blog..n make u famous!!


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