Stop By My Beauty Salon

Posted: February 4, 2016 in Living My Childhood For Second Time


Aloma Lobo: “Sit still you frog, dont move”

Alan Lobo : “Remove this shit, its itching”

Aloma Lobo :”dont move, you moron, listen to your elder sister”


Aloma Lobo: “Look how pretty you look, wait for sometime”

Alan Lobo :”heeeeeeeeeeee”


Aloma Lobo :”When I grow up I am going to open a beauty Salon with SnL. Girls and boys all are welcome, so you dont have to worry”

Alan Lobo: “What, after 10th fail you are going to open a saloon?”

Aloma Lobo :”shut up you rascal, dont underestimate power of a woman”

Alan Lobo: “Saloon my bum”blured1

Aloma Lobo : sings “lalalal, lalala, my little brother Alan Lobo, eats idly bobo”

Alan Lobo: grumbling”Should never born as younger brother”


Aloma Lobo: “Pass me the clip”

Alan Lobo: “You cant make customer work”

Aloma Lobo: “shhhhh, you are my little brother”


Grandpa: “Wowie you look so pretty”

Alan Lobo : “dont pinch me Grandpa, it hurts”

Aloam Lobo :”Look you look like my twin sister”


Aloma Lobo :”One last final touch”

Alan Lobo: “Never ever be the younger brother”


Aloam Lobo : “You feel proud to have me as your elder sister, Ill make sure you always look pretty”


Aloma Lobo: “Feel free to contact me for fashion tips. I am a fashion freak”

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