Please Dont Take Him For Granted

Posted: February 12, 2016 in My Silly thoughts
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Born and raised on the streets, nobody wants them, except for few animal lovers and NGO’s. Fed on the waste food thrown on the street they look after themselves, once in a while chasing the bikes or the scrap collector, wagging tail to strangers. Street is their home, their fortress and their palace.

When the roaring leopard walks into our world whom we use to trap him? When school remains close, people worry for their safety, and then they put a fearful, street dog in a cage for the trap.

 He must have gone for his usual round of walk to pick the waste food from street or to meet his pals or to watch the female dog, from next lane he had crush on, before valentines day. Little he knew he will be picked up from his only secure place “the street”. With no familiar faces from the street around him he must have definitely felt lost.

 Day time he might  find little comfort in the company of the guards and excited media people and night shiver with fear listening to the dangerous night  With fearful eyes and heart beating like a tribal drum he must have wet his pants several times. I dont know whether he is fed or patted his head or taken out for a walk to feel free like he used to.

 I am sure he is nobody’s worry.

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