My New Obsession

Posted: April 20, 2016 in My Silly thoughts


My latest obsession is to have a 5 cm radius patli kamar(looks like dream). Annoying 2 kg’s of side slabs on either side of my tummy like side pockets and everyday growing belly gives me extra menstrual cramps with my regular ones. Thanks to my desk job(May be I should give a try with agriculture with my dad) My bones may look like rain overflown naked stones but I still got some extra fat here and there. I may not have MRF tires but definitely BSA-SLR.
Getting up early is not every birdy’s thing specially Owls, but thanks to Bangalore’s body itching, panty soaking sweat and heat I don’t find my solace in loving arms of my bed anymore.
On the blessed day I dusted my running shoes, kept my clothes and IPOD ready, setting the alarm with hope to see the rising sun with shining rays I went to sleep. When the alarm rang I murdered it mercilessly murmuring “Hell with patli kamar and hell with jogging, who is going to see me anyways” . Second day with great difficulty, after snoozing the alarm 5 times I was up to feel the freshness of the morning after a decade.Making sure my puppies dont jiggle every step I take, there were numerous morning walkers come spectators, I jogged and when my energy ran out in the half round I walked listening to Richard Marx sing Angelia in his sexy voice. Regular walkers were glaring at me, “Summer?rainy season?winter?till when?, many have come many have gone only we have remained forever” their look told me about their thoughts.
I was worried my new schedule will affect my pooping schedule(they totally go hand in hand). But now I am a happy person, nobody told me running eases your whole shitting process. If you have constipation you should try running more than eating banana it helps trust me.
Its funny to see old, close the grave men standing and admiring women tushie’s secretly(Spectacular view, when the big ass takes a swing from left to right)I am sure that’s what keeps their heart beating. Then there are lazy hippopotamus who just lay their weight on the bench and watch. They turn left, right and sit still watching the mute fauna and walking people. Again it need lots of focus and demotivation to sit and do nothing when the park is so tempting. Ladies do maintain their upper hand in talking even during the morning walk.In one hour they would spend 10 minutes walking and 5 minutes seeing the sky, grass, and twisting their hands and 45 minutes gossiping.
.Even though I am tempted to stretch my body a little bit, jump little higher I save the view to the closed four walls of my house. I envy the men pregnant with beer and fat belly stretch right in the middle of the park without any worry. There are few women who stretch behind the shadow of then swing and slide knowing hidden from the manly man stare.
Its almost two weeks now except for couple of days I haven’t missed my jogging. Tiring it may be but its refreshing. My mind can venture in any direction without a care in the world while my body is shelling little by little extra fat. Now when my jeans slips I jump with joy pulling it up. I haven’t got the Patli kamar yet but I am sure soon I will, fingers are crossed

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