The Baby Hanuman

Posted: May 23, 2016 in Living My Childhood For Second Time


SnL: Listen Alan, You are Hanuman today, shed your clothes quick.

Alan: “SnL and her crazy ideas” Alan murmurs.

SnL: “What did you say”

Alan: “I was saying, where are the clothes I cant find them” and roles his eyes


SnL: “Swing the gada and say “Oh Asura” in loud steady voice”

Alan: says”Ohh Asula” with all his tiny voice.

Aloma and SnL laughs heartily

SnL: “Its not Asula, Its AsuRa”

Alan: “Oh Asura”

Aloma: “Asura re Asura, not Asula”


Alan: “Wait my dhoti is falling”


Aloma: “hope you are wearing your under pants inside”

Alan:”Not sure, Can you check”

Aloma :”sheee, dirty fellow,I am not going to check”


Alan: “My tail is so long”

Aloma: “I can give a hand with that. I love stamping tails”


Aloma :”Make Hanuman face re”

Alan: “Show me how?”

Aloma: “Like Hmmm”


Alan: “Ohh Asura”

SnL: “Cut, cut cut, you cant proceed with the dialogues just make face and show the tail that should be fine”

Alan: “I will kill all of them with my pose” thinks in mind


Aloma :”take eat this laddu”

Alan: “What is this Aloma, this is not laddu”

Aloma: “Shut up and pose, dont question my orders, you understood”

SnL: Winks at Aloma and both smile


SnL : “You have to fly now, shake your leg yeah like that”

Alan: “Susu Coming, Can I go Please?”

SnL : “no susu break, if you fuss will bring the stick”


SnL: “Yeah, that’s better”

Alan :”Its urgent SnL, please let me go”

SnL: “If I let you go when you come back your clothes will be soaking in your susu”


Alan: “I think I just peed”

SnL: “Omg, You are one dirty fellow”

Aloma: “Mummy, Hanuman peed in his pants”


Alan : “Wow its a heavenly feeling”

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