And Now, People Wants Me To Find a Green Card Holder!

Posted: May 26, 2016 in TransOceanic
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I sit near the window and gaze at the still mocking sun at 8.00PM. I yawn stretching my arms lazily but still he gaze at me and smile taking his own sweet time to set for short sleep. So what he has to be up at 5.30 AM with his occasional shiny rays and occasional masked face he loves his late night outs.

It’s almost a month and people back at home, I mean India, ask me

“How’s the place? You want to come back?”

I wiggle like a dog that just had his bath with happiness and shout “NnnnOOOOooo”

“Then find a green card holder and settled down”.

“Bhains ki poonch!(Buffelos tail), I couldn’t find a guy with ration card back in India and now people wants me to find a guy in UK that too permanent citizen!!” .They must be ***ing kidding me.

So what I can’t have bath like water buffalo but still I am madly in love with the place. Trees with all colors, white purple, pink, white flowers already have my heart captivated. It’s a perfect place to fall in love and yeah lovers don’t have to fear from public for the act. Body chilling cold make you long for your partner for the warmth(If heater is not working).No matter how wild and passionate is your love public wont interfere, chase, harass, click pictures, like big nose Indians back at home do. When I see the couples in park I remember the couple who used to come to our forest for their love games.


I made a mistake while bidding my farewell to Florine ,with excitement which was beyond my control I asked her blessings and said “will bring you a prince”.

Now every time I call it’s the same song

Did you find one?

You promised one,

Ch: Where is the prince?

Where is the prince you promised?

And I hit my head to my 5KG, 4GB, all time stoned office laptop

No Traffic jam. No sweat drops dripping through armpit, no staring big tummy neighbor uncles, no dog poop on the street, no surprising power cuts (but yes shattered beer bottle on the foot path and cigarette buds). Inhaling the cold air I try imagine Bangalore in its glory when I fail to do I just walk away like a sinner.

No matter how urgent it was I never set my alarm before 7 and now I open my eyes exactly 5.30AM, time my mom rises to feed animals with 4 legs and 2. I try hard to close my eyes and go back to sleep hoping to get up like a drunkard, soaked in sleep but it never happened.

Other day I called my old tiger

“How are doing there? All good?”

“Yes, dad I am fine”

“Eat well, don’t worry that you will put on weight, just eat. Don’t take tension”

If I thought that’s the best line he said he nailed it with his next question

“Do you have money?”

It’s almost 6 years since I started working and every time I am far from home my dad asks me this question.

I laughed loudly and said “Aree daddy how you can send me the money and whatever you have it’s in rupees and I want in pounds”

Most interesting part was yet to come.

He laughed and said “So what, if you want you just tell me, you know Onil, his fathers, sisters son ……” he went digging the relations older than grave and I was boggled listening to him. Knowing my dad usual “Can-do-anything” attitude I just cut the call saying bye. He never stops surprising me. But yeah (UK influence, can you blame the girl) my sister and I had good laugh making fun of him.


To be continued

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