Journey To The Paradise On Earth- ICELAND

Posted: July 30, 2016 in GUEST!!!!


GK:GK aka Gopalakrishna Kamath is a unstoppable explorer.   When he is not flying to see new country ,he peddle and make sure he feast his eyes on London’s country side. His love for travel is not country based. Back India he used to explore the forest, mountains and god knows what!. I wouldn’t be surprise one fine day he posts a pic from Amazon rainforest. he The speed he is travelling, soon his passport will run out of the pages. He does lot of charity work as well.Along with coding and travelling  he is a good planner. Thank you GK for being part of my snoring blog:)


Well, this is my maiden attempt writing a blog. Best thing about being guest writer is large reader base which is already guaranteed 😉 Thank you SnL for this wonderful opportunity. Without further ado let me share my experience of my recent voyage to ICELAND.

Game of Thrones season had just concluded and I being hardcore fan of “Song of Ice and Fire” thought of visiting “Land of Ice and Fire”. Shared my plan with my friends, everybody did not approve. Then only one guy said Yes, will go..!! After all “Yeh Zindagi Na Milegi DubaaraJ” Even though you live a little make the most of it. I took the entire responsibility of planning out our vacation. Flight Tickets + Accommodation + Tours booked, we both were all set for big journey.

We had to catch flight early in the morning so reached airport at 4:30a.m. We went through security check, the security personnel pointed out that I’m carrying sunscreen which is over 100ml. Lesson learnt “Never carry any liquid which is over 100ml in your hand luggage”. I had to drop it at the security desk:). Not a good start I felt. But being an optimist it did not bother me much. Our flight was on time we set of to Iceland flying over clouds and Atlantic Ocean.1

Yaahoooooo…!! After 3 hour long flight we reached Iceland. I immediately connected to airport Wi-fi confirmed my safe arrival at Iceland via FB check-in 😉 We then headed to the capital city Reykjavik. Our first stop at Reykjavik was at Hallgrímskirkja Church. The 360 degree view from the top of the church tower was breath-taking.


Down town area on one side, Beautiful seashore and mountains on other side. The view literally made us speechless.

The next stop we made at iconic monument of Reykjavik, The Sun voyager.We roamed around town hall and Museum. By the time we finished exploring port area of Reykjavik our tour bus was ready to take us to Golden circle tour.


Our minivan pickup was scheduled at 1:00p.m. The tour guide Raydha welcomed us on time. We were group of 8 people, after brief introduction we started off to exciting Golden circle tour. Tour guide was very enthusiastic and she was explaining history of Iceland with passion. (Our snoring sound did not bother her though :P) The first stop of golden circle tour was at “ON geo thermal plant”. We were taken inside thermal power plant and they explained how geo thermal liquid is used to generate power (seriously till that day I had never heard about this form of energy, new information got added to my GK 😉 ). Those are the pictures showing how they drill hole to the earth crest and extract geo thermal liquid. The steam obtained from liquid is used to run turbines.


After heavy knowledge session on power generation we moved towards our next stop. Kerið It is volcanic Crater Lake. We were given enough time to roam around lake and to take selfies 😉


Water fall Gullfoss: They say “No other falls is like Gullfoss” which cannot be denied once if you witness the majestic falls. I believe below picture itself explains all the adjectives are true 🙂



The next interesting place was hot geysers of Iceland. Trivia: The word geyser was derived from a hot spring whose name was Geyser. The hot Geysers shoot up for every 7-8 minutes. The Nature and its phenomenon are truly awesome.  The temperature of water was 80-100c, My Manga buddi (insane mind)… I did not believe what’s written on sign board and touched water to check the warmness. Saavu marre.. It was indeed boiling hot 😦


The Iceland relatively new piece of land compared rest of the land on earth. It was formed 16-18 million years ago. Iceland sits on two tectonic plates namely Eurasian plate and North American plate. The turbulent interactions between these plates formed mountains, volcanoes and Iceland in total. Iceland is expanding every year by 2cm. Our next stop was to visit the place where we can clearly identify two different plates. As you can see in picture to the left lies Eurasian plate and North American plate at the right. The snorkelling between plates is one main adventure activity in Iceland.


We then continued our journey towards our next attraction point. Öxarárfoss waterfall in Þingvellir National Park. To my surprise National park did not had any trees, it consisted of rocky mountains and lakes instead. We walked a short distance to see the waterfall. Tiny waterfall but nothing less in beauty. Best thing about Iceland is very less tourists. Wherever you visit you will not find large tourist groups. So we could able to enjoy waterfall in tranquility.


I was lost in thoughts gazing at waterfalls just then my tourist guide reminded me that we need to make a move. Unwillingly I had to say good bye to the beautiful water fall. We then moved towards our next attraction point. Viewpoint of Þingvellir National Park.


The viewpoint totally mesmerized me; we spent short time admiring nature’s beauty. Tour Guide announced that it was the last attraction covered in itinerary:). We reached capital city Reykjavik at 11p.m. Tour guide dropped us at our hostel Holiday Village; we thanked her for making our day wonderful and memorable. After quick pizza dinner we called off for the day. Ah… but Sun wasn’t willing to leave city in dark. Trust me this pic I clicked at night 1a.m. Those who are afraid of dark, visit Iceland during summer it never gets dark there: P


So guys, that was my first day in Iceland. I spent couple days more which were filled with even more attractions. I would be sharing my experience shortly till then take care bye… bye.. J




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