Under The Wings Of A Falcon:Epilogue

Posted: November 26, 2016 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

I looked out of the window and felt like slipping away, bile rising in my mouth, I closed my eyes holding my seat tightly. As I felt my nail found something soft to dig I let them have their way. “Mam, you are hurting me” when a male voice interrupted me I opened my eyes and looked at him scared to pit to keep my eyes open. I swallowed the excess bile in my mouth and looked at him with apologetically. When I saw the blood on his arms I knew the cause of it. I looked at my nails and then at him.  Somebody was blabbering on the speaker and I giggled hysterically. I looked outside the window and was confused whether I am moving fast or the road.  I closed my eyes , held my seat more tightly and said sorry, not even looking at the man’s face sitting beside me. Because I was scared that if I open my eyes something will happen. My breathing increased and I counted the worst moment of my life to pass.  “We are in air, you can open your eyes now” said the same voice. Slowly I opened my eyes to see the dark blue sky and white clouds floating. I held my breath and said “wow”. “First times are bit hard, you will get used to it” he said. Looking at the minute building below I replied “yes, hopefully”.  When I remembered the blood on his arm I tried to turn towards him. When the seat belt stopped me from doing what I intent to; I removed the barrier and kissed him on his lips and said “sorry darling, ill trim my nails as soon as we land. promise”. I could feel his smile, his lips on my face. He broke the kiss, looked deeply into my eyes and said “that never going to happen.  I know how you love your nails and that dark red paint on them. He bent and kissed me on my forehead. I smiled when his stubble tickled my face. The wild perfume smell hit my nostrils and something in my lower tummy screamed. He sat back in his seat and closed his eyes and said “stop staring at me like hungry vulture, wife!!” I touched his cheek with love and said “get some rest babe”. He opened his eyes and looked at me without saying anything. We sat there looking at each other for a while not even bothering to reply the airhostess who was interrupting such a lovely moment. My eyes filled with tears and I said “I love you, love you more than you can imagine”. He wiped my tears and said “you are such a drama queen, stop fussing. That pretty lady is asking me something let me tell her clearly that I am taken for infinity”. I laughed listening to him and sat back in my seat. My eyes fell on the overly make up lady standing nearby and wondered how many hours she will take to take off that thick coated lipstick and that eyes liner. I closed my eyes not bothering to eavesdrop because I didn’t care. I knew it and even he knew it we belong to each other, and the third person didn’t have any space between us not now, not ever.


I opened my bag and took out the book I picked from book shop back in Bombay. I had many reasons to pick that book. To kill the passing time was one among that. “Under The Wings Of A Falcon” title was imprinted with background of sun rising in horizon picture with illuminated sun rays while a falcon flew spreading its wings. By Key, I smiled wondering why the author picked this name when she had such a lovely name. I turned the book and opened the last page to read about author. There she was smiling at the camera wearing a blue salwar Kameez. With her hair left free she looked beautiful to me. Even though she was smiling her eyes weren’t. There was no description given. I closed the book and looked at my husband who was sleeping. I smiled and looked outside the window. The clouds and blue sky seeing them so closely made me fall in love with them. I pressed the button which made a noise and went to sleep again.  When air hostess appeared in front of me I said I am thirsty and love to have glass of water.

After drinking the water I opened the book again to read hoping that I can finish it without any interruption. “Dedicated to Roy, love of my life” was looking back at me in bold font; I smiled thinking she must be in love with her husband unconditionally. I skipped the acknowledgement part and started to read Epilogue


Kity kity, come down, it’s getting dark and you may not like to sit there. Come down now.! Sankirthi was trying her all tactics to get her kitten, Kity down from wide banyan tree.  She loved this wide banyan tree located near her apartment so dearly, but that day first time she hated the tree for all wrong reasons. First of all Kitty was sitting on a branch and looking at her with wide open eyes without understanding her distress and secondly she couldn’t even do anything. She had tried to climb the tree against all odds but when she had slipped down she had given up. Tears started piling up in her eyes. The last option will be calling up the fire brigade for which she have to go through heavy shelling’s from her mother which she didn’t wanted right now. Her dear father might understand her but not her mother. Again she looked at Kitty and folded her hands begging gesture to come her down. When she couldn’t see the familiar sun rays penetrating from the space between the leaves she got frighten. Her homework was still pending and she have to go and get the milk before sun set else she have to listen to her mother’s lecture on “you-are-10th standard-gal- be-responsible”. She thanked god for not having any spectators. She looked at watchman with hope that he might do something. He looked at her and gave his old mobile and told her to call the fire brigade. This Diwali he wont get any gift from her side, she decided right there.

She said a silent prayer to her favorite god Krishna and took a deep breath. She still remembers the poem she read in primary “try and try again boys you will win at last”. She touched the wide banyan tree trunk hoping the touch and feel will ease her pain. The goose bumps on her back were proof of her stupid belief. If may be she was a village girl she would have climbed the tree with no-time all thanks to her parents for raising her in silicon hub city Bangalore; where finding a tree near apartment is a rare possibility. She held the tree and closed her eyes; her nightmare of falling from tree was just about to come true

“If you just hug the tree it wont help, come on, make a move, if you want I can give you a push” said a voice. She didn’t had to turn back to recognize who it was talking to her.  She was quite sure it was Leeroy who was mocking her. To see those brown eyes, thick black hair, athletic legs, perfect nose, scar on his elbow and that mischievous smile she didn’t have to turn back, she just had to close her eyes. Her heart was doing waltz listening to his voice. She stood there as if she is hypnotized by his presence. He whistled slowly and her body shivered. Even though she didn’t turn back she knew there was this wicked smile on his face; because he whistled only when he was happy.  He was just couple of years elder to her but the way he behaved made him always way younger to her. When she didn’t make any move or said anything he said “Ki, you clearly know that I am the one who is going to get your kitten down so why don’t you move so that I can see climb that beast”. When she heard what she wanted, she smiled at the tree and turned back towards him.  There he was standing wearing loose jersey and shorts. The sweat on his forehead and basketball in his left hand was proof of his love for the game. Bandana tied around his forehead was stopping his long hair falling on his eyes. Sipping water from his sipper he looked so adorable, Sankirthi had forgot to breath. She tried to ignore her feelings and gave one of her best smile with braces and said “I knew Roy you would help me. You are my hero, I will make sure your heroic act will never be erased from my memory”. Leeroy laughed out loud and said “you are such a pest, couldn’t you tell me you need my help instead of all this drama? You know I never said no to you”.  Sankirthi knew it was very true, he never said no to her. When she felt their conversation slipping away from main subject she looked at Kitty and back to him implying to finish the important job.

Leeroy got a ladder(nor right word) from his neighbor and adjusted so that he could climb the tree. He was ascending when he looked at Sankirthi, something made him get down from the ladder. He said “come on Ki, it’s you who should be climbing the tree not me. It’s your cat after all….”. Key looked at him with disbelief for a moment, then she pushed Leeroy aside and started to climb the ladder with full speed. She never dared to look down fearing Leeroy can see her tears. She never imagined Leeroy will make her do this it’s so unlike of him. As soon as she held her Kitty she patted her and kissed her. Leeroy’s laughter hit her ears and she looked down at him with anger, eyes still filled with tears. She didn’t know what made her smile, his twinkling eyes or his breath taking smile. She knew it from her past experience she cant be angry with Leeroy for more than a minute.

She secured Kitty in her arms started to descend. Leeroy’s carefree laughter caught her attention again. She looked at him and he was laughing so loudly his eyes were watering. She asked “what’s funny Roy, tell me so that even I can laugh at your cheap joke”. He pointed at her and said “you still wear Mickey mouse underpants? …..”. Sankirthi suddenly held her skirt with one hand and Kitty took that particular moment to jump from her secured place. She lost her balance and hit the ground with big thud. Thank god she was half way down else she would have definitely had some broken bones. Leeroy came running towards her, laughter replaced by concern. He was bombarding her with so many questions. Sankirthi ignored Leeroy’s extended hand and stood up and looked straight into his eyes and said “you are such a cheap ass hole”.  Leeroy asked with his eyes brows raised “you are angry with me because I saw your underpants or because I made you climb the tree?”. Sankirthi stood there without blinking her eyes ready to punch him any moment. Leeroy said “It’s because I made you climb the tree isn’t it? Don’t answer Ki, I know you very well, you cant lie to me, never, not in this life time”. Sankithi wanted to deny it but whom she was kidding he was telling the truth. Leeroy saw her bleeding knee and knelt closer to her so that he can examine her knee. He slowly pushed her skirt up so that he can examine her knee clearly. Sankirthi tried to ignore Leeroy’s touch but couldn’t. She stood there looking at him, his every move under her lashes. He scanned her wound and said “stay still”. Saying that he removed his bandana from his forehead and tied around her bruised knee.  Sankirthi tried to move her leg saying “But, that’s your favorite bandana Roy, It will be ruined….” Leeroy was too quick for her, he wrapped his bandana on Sankirthi’s knee and said “yes it’s my favorite and you are way more precious than that bandana Ki”. Something in Sankirthi’s heart stirred without her knowledge, may be that the best thing she have heard her entire life. With teary eyes she looked down at Leeroy whose hands were still were on her knee. She slowly bent so that she is eye level of Leeroy. She said “That’s the sweetest thing to say Roy” Saying that she pressed her lips against his. If she saw the shock in Leeroys eyes she didn’t care, this was her moment which she is going to cherish her entire life after all it was her first kiss.

“Sankirthiiii!!”When her mother yelled from top of her voice she turned around to face her furious mother. She was just returning back home from her evening walk. Before she could say something her mother palm stuck at her right cheek twice. That was the third time in last hour her eyes were filled with tears. Even though it pained she stood there ready to take the next blow staring at her mother. When Leeroy realized the situation is going out of hand he stood in front of Sankirthi, shielding her against her own mother. He folded his hands in front of Sankirthi’s mother and said “Its my fault aunty, she did nothing, if you want to slap then slap me, not her”. Sankirthi’s  mother stared at Leeroy with disgust and opened her mouth to say something when Sankirthi  pushed Leeroy aside and said “No he did no such thing. I kissed him, so if you want to hit then hit me. I was the one who started.” She turned towards Leeroy who was still staring at her with disbelief and said “Thank you for your help Roy, just go home”. Leeroy stood there wondering what to do when Snakirthis mother held Sankirthi’s hand and dragged her towards the apartment. Sankirthis followed her mother without saying anything. She turned back to have a final glimpse of Lee who was still standing there watching her dumb stuck. She wiped her tears, gave her one of her best smile, winked at him. Even though she tried to be cool, Leeroy knew from inside she is scared, scared like her Kitty. Who was still standing near the garden and watching him with pleading eyes to save her mistress.

Author’s Thought: After resting peacefully in D Drive of my laptop, waiting for the my poor writing touch, for a year, the story has aged.  With my head buzzing with second and third thoughts I posted in my quietly sleeping blog. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, but do share your thoughts. you can mail me @ my sleeping mail id lobosylvia@gmail.com and you can call and share your thoughts @ +911234567899(:)London winter finlally getting into my brain)

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