Winter, On Street, On My Own

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Gallery, London, TransOceanic
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img_20170107_094720564Pouring rain, bone chilling wind  I dont care. I love my freedom but i am deprived of love


I sit on strangers foot step when I am tired with hope


So what I am orphan I dont know a single minute which is not exciting


Hope I had a loving family


bowl of warm milk, slice of tuna, tiny dry spot more than that a loving home is all I need


Let me in, I am a nice cat.I wont purr, I wont whimper I will just sit at the corner out of your wayimg_20170107_095016822

Can you please let me in.img_20170107_095019965

Humans, let me in I am Edna, the stray cat of your lane!!!img_20170107_095045461_censored

I am not fortunate but I am lucky because the small heart inside me still beats. I wait like always until the door to my fate to be opened, and picked up by loving arms ocean full of assurance “It is going to be alright, I will be always there for you. It is ok”. Its  not the time it matters it is the patience which counts.

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