Queens Resting Place

Posted: January 17, 2017 in Gallery, London, TransOceanic
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img_20170108_115226607Yeah, that is my beautiful wrist:). Security is so tight even the scanning machine wouldn’t have scanned your kidneys so clearly. Windsor Castle

img_20170108_094806366Can you see a a yellow yellow dirty fellow, fishing his nose, He is standing in from of Windsor Castle

img_20170108_100938868So what it was raining, Castle looked still amazing

img_20170108_101206980The passageimg_20170108_101253111There I found one more Indian and my joy was multiplied

img_20170108_101824309  Can you see a cathedral far far away?No ?Rub your eyes and see againimg_20170108_104051919The view from inside the castle

As the photography was prohibited I couldnt capture the Dolls house,Ball room, dining room, dressing room,Sitting room, Garter Throne room,Kings bedroom, queens bedroom and god knows how many. I loved the Dolls house with wine seller, house keeping room, laundry room, servants room, kitchen, Kings bedroom, queens bed room. They had separate room, which shows even king and queen loved their space.  only disappointing thing was that their room didnt have huge window from where you can see sun rise or sun set.  I loved the queens private room with huge dressing table and chairs for her friends to sit and chat

img_20170108_111010019This the private sector which is closed for public. Queen and her family lives here  img_20170108_111207573Clouds flew to their dear ones clearing the view which their were blocking with ugly fat ass

img-20170108-wa0026Hopefully he can see where he is going









img_20170108_112952944   img-20170108-wa0030

And they lived happily ever After

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