Posted: February 19, 2017 in Gallery, TransOceanic
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img_20170108_131713268  img_20170108_133136600The story behind Stonehenge is interesting, like the heritage itself. Some says it used to burial ground may be that is why the crow is sitting there communicating with invisible but still living things.





img_20170108_134607718Sheep grazing on the grass, historic monument with mind blowing English winter, it was pitch perfect like chilled beer . Definitely UK is breath taking placeimg_20170108_135351142Felt sad for this lone stone which sits at a distance apart from the group. Every time it gazes at its peers catching up, on black moon day, or boxing day when noisy humans disappear, I am sure this lone guy will sit and weep at its ugly fate to be outcasted.img_20170108_135359441


img_20170108_132905809So many tourist, just wonder when the smart photographer captured his finest shot which made it to every ones desktop.Yeah, this definitely going to sit on my desktop for long time


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