Happy To Be Back?

Posted: May 18, 2017 in My Silly thoughts

With fish fry, bafat pork, Anthonamachi rakthi, delicious Florine’s crab curry, self fish dry with coconut, idly  ravishingly dipped in sambar, Nandini pepper chicken, drum stick sukka, SNL’s mango curry entertaining my wrecked taste buds I felt blessed to be back, but briskly. The moment i stepped out I was whining, fanning my face with one hand and shadowing my eyes from sun rays with other saying “SOoo Hot”(defiantly foreign return). With my UK glow already gone with Manglore’s scrounging sun I almost look like a burnt sardine on the thawa. Am i happy to be back?Dont even ask me just look at me.

With multiple “sorry”, “thank you” and “after you” still singing loudly, daily in my mouth I hit hard on my head every time I stay like a doorman holding the door. You have to keep your formality and etiquette in a small bucket under your cot when you are in India. But when men try to push me aside and try to walk away “Hey Rascal cant you see” I try to raise my voice but then again when was the last time men heard women’s voice.
The male chauvinist Indian pigs walk away rubbing your shoulder. Holding door with a smile on their face saying ” after you” looks like a dream to me now.Its unbelievable when Indians men become gentleman merely in 2 days of their stay in UK. opening the door and standing like a doorman every time a woman passed. It feels so funny looking at them, total ass holes.The distance I used to maintain while walking on the road from men was reduced to 2 meters,a year back now I am in dilemma whether i should increase it to 5 meters or to 1 km. (habit every women has to pick while walking on Indian roads).And how the Indian men stare? if there was a job staring at women Indian men would have topped the job. Butt, breast( infinite for loop),face will be the last thing of their interest. It makes me so uncomfortable I tried to ignore one but the other one will be ready with his scanning, MRI. All women in India has to go through this torment, literally makes your body crawl.
Startling power cuts, didnt bother me much but scarcity of water hit hard on my head. The wait for the water with hope soon I can bath myself from the dirt and sweat sometimes seems too unrealistic.Do I miss Englad?I wouldnt miss my boyfriend that much if I had one:)
Nothing can beat home, but when you are back from country like England you will always have that white hole left in centre of your heart, mine was bigger than the usual because I am still madly in love with Knightly Knightly united Kingdom and I cant do anything about it. “Oh Dear”!
Apologies:The tons of pics I clicked at the last minute for my blog are lost

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