Under The Wings Of A Falcon: Chapter 6

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Leeroy drained the glass of whisky in one gulp and looked at the framed family picture on the wall of his room. He never thought in his mid-phase of life his dear mother wont be around. He was there holding his mother’s hand in his when she fought for her last breath, he had never been this miserable in his entire life. When his mother stopped breathing and her hand turned cold in his warm hand he had rubbed her hand trying to keep her warm calling her name all time. It was his dad who pulled him out of the room. Holding Leeroy in his week arms he told him to be strong, his mother is gone forever. Leeroy wept in his father’s arm like a small kid, he wanted to be strong for his father but he couldn’t. It looked cruel to weep in his father’s arm, even he lost his dear wife. How he long to be in Sankirthi’s arms where he found comfort all time. He was tempted to call but he did not wanted ruin her trip so he had told everyone to keep quiet about Lydia’s death. On Lydia’s final journey to church he sat beside his father comforting him, eyes all glued on her mother’s once smiling face which was now still. Every time he looked at her mother’s motionless face he felt so lost, so broken, so alone.

Sankirthi must have reached Germany by now he thought. He poured the liquor, his only companion now and filled his empty glass. His mother was his strength, even though she never expressed the pain she was going through, always showed her brave face for his and his father’s sake. He still remembers the painful chemotherapy her mother went through followed by vomiting and sleepless nights.

He looked at his mother’s salwar in his hand inhaling her last trace of her smell. Lydia had told him how he used to carry her clothes around the house calling her name when she was not around, when he was small. His eyes filled with tears and he walked to window. Sitting on the chair he stared at the dark sky through the open window. He sipped his whisky holding his mother’s clothes close to his heart. He closed his eyes to see his mother’s smiling face.

“That is not going to help you”

Leeroy smiled shaking his head, glad to see, the smiling image of his mother is talking to him

“I am telling you!!, It’s not going to help you”

Leeroy opened his eyes, placing the glass on the table, he slowly turned around.

Sankirthi stood in the door way looking at him, with eyes swollen, hair all messed up she look tired to him. He took a step forward glad she was there, angry because she didn’t go Germany. He still needed her but he cant be selfish, she was crazy enough to let go of her dream to be there with him. He stood watching her even though all he wanted to do is hold her in his arms.

“What are you doing here Ki?” he said calmly

“Why didn’t you tell me Roy?I was the last person to know about Lydia’s death you know that, In fraction of second you made me a stranger, I thought we were good friends who shared everything”. Sankirthi walked slowly towards Leeroy holding his gaze, feeling his control slipping away every single minute.

“You should have boarded that flight Ki, that was your place not this. Who told you anyways, I had told everyone to zip their lips”

“I called the right person at the right time, the only person who would give me correct information, my mother”

“But still you shouldn’t have come back, there is nothing you can do…”

“My stupid Roy, I am not going to leave you when you need me the most”

She covered the remaining distance in quick strides and wrapped her hands around Leeroy. Pulled him to a comforting hug she held him with all her might shaking weeping with him.

Leeroy’s control snapped and he cried, letting all tears flow he was holding back since his mother’s death. Sankirthi was consoling him assuring no matter what she will be there when he need her. He crushed her to him in his strong arms, her couldn’t breath but still she let him hold her the way he wanted. He was always around when she needed him now it was her turn to make sure he is alright.

“You should not have come back Ki, I was doing just fine until you arrive, you are stupid Ki, not me……”. He rambled against Sankirthi’s hair.

“That’s alright Roy, let it go, don’t hold back your tears”, Sankirthi was devastated seeing Leeroy in such a miserable condition, she held him close to her heart consoling him with all her might

After a long hour he let go of her and collapsed on the bed, holding his head in his hand, he looked tired to her. Sankirthi looked at the watch; it was 12.0 in the night

“I am alright now. It’s very late, go home Ki”

“You should eat something before you go to bed Roy or that whiskey is going to take you for a stroll in the morning” saying she went to the kitchen

When Sankirthi came back with a sandwich, Leeroy was still seated at the same place as if he is glued there forever.

“Come on Roy, eat this”

He took a bite without really caring what he is eating. With great difficulty he emptied the food on plate

“Go home Ki, it’s late. I will be alright, trust me…..”, he tried to get up but then he stumbled on his step and fell back on bed

“I can see that” she took a deep breath seeing how drunken Leeroy is “Let’s put you to bed Roy, my stupid Roy”

With help of Sankirthi Leeroy’s head managed to hit the pillow that’s night. She covered him with a blanket and patted his pack till he fell asleep. Sankirthi kissed his forehead and sat there beside him watching him. His eyes were swollen and there were dark circle under his eyes, beard and moustache all grown he looked like he is aging before his time. She turned off the light and lied beside Leeroy draping her arm around him. She wanted to go home and sleep but she was worried that Leeroy might get up in middle of the night. Her eyelids were closing against her will, she tried to keep herself awake but when the day’s tiredness and exhaustion over took her she gave in and slept beside leeroy.


“I knew it; this is the only place where we can find her”

Sankirthi tried to open her eyes, but she was too tired, the bed was very comforting, the warmth from person next to her made her snuggle closer to whoever it was. Somebody’s bed, she tried think then it hit her she was in Leeroy’s bed. With great difficulty she opened her eyes and tried to get sense of the situation. Leeroys arm was protectively holding her close to him. She tried to move his hand without waking him up but his hold look so strong she gave up. The grin on her face vanished when she heard the same voice again.

“Sankirthi you slut!!! How I wish you were not born… ”

She recognized her mother’s voice, she wondered what she was doing here. She finally managed to free herself and get up from the bed. Its then her eyes fell on her furious mother, expressionless father and George who was standing in the door way and watching her.

“What you are doing here Sankirthi?On Leeroy’s bed sleeping next to him? When we were worried to pit about you here you are repeating your previous deeds”

Her father’s angry gaze was on her expecting her to answer honestly

“Can we least go outside, please, Leeroy is sleeping.…”

“No!!!, you called me to tell you are coming back but you didn’t come home. I was stupid to think something happened to you. Look at you all relaxed and rested, there is no regreats on your face .Answer me now Sankirthi, here in this very place, where we all saw you sleeping with Leeroy.”

Her father looked like he is ready to slap her anytime.

“I am sure Leeroy is the guy first time you went, I have seen your face lit up like a bulb every time you saw this guy. I knew it….” her mother fumed

George who was standing there watching could not remain silent

“You are accusing Roy wrongly first hear them out. “

“It will be very nice, if you stay out of this” her father snapped at George

“How I wish the accusation was right!!!” Leeroy said boldly, leaning against the bed post. Sankirthi turned and looked at him, he was wide awake. He raked his hand through his hair and tried to smile at her calmly.

“I pity you both for having no trust on your daughter” he said rudely

“I am asking Sankirthi some questions and I want her to answer. It’s better if you stay of it Leeroy”

Her father advanced towards her like a tiger ready to attack its prey.

“I cant stay out of it when it’s Sankirthi and me you are discussing about. Can I?” Leeroy got up from the bed and walked towards her father slowly like a bull ready for its fight. Leeroy stood in front of her, facing her father. Sankirthi tried to push him aside so that she can talk to her father but Leeroy blocked her way and made her stand where she was.

“Move Leeroy, I want to talk to my daughter, you cant stop me”

Sankirthis father tried to push Leeroy and advance towards Sankirthi when Leeroy held his hand and stopped him.

Sankirthi was scared that they might hurt each other. Her father was angry while Leeroy looked determined to prove his point.

“You need to go through me to get to your daughter old man, last time it was easy for you to hit your daughter because I wasn’t there but this time I am here in flesh in blood.”

Leeroy’s words warmed her heart, no matter how distress he was still fighting her wars for her. Whatever remaining strength with her, she pushed Leeroy aside and mange to stand in front of her stand, face to face. She was shivering with fear, with weak voice she requested

“Keep Leeroy out of this, he was never involved. Can we please go home and talk. He is grieving over the loss of his mother..”. She tried her level best to keep the situation under control.

“Which home you talking about? You are not welcome there anymore. You sleep around with men, disgracing your family and then you want to come home. This time I saw it with my own eyes how you were snuggling against him, …”He looked at Sankirthi with disgust

“Father!!!!!I am begging you don’t accuse Leeroy, he has nothing to do with it. I was just comforting him” she screamed not able to bear the fact her father is accusing Leeroy and her wrongly. She was sure explaining to her parents who never trust her did not make any sense. When she feared she is going to collapse she sat on the nearby chair.

“Don’t call me father, I am ashamed to call you as my daughter. Your mother was right, I should have never cared about you. You never considered out feeling before doing what you want. How I wish you were dead instead of my son……”

“Enough!!!Leeroy Roared. Sankirthi jumped to her feet scared to the pit he might do something in rage, she went and stood in between her father and Leeroy, she have never seen him so angry. He pushed her aside with ease and said “She doesn’t need your trust, you never trusted her anyways. So cut the crap and go home. She does have a home and a family who respects her and love her the way she is. She doesn’t need you, she have me and my father.

“I see, you must have enjoyed her on your bed so you are not ready to let her go of her. Let me know when you kick her out of your house when you are tired of her, I would like to see her face then”

Her father’s every word pierced her heart like an arrow. She tried to control her tears but they had their own plans

“Get out of my house before I do something which I regret later” Leeroy spat and Sankirthi held Leeroy’s hand firmly till her knuckles turned red. She was scared; she kept on calling Leeroy’s name to calm him. George tried to pull Leeroy back but Leeroy stood there watching Sankirthi’s father with fuming fire

“That never going to happen, I am going to marry her right away. I should have done it long back. My mom would have been happy to see her daughter in law. Sad I waited for this very moment. “

“For the record I am saying if you are not aware she had eloped with her other boy friend previously. I am sure you are going to regret your decision later. Look at the scar on her face that will be a reminder for you. She is cursed, that ugly little filth” her mother contributed.

“One more bad word against her and I wont see your age ” Leeroy was shivering with anger, George was still trying to pull Leeroy while Sankirthi gripped his hand with all her might. Hers tears had  stopped seeing Leeroys anger. She kicked the tail of her dreams when she came from airport and now she was homeless, and Leeroy is ready to sacrifice his freedom for her. She wanted to scream at them all. At her father for being so ignorant and naïve, at Leeroy for being so pain in ass right now.

Leeroy slammed the door once her parents left the house. For a minute nobody said anything. Leeroy was still glaring at the door, panting with his hand on his hips while George paced the room slowly. Sankirthi hoped for the earth  to open and swallow her alive.

“Ki, get ready, we need to do some..”

Sankirthi slowly walked to him and placed her hand on his arm “You don’t have to do this Roy, you know that. Don’t feel obliged because they saw me beside you or because I came back for you. It’s no big deal, trust me, I can manage, I am independent, working woman. I can live on my own. It will be fun imagine…”

“Don’t bullshit me Ki, I am just doing right thing and yeah, I am not marrying you because I feel obliged. I am marrying you because I want to”. George left the room giving them some privacy

Slowly he turned and faced her. He held her shivering hand in his , and  immediately the shivering vanished.

“I was the first guy who kissed you Ki, and I want to be the only one”

Sankirthi gave a hysterical laugh, avoiding his eyes she said “You must be kidding me right. Why marry for wrong reasons Roy”.

Leeroy smiled, slowly bent his head and touched his lips to her in a small butterfly kiss.

“I love you with all my heart, I was waiting for the right time, looks like there is no such thing called “Right Time”, you have to make the time right” he whispered in her ears and pulled her in his embrace

Sankirthis eyes were watering pressed against Leeroys chest.

“Hey Love, you forgot to say “I love you too” this is the moment where you have to say something”

Sankirthi smiled “I love you too Roy, will love only you till end and beyond. I will never stop loving you.”

Leeroy smiled and wiped her tears. “I know love, I know” planting a kiss on her forehead he held her in his strong arms.


Sankirthi signed in front of registrars next to Leeroy’s signature. Leeroy’s friends who were the witness cooed and congratulated the newly wedded couple. George pulled her in fatherly embrace and said ”Lydia will be very delighted”. George was still talking to her when Leeroy lifted her in his strong arm and kissed her fully on her lips with in front of all. She felt she is luckiest person on earth

She was still in her old clothes but she didn’t care, she dint have money but she didn’t care but she had someone beside her who loved her crazily. She looked at her ring which Leeroy had placed and her eyes started to water.

“No more tears Mrs Leeroy; I am going to make sure of it”

Sankirthi smiled at her husband holding his hand. He placed a quick kiss on her forehead “No more tears Mr Leeroy, it’”. He assured her and Sankirthi knew it it’s an eternal promise.

To be Continued…

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