My Equilateral Triangle

Posted: June 8, 2017 in My Silly thoughts, TransOceanic

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First time I saw those those eyes, I was lost, trying to reason their colour  . The moment I realised I am making Christoper uncomfortable with my 4 eyes, without blinking that too 4th day of my UK visit I had looked away. Defiantly he would have thought “what a silly, Indian, country girl“. Did I care? hell na:)
Its pretty rare you find a good looking guy that too with a fancy name like Christoper. “Chris”! It sounded so nice, sexy to my ears. If you think that I was falling madly in love with him, hold your horses, I was just admiring his Greek-god like feature given by god and name given by his parents. I had to catch a flight of 9 hours from India, to admire the the beautiful creature of god, can you beat that.
I still remember those  big black but not so active eyes, bit bigger than the usual nose shape of ridgegourd which complimented his face royally. Neatly cut hair, edges left free forming small U shape over his decent forehead. and if you draw two straight line from two eyes to nose they form equilateral triangle considering line from one eye to another as base. And the Adam’s apple dont even ask about it. Every time he spoke with that deep rich voice his apple moved up and down like the piston making its movement visible to the spectator. Most of the time I was confused whether I should see his eyes or listen to him or watch Chris’s apple move. I can bet if he was there in Eden instead of Adam, Adam’s apple would have known as Chris’s apple. Wowie!
If he was little bit younger or may be I was little bit older, I would have captured his attention in the communion queue during mass. Love would have find its own way into the gods house, with me waiting for him after the mass.Followed by a date under the chilling UK sky and him giving his jacket to me like a English gentleman while I shivered. Then year after marriage in the same church where we met first. This is what Happens if you read romantic novels.
Every meeting I attended , I listened carefully every word he spoke. Bullhit!, every time he spoke I just watched him carefully mind already lost in  paddy filed running a kite. But his voice!!that deep-rich-thick voice,hmm always had the capacity to to bring me back and wonder how he got that deep voice?did he eat mint leaves?or may be tulsi leaves or he gagaled every morning with lukewarm water with salt.
He was married man with kids with good fashion sense. The navy blue cardigans, round shaped sweaters when he wore them and stood in the corridor, talking to someone, with hands in his pockets, he looked like Kinnigoli’s Chethan bakery’s plum cake, simple, elegant but perfect. I would just smile and walk away and Bingo he always returned my smile. The way I looked at him I am sure he would have known that he got a piglet as admirer.
It was a busy day when Christoper came to me and was discussing something regarding the work.Oh boy oh boy You should have seen my face all radiant like a full moon in the dark boring sky. When he left I was just thanking my lucky stars when my senior came and asked for a update. When I started with “Christoper said that…….”he politely said “Nasir not Christoper”. “No, No Christoper”. “No Sylvia it’s Nasir” he stressed looking at his system. OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!!!!! Buuuuttt, c…h…r…iiiiissssss.. cat got my tongue and knife got my heart.
So what he is Nasir and not Christopher , I never stopped admiring him. Every time he walked by my place he would smile at me , no matter how busy I was I return his smile and glare at his disappearing back followed by chuckle and shaking my head. Since then I call him equilateral triangle with all side equal, what is there in the name
I never had a crush on him, OK may be 20% but I never stared at him OK may be  except for the first time. I was just a distant admirer.Married or not you should appreciate beautiful things. Admire the shear beauty and appreciate gods good creation. And that is what i was doing till the last day I was in UK, but in my own  piglet way.

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