Where Is My Sexy Cow?

Posted: June 29, 2017 in My Silly thoughts
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“Hey Florine, where is my sexy cow?” I asked my mother

“Must be in the hut,but since when you started loving cows”

Aloma, my 6 years old niece, added “sexy cow?kalen munthaigo?(what you saying?)

Alan, 4 years old nephew contributed “I love cows, ammba. I love our bittu(calf) too”

“You little rascals shut up, Florine I am talking about my top,not your milking cow”

Florine sighed and said “How will i know where your clothes are. In olden days, at your age, women used to have 4 kids, their mother in law used to …..

“Cut the same old brain draining crap. If you dont know who else will know. once in a while I come home and when I do, my clothes disappear” I raised my voice. Its obvious when your things are missing you yell at only one person, your mom

It was not the first time I was asking my mom about my sexy cow top.Every time I turned over my cuboard I I always wondered what happened to it. It was almost 6 months since I have seen the funny-looking-smiling-cow. As it always reminded me of my situation it was very dear to me.

“You must have done something to it. I am sure about it, I can feel it” I told my mom. I was scratching my head while my niece and nephew were staring at me without blinking

“Dont look at me like that”

“Like what” my getting-into-my-nerves niece asked me

“Like that, the way you looking at me right now…”

“Stop taking out your frustration on them” my mom commented from the kitchen

“What frustration?” I barked back at her

“now shut up , go and get the mop, I spilled the milk here”

Mothers, always have their way with kids. I went out grumbling to get the mop

“What the heck?” I almost fainted when I saw my once all pretty sexy cow now turned into old, torn mop

“FLORINE” I screamed with all my might, one or two fart would have escaped in the process I cant be so sure.

My mom was out all concerned on her face , so as my niece and nephew .

“What happened?did you see snake?” mom was all drama

“Snake my ass, look at my sexy cow. When did you turned into your dirty mop”

“Oh muja deva(oh my god) is this yours? I thought it belongs to no one” my mom said. Was she actiong? I looked at her.

“Oh this is your cow” my niece was acting like a investigator

“Grandma turned her sexy cow into mop haha” the two rascals were laughing now

“you two shut up or I am going to whack you”

“It’s branded that too lovable. how much pain I took to dig it during the sale…….” I was still yapping when my mom smiled and went inside adding “what is done is done, stop screaming, may be by mistake I used it as a mop”

“Cant you see before using it, it was brand new….” good for nothing but i had upper hand in whining.I was hitting my head to the wall when the two little rascals said “hit harder, lets see which is stronger your head or wall”

“SHUT THE …..I looked at them and swallowed the “F**** up”. I didnt wanted to be The Aunt who taught them F&&&

“Sorry, I think I didnt see it properly, old age you see” my mother was all apologetic and I was quiet all of sudden. Can you say anything when your mom says sorry?!!NOOO

I just walked out with my tail, my niece and nephew following me

I took a deep breath watching my worn out but still sexy cow smiling at me

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