Anyone in for a drink?” It was second day in a row I pinged in what’s APP group. Same ass holes without whom I life will be a beer bottle without a cap were the lazy membership holder for life time. Mid-life crisis, tension at work, Increased weight, free hair fall was taking me for a stroll, I needed familiar faces to yap and a cold-sweating bottle to hold on. “Thank you god….for all the wonders you made in my life” the ending hymn sang during the mass was still ringing in my ears.”all wonders and this pit in my life, thank you god for that”,I was really running low with sugar. Saturday night; just 7, Indiranagar; Banglore’s Most happening place; where pubs are more than grocery shop,”brum brum” while bikes sped by me I walked silently, waiting for a positive response. Whole mass I prayed at least one, single-then, married-now looser say yes. I checked my phone looking at the passerby and darkness followed by them with the annoying hymn still ringing in my ears. It was annoying as there was nothing at the moment to thank on except for the sadness.

Sorry, Grocery shopping” Shenoy replied. He used to be fun but now just happy family man with adorable daughter

Sorry SNL, House cleaning” recently married Mr Shetty replied.

Mothi and Rakshith who married year back didn’t even reply.

Brum, Brum” the bikes were still speeding and making me nostalgic. There was a time we used to be happy big heard of cows, aimless but enjoying the green pasture of life. With Ching Shruthi giggling for the pottu jokes it was carefree single life. Shruthi, mother a kid now she is always busy making everyone surrounded by her happy. If you want a reply from her today you have to ping her a month ahead.

All busy now, all married right”still one-to-go-down-wicket, Sukesha was consoling me.

I would have come if I wasn’t busy darling” my all time favorite Virus replied after 30

minutes. He was about get a Mrs in a week. “Ohhh Virus, I am flattered” depressed though flattery old me was lively.

Take care Silly, Love you” he was gone before I could blink.

For a week you can say that” I reminded him. Yellow colour, circular funny face, his reply didn’t make me happy but there was a definite smile on my face

Its high time I make new friends” I typed.

Heee”,”lol”,”very funny” they were more replies.

All the best silly” the mockery in their message me mad, they were real morons at time.

Dont laugh, just watch me” I replied again

Whom I was kidding?!It was bit unrealistic to make a new friend in short time whom you can trust blindly, relay on hard time, especially for a antisocial person like me who is queen of her wishes and love her space

With my mood sinking lower than Banglore’s stinking drainage I kept walking. “Brum brum” fucking bikers I was ready to pelt the stones ta them by then

May be that’s why relatives, neighbours, well wishers always distributed their free suggestion of “Marry by 25, 2 kids by 30, be happy always” like OPPO pamphlets outside namma metro station. It was by choice I was maintaining my “Miss” title carefully, in my early 30’s(30 sucks). Its always better to be single than marrying off the wrong person and trying to make him right. All I wanted was little sugar, little energy to flutter my wings,spreading wide and fly high like always.

It was not the first time I felt it why I am not social,charming, can take any bullshit type, you can pocket a new friend in no time. I took the heavy steps wondering what one need to do in desperate times like this;“Sit and crib and fall further lower”,”Curse my busy friends”,”blame my fate”….Sorry I am not that old fashion. There was not a thing I set on my heart and I didn’t achieve impulsively .I took my bold steps to DROP and picked my favourite red wine and goods to stock my fridge.

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms” I was singing from top of my voice after 30 minutes, with sleazy moves in my hall. After 2 hours I was pumping up with energy, syncing my moves with changing music, climbing the cot and jumping holding my imaginary guitar, biting my lower lip with passion playing the guitar… Spreading wings and flying high if this is called I was doing it in style, my style. If my dad would have seen me like this he wouldn’t have caned me rather he would have married me off. You see no matter where I am I can never stop thinking about “What my dad would think”.When you want to bring out the old, fun you, when you dont have friends just try glass of wine. It brings out the best of you

Happiness is not to be searched ;it is within; All you need to do is own it”. By Lobo baba

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