Where It Belongs

Posted: July 25, 2017 in My Silly thoughts

I had picked “To Kill a Mocking Bird” from library. Old book with the edges turned brown I didn’t bother to check the book thoroughly. It was later that day when I was turning the pages something caught my attention

As long as I watched the pic I was drawn to it like bug fascinated by the burning lamp. I should have thrown the picture when I found it but I couldn’t. Three kids, aged between 8 to 14 sleeping next to their father on an old bed; which is spread on the bare floor probably in the hall. “Where is your bed cover?”,”pillow without cover don’t even think about it”, “Where is the mat” my mother’s shouting boomeranged in my ears when I saw their bed’s condition. Men are ignorant (known fact). While father was proving my point I wondered about their mother. Was she alive? Was she busy washing the utensils after a heavy meal or she is the one who captured the picture? I would like to consider the later part, at least she enjoyed a little bit being a woman. Slippers and footwear’s near the wall which was stripped of its dignity; the paint, multicolor defiantly not matching door curtains, old flooring made me wonder about their financial condition.  Is their own house or were they visiting their relatives place somewhere far away in village. When my mind was turmoil I consoled it “They were just visiting their dead granny’s house, which was locked after her death else why footwear in the hall”. “May be they had footwear biting dogs like mine” sometimes reality justifies itself. “Their mother is real beauty” I said seeing the kids. “As no one resembles their father”.

Outstanding factor of the picture is the bond the kids shared with their father, trying to get the closest spot next to him still makes me smile. Their father is their super hero, you can see it on their twinkling eyes.

It been almost three years, the photo still rest in the book where it belongs. Occasionally when I see the book I take a minute or two to see the photo, it never fails to enthrall me

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