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Posted: August 3, 2017 in K Also Stands For KIMCHI
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My Rating:8

“Jeon Jin-ho, struggling architecture is desperate to get a new project. In the bid of exploring the best work of famous architecture he ends up on Park Kae-In’s doorstep. Not to see her but to see her father’s architectural work, her house. She lives in a beautiful little house thanks to her dad, the house is pretty famous in the locality. Jeon pretending to be gay rents a room in Park Kae-In house when, her father is on overseas trip. All he want is to explore the house, see the architecture and escape before his true intention is revealed.

Park Kae, is good at heart and bit naive can never imagine people cheating on her. When her boyfriend and best friend got married she was the last person to know. Oh yeah, now you see her dumbness! Without much contemplating when she rents a room to Jeon it was evident that she will fall for him, gay or not. You see Love doesn’t have gender. The story might be slow with its pace and people meddling in but it isn’t boring. The cute little things Park Kae wears, the furniture she designs, her pull overs and finally her weather report. Picking the things with wings, massaging Park Kae’s tummy when she have cramps and ton more cute little things Jeon does for Park Kae makes you say “How I wish I had a oppa like him”

The story gets twisted with her dad back from his trip and Jeon getting caught with blue print of Park Kae’s house. This part sucks, with Park Kae’s bucket full of tears, lots of Soju and piggy back riding.

But the apple cut in horizontal shape results in happy ending with Park Kae and Jeon sharing the same bed.”


Kumavo Samida

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