Yana AND Gokarna- Day1

Posted: November 15, 2017 in My Silly thoughts
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you lift your leg and I will lift mine

This is the first trip I was travelling with all strangers except one. I wasn’t hesitant(totally not me) but as I was dying to see Yana I packed my bags, keeping a open mind and empty pocket to be filled with memories

Old though, inst he darling by the sea

That is the washroom. Who said Indians are’nt creativeYana. Always wanted to visit after watching the Kannada movie “Nammura Mandara Hoove”. Might be just rock but the caves are so huge and cold. According to the Brahmin who serves in the temple, water flows all 365 days to the small temple outside the cave.

Surrounded by lush green, Yana was a remote place

Camp Fire and tents by the beach, Fancy! right. Follow the nomadic Kaadboys and strike out all places from your chembu list(bucket-list).

I slept like a hog. No mosquito, no bugs but only the melodies song sang by the sea

All you have to do is dream and Kaadboys will make your dream come true, isn’t it cool

If you tell them that you are my friend, you will get discount. Hurry, Dream,Pack and Travel

Plan, Travel, Enjoy: http://www.hashitinerary.com

Their sensational blog: http://aleyateera.wordpress.com

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