Kumara Parvatha Trek-Day1 6KMs

Posted: December 8, 2017 in Exploring India
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Kumara Parvatha(KP) is also known as Pushpagiri

Fantastic way to welcome the trekkers, Water melon, kokum and yeah smile

Its in Karnataka, near SubramanyaAnd the trek begins

Before trekking “Yeah, finally here”

5 minutes after trekking “ohh I am tired”

15 minutes after trekking “I am tired, I need a break”

Carrying your back pack,tent, sleeping bag is part of your trek. Carrying all thats luggage and trekking is not easy In the quiet forest 15 minutes after trek the only loud sound you can hear is of your heart beat. Your otherwise rusted body when tries to take the heavy step your mind will be least interest to listen to the birds.

Walk-rest-walk-drink water-walk-walk-walk…..

You get to meet so many new people, the guy in red sings like total crazy. Full sleeves guy has ligament tear but still nothing could stop him from striking a item from his bucket list. He is aspiring photographer as well

Some heart warming Flora

Bhattara Manae(House) is the only house 6 KMs away from starting point and only house in the middle of the forest . When you take the heavy step with your muscles screaming from top of their voice, empty water bottle mocking you, its your mind which consoles you. Dead tired I Imagine Bhaatru in white panchae, white janiwara wore it diagonally, big tummy and shirtless, preparing our meal alongside his wife who will be grating coconut on the ground. Trust me I was picturizing the same scene to my friends.

“Where is the Bhattara Manae?” I was losing the my patience. We started our trek at 9:30 and we were still walking. Other than small insects and fellow trekkers we didnt see any other soul

I am a woman and nothing can stop me from achieving my goal. As of now Bhattra Manae is my goal.

If you sit in silence you can listen to Mountains calling
If you reach this place, you are almost near

If you see this board, run, Bhattara house is not far away

Arecanut and the house trees calms your anxiety to see the famous Bhattru

Bhattra Manae(House)old though in that place of nowhere its a heaven. As soon as we reached I drank 4 glasses of buttermilk; one plain, one with salt, other two with pickle. It was 1PM when we reached his houseFree flowing natural water, cold as ice.

BC BC oota(Hot lunch) at Bhattara Manae with signature pickleFamous Bhattru with their favorite Tulsi Plant . My Imagination was bit too much at the moment to ponder. He is a humble guy. If anybody else was there in his place, he would have commercialized everything but not him. By the way he loves to watch Kannada Serials.Aerial view of Bhaatra Manae

We humans forget to behave our self to just a reminder

You will be lost in its beauty forever.

Trekkers were all round

Meet the strangers, bag the experience, roll in the dust and walk on the trail. Thnak you #Kaad Boys

I learned how to put a tent . Life is full of learning and it never ends

Lying under dark sky, by the mountain I watched the stars, moon and listened  to the wind, Things I always wanted to do.

Kaad Boys: That’s what the organizers call themselves. they are caring, fun and adventurous. They make sure you enjoy every single minute. Feel free to disturb them anytime

Plan, Travel, Enjoy: http://www.hashitinerary.com

Their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/kaadboys. Follow them, Like them, stalk them trust me they done mind

Keep reading for “What did you say about the girl, macha”, types of snoring, Puspagiri trek, keep your city clean, picking the plastic at the peak, super crazy descending… and more

To be continued


  1. Awesome write up and pics 🙂 waiting for a continuation…


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