Kambala At Ikala -2018

Posted: January 29, 2018 in My Silly thoughts
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I was very small when I watched Ikala Kambala years back with my dad, I was his tail back then. This time when I pleaded my dad to accompany me he said no saying “girls dont go to watch it, anyways I am busy I cant come”. Direct “NO”, didnt stop me from visiting the Kambala. I booked a auto and went on my own, listening to my mom rapping “girls dont  go, cant you listen to your father, …”. I wasn’t surprise to see many women sitting and enjoying the sunny Sunday watching the Kambala. Lairs!

Slushy paddy filed track in which buffaloes run with their handler.

Getting ready for their race

The race is always intense. The buffaloes which compete in Kambala are taken care like babies. The food they eat, the bath take is always monitored carefully. Those buffaloes sole purpose is to run in this slushy muddy water and win the race.

The race is always intense till the nth minute

The handler who runs with buffaloes apparently runs barefoot, by the end of the day the skin peels off from his feet.

Many people will be there to help the buffaloes and the handler. They try to calm the buffaloes and get them ready for the race

One minute their are calm and second minute they are restless

They are focused and dont have time to look at a silly and smile for the photo

On my request they posed like a family.

Its goes on and on. Sometimes one pait is ready while other is not, by the time both the pairs are ready 2o minutes would have passed

And the great photo bomber.

Buffaloes are oiled, bathed like bride grooms before the race. One cant stop envying seeing their shiny skin. Dont even ask about the muscles, its just perfect. And those handlers, they have 6 packs without even seeing the face of GYM:)

Buffaloes with their handler. I am sure all three of them have a nice understanding after all its a team work

White, orange or pink anything for the big day, no one gives a rats ass about stains.

For the special day their are decorated with all fancy ornaments

Its always a chaos before the race back there, one need lots of patience and zeal to watch the race

When the buffaloes run people forget everything and just watch the beauty of the race

I was holding the breath, seeing them run.

Isn’t he a cutie. I was almost tempted to take him home with me.

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