Mountains Are Calling-Day2, Rishikesh-To-Lohajung

Posted: June 3, 2018 in Exploring India, roopkund
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One last look at the Ganges

Colors they add spices to your life as well as your vehicle. Red, green, yellow, pink, you name it he has it.

“Bhayyaji, aapka naam kya hai”(What is your name Sir). Small talk, yeah I was doing that and certain extend I had mastered the art. “Kamiless”our thin but strong driver said spitting nth time from the window. Sweet, innocent people have only “Sha” problem, which they turn into “ss” while pronouncing.

NH58, one side rock and other side pit, but the drivers there are very skilled. Every turn he took I jumped from my seat thinking that is my last minute. There was a lady in the vehicles who started puking in Rishikess sorry Rishikesh, and went on , never stopping.Curvy road, rocky road he never cared, from start to end he drove in a same speed. With his driving skills I am sure he can bag first prize in auto racing, spitting through out the race, multi talented guy. 

I didnt utter a word when I saw the food, I started swallowing it. I on a scared journey to the mountains, If I want luxury I can get it at my door step in Chinaware.

The place is so beautiful it start to grow on you.


My prayers were on, asking my guardian angel to protect me, with sign cross over my broken bones, yes, I was cautious. 

I met my trek mates, most of them were in their early 20’s, most of them were Gujarathi’s, Tusssssss!!!!. Its better to have a similar age group or mixed one where the conversation just flows and you have to be you. At the end of your trek, the trek and your trek mates leaves a big impact on you so I suggest kindly consider this point

Mountains were calling, whispering, soothing in their enchanted voice. It wasnt a mere trip for me, it was a scared journey which I was longing to do since 4 years. Do or die, I was going to the summit, there was no looking back, I was stubborn like a mule. 


To be continued

  1. Todd says:

    What great photos and story. I want to see it all first hand someday. I’m excited to see the next installment!


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