Monasteries, A Palace And Truck Full Of Crazy Memories

Posted: September 4, 2019 in Exploring India, I Got Leh'd
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Some catching up in the morning

We had hired a taxi for the day or plan was to cover as many monasteries as possible. With our ass up by 8 and lots of talking, giggling over stupid jokes it was almost 11 when we, 6 of us squeezed into Tani’s Omni. As one of the guy in the gang 4 chaddi-buddies wasnt keeping well, best-bees decided to stay back and take care of their unwell friend. I was pretty surprised by their close bonding.

First one was Hemis Monastery

It’s just mind blowing

Dont fall for the look we were just fooling around. Best part was even though we were of different age group when it came to having fun and living in the moment we were all 9 years old.One behind the camera, one yelling change the pose and rest posing, smiling and making sure they look pretty in the picture.

There is so much to talk about Sri and his intelligent IIT dad. It was a dream a meet a IIT guy because I always wondered what their look like. Chandhar sir proved me wrong, first of all he was way too much normal than us plus his coolness was un-measurable. The things the duo discussed started from badminton auction, next trek, learning machine language, sending Head mistress of their house to the trek with their work-out freak other brainy who at the age of 17 have ripped up body. They never stopped they went on talking and whenever I could I eavesdropped not because I was interested in their conversation but because I was taken aback seeing the closeness, there werent any barriers .When Sri told me that his dad have completed his Ph.D my eyes were almost popped out of my socket. So down to earth, caring father and most of all a great human being.

The ladies need no introduction, chilled out , humble, go-getters I met. They were the energy booster to the whole farting(stories for later) group

She is a awesome photographer!. I had reached Leh a day earlier. What she did was gave me a call(which I missed) and then dropped me a message asking if I need anything. Dumbstruck, yes I was and was touched deeply.

After spending couple of hours in Hemis monastery we had our lunch on the way to Thiksey monastery

Thiksey monastery

I found a small little tigress posing

If I am around you can bag some cool pics for your Insta about which you can brag from morning till evening  except the photographer (that’s me 😦 ) .

I found Sri to super cool like his dad. He was the only one I believe who used to laugh at my stupid jokes as he says. He was little evil(little brat) as I used to say but I found a great friend in him. He was a great listener like me may be that’s why we just hit it off. He is really smart because he picked same kinda earring to his mom and girl friend, not giving any of them option to choose.

Then I found a little Bunny Rabbit with his parents trying to please them, posing as they instructed him

You need lot of time to take in all of the surrounding especially the gigantic beautiful Buddha statue. The annoying Indian tourist will be in queue to click ‘n’ number of pics (like us) and other tourist who will be busy admiring the art, smiling and clicking random pictures.

Thats Moulee. He is a sweet guy who can get lost without your supervision. No he didnt utter a word when I gave him a gyan on being punctual and being attentive. He simply smiled and said “ok”. Sadly second day of the trek his oxygen level went pretty down and he was instructed to go back. His was having his breakfast on the third day while his hands shivered. All I was manage to tell was “Take care Moulee”.

Later we got to know from Pawan that his oxygen level dropped very low and he was given oxygen. Somehow he was able to reach back Leh. This focuses around one more important thing, treks cant be planned at the last minute like how he did, without prior preparation and trekking gear.

More pictures and more poses.

One more thing which I liked about our group was even though we spent lot of time clicking pictures, no one utter a word. If they were bored they just sat and waited without complaining!

And finally when were done clicking our crazy picture we were on our way to Shey Palace

I was able to capture them from top of the Palace and I am sure they were deep down in some intellectual conversation .

I told the shy couple to sit and pose. I helped them to capture a memory and I made them a sweet orange-full memory.

That’s us, crazy us.

And then checking like 9 years old

So true

When we reached back we were tired. Leh was almost getting ready for bed. Sun seemed careless about his bedtime even though it was 7 in the evening

Ladakhi’s are hard workers, they dont even care the time. Its was 7:30PM and I found this couple working side by side without fighting 🙂

More to Go…

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