Markha Valley Trek – Day 6 Nimaling to Chokdo via Kongmaru La

Posted: February 11, 2020 in I Got Leh'd, Markha Valley Trek
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The morning was pleasant not giving a trace of hard cold night. Sun was dancing in his usually glory like nothing has happened. We were happy because it was our last day of trek, away from civilization. All were looking forward for a hot shower and soft bed with a warm blanket. 

It was a crazy trail and Tiffin was unstoppable. He started walking and he never stopped.

Finally at the top, Kongmaru La, 17,100ft. One place where you can get the phone signal on this trek. Mind blowing scene from the top must say.

The descend was crazy and dangerous. One had to be very careful, one wrong foot and…

The flowers were always comforting with their bright colors and smile.

Marmot came to see us.

Saying bye in style.

When Rigzen saw mountain goats, he started climbing almost vertical near by mountain with so much ease, we all stood and watched dumbstruck. He got a closure picture and came back running like he had done that million times while he held our breath saying “hope he wont fall”.

When we saw the steep trail we were scared, one wrong foot on other side we were in ditch with broken neck and spinal cord. “Nothing going to happen, just see the trail and walk, dont be scared, I am right behind you” Rigzen kept on saying while we walked in tortoises pace. “I dont want to die hear god, not like this, I cant die here, my dad will kill my already dead body”.I was praying continously.

One of the awesome un-stoppable trekker. Nothing could hold her back, not the steep trail or the heavy bag.

In midst of the the crazy dangerous ascend I didnt stop capturing the colors. They were soothing our turmoil mind.

Wild goats, out bounty for the day.

This was one of the dangerous ascend. Nobody liked the idea but when Rigzen confirmed that other way is not accessible we were forced to do the unthinkable.

Oh yeas, it was dangerous and difficult. Not easy at all.

Kishore missed a step and slipped, luckily nothing happened.

I call him superman. He could walk miles tirelessly, he carried others bag and walked with a smile, always entertaining us. Never seen anyone like that. 

Snake like never ending trail.

Water was so sweet, pure and clean, nothing could beat its taste.

All were so exhausted, for our every “how far”, little further is the reply we got from Rigzen.

Finally!! we did it, completed the trek slow but steady. After walking 16KM, dead tired, many didnt had the energy to pose for a final group pic. Our journey had come to an end, after a wonderful time together, away from all technology, traffic in the mountains. Tomorrow by dawn most of them were travelling back except me, the impact the trek and trek mates had on each other was different.

Renu, Sara, Father-son duo had a major impact on me. “You cant be always polite and kind” Renu’s advice made me wonder while “You are such a darling” followed by a hug from Sara made me realize how fortunate I was to meet such a lovely ladies, pretty, sexy, cute , caring, loving and total bad ass. Super cool IIT big brains Chandhar sir and his cute little obedient son are perfect example of how father-son should be. 4 best buddies and hard core-never tiring super girl will be remembered non the less

When we bid our farewell that night , I knew one can never get such a lovely trek mates, unique in their own way, of all age group. I dont know how many of them will remember me but I will remember all of them whenever I think about mountains.

To Be Continued

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