Dandeli, Dudhsagar Finally!!!

Posted: March 22, 2020 in Exploring India

“Dandeli” it’s beautiful place no doubt in that but more than it’s adventurous .The well known river rafting, attracts most of the young as well as old folks. From many years I was trying to visit Dandeli but due to one or other reason I couldnt. So finally I did land in Dandeli with Google and it didn’t disappoint me.

It’s a beautiful place to visit over the weekends , the greenery, birds chirping siting on those wild gigantic tree, the fresh pure air, the wild animals…..

Time for some river rafting.

That’s Google, sitting on the edge. As we were only 2, we had to tag along with all strangers.

Looked like Google enjoyed kayaking, she didnt wanted to come ashore.

Syntheri Rocks.

The place where we stayed “Halli Mane” home stay, was too good, the stay, the food, the surrounding.  

This is only for Honey Lovers, mind you.

We were looking forward to visit Dudhsagar the next day. Local train from Londa to Dudhsagar, couple of hours in water and then back to Londa, that was our plan. But when we reached Londa we got to know that the train is delayed , at 10:15 so to kill the time we visited near by church.

On the way to church we saw a dog stuck in the gate, Google, aka Miss N didnt think twice before helping the old man with the dog.

Later we got to know the train got delayed for some more time. So to kill some more time we explored the streets of Londa.

It was almost 12 , people were waiting and train wasn’t there anywhere.

It was almost 2:15 when overcrowded train showed up. May be I wasn’t thinking straight when I said I want to visit Dudhsagar but when I stepped into the local compartment I came back to the reality. I wanted to get off the train right away but doors were jam packed with people. “F%^&$ Dudsagar and the train”. 

The TC we met in Londa was really nice and helpful, he gave many tips and encouraged us not to go back without seeing the falls.

Sweat smell mixed with dirt and urine smell it was driving, everyone(I want to believe that) crazy but as there was no place to stand , that was last of anybody’s worry. Train stopped in every station more than 30 mins and sometimes 45 mins, the last train from Dudhsagar back to Londa was at 4:30. If our train wont reach on time we wont be able to come back, seeing Dudhsagar will be out of equation all together in such scenario.”May be we shouldn’t have come”, that would have been a super wise decision I felt seeing the situation.

Finally we reached Dudhsagar around 4, as we had still 30 minutes, Miss N and I, started running on the tracks just to have a glimpse of Dudhsagar, to make this journey a bit memorable. The train by which we came was still following that “stop for 30 minutes in every station”, it looked like train and other passengers were already in sync except us.

We started running like mad dogs, “Dont run, you will fall” free advise givers were many and we didn’t had time to listen to them. We continued, Miss N got blisters and kept on going. “The ordeal we went through in that general compartment have to be worth it” is all I said.

It wad good view “If you still go further down the view is killer like the one from “Chennai Express”, some of the guys who had spent whole day told us.

“That will be in my next birth” I said in my mind.

We were back by 4:30, breathless and exhausted. The train came around 4:45, jam packed. Getting into it was another challenging job.

Finally when we got into the general compartment, where there was no place to stand, one of them was secretly touching, utilizing the situation like many other men. “B***$$ men will be always men no matter alive or dead”. If I had a knife I would have chopped his finger and would have thrown it from the window, I was pissed, madly.

The rerun journey from Londa to Dandeli, where we were supposed to board bus back was another event to remember. No one was talking , it was tensed atmosphere “will catch the bus or miss it?”, it looked like only time could answer the question. Luckily we were able to board the bus on time, thanks to our drive Vijay sir.

It was a disaster journey, my advise; never take the train if it gets delayed or not, there are other ways to reach Dudhsagar, they will be the best option considering all the ordeal we went through.

Previous days good memories were suppressed by terrible experience of second day “I am definitely going to visit Dudhsagar, may be from Goa side ” Miss N was saying. “Good for you” I said. Somewhere deep down I felt when you have to go through hell to visit a place it’s not worth the view. May be I will visit Dandeli again but never Dudhsagar, I was very content with my first visit 🙂

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