Love Story In The Teacher’s Garden

Posted: December 4, 2020 in My Silly thoughts
It caught hovering small 🐝’s attention. Without wasting any time it hovered over once in left
Once in right. It was love at first sight,small 🐝 was stung by yellow flowers beauty
It was already singing melodious, happy long when a Big 🐝 landed on the adjacent petal, chasing Small 🐝
Small 🐝 held on to its ground fought the deadly love battle with the Big 🐝. But when it realised that it doesn’t stand a chance against the gigantic big 🐝, it accepted it’s defeat and flew.
Hovering at a distance stood there for a while watching the enchanting yellow flower, which stole its heart at the first look.
Seeing the flower shine in the sun and dance beautifully than before it took off bracing it’s tears, without any regrets.
Time passed and within few minutes the sad, depressed small 🐝 found one more yellow flower, more beautiful than the previous one, shining, dancing more magnificently. Only difference was it’s one petal was torn but that didn’t bother small 🐝. Second time in a day the small 🐝 fell in love and this time it was two way. Both the small 🐝 and the yellow flower with torn petal lived happily ever after.

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