Happy Valentine’s Day…Or Whatever

Posted: February 14, 2021 in My Silly thoughts

No, my non-existence boy friend didn’t gift me this. And I am not crazy enough to gift myself a pillow and a mug which have my face on it..creepy right!!

I am kind of very lucky to have very few, good hearted friends who still put an effort to make my almost forgotten, boring valentine’s day memorable.(one and only one Valentine’s gift of the old 🐄)

Valentine’s day is a day when we celebrate love, a pure unconditional, selfless love. If you have friends, spouse who goes an extra mile to make you smile, cares for you, be there for you in your ups as well as downs, then my friend never let them go, they are precious like diamond. ( If you are reading this and sparkling, you know you are my diamond)

P.S: As for the pillow, it creeps me in to see myself smiling back at me. So I am sitting on it; upside down

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