ML 05 Meghalaya

Posted: March 10, 2022 in My Silly thoughts
Brainstorming before the use
Met some cool Blore chicks🤩

Sorry we are closed” when we were welcomed by chef we were disappointed

“Come on now” let us in, we were disappointed after hearing all hyped up stories.

My bladder was about to blast. I blinked bt eyes, tilted my eyes and requested can I please use your washroom, it’s emergency.

And now you know how we got the entry. In our request and lot of coock and bull story we made it to the table and pizza

Staff is very pleasant , it’s open from 10am to 6pm

It’s way too hyped up place, if you are from metropolitan city, it’s a not big deal but you should definitely visit the place for Meghalaya Vibes

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