Few Words

I am Syblabla Nablabla Loblabla aka SnL belongs to female species of this so called human race. Being techie most of the time I break my head and spoil my eyes in front of my system .Writing is not my profession unfortunately just a hobby . Living with hope that some  day i am gonna make big out of my writing skills. After all some famous person(definitely not me) have said “with hope in your heart you will never walk alone”.

Have something to say?mail me at:lobosylvia@gmail.com

Thank you very much for stopping by SnL World and reading the contents in spite of hell lot of mistakes. Hope you enjoyed reading it. If you feel like sharing your suggestion dont think twice before shooting me a mail.

  1. Tess Martin says:

    Hey good man! keep goin!!!


  2. lester lobo says:

    its just unbelievable…


  3. deekshith says:

    hi……….. silli………………..
    y\u look lik mental enstine……………..Lol………….


  4. Preethi Hegde says:

    Impressed by yr words:)


  5. sylvia says:

    thnk u P3…i alwys impress people…u see:)


  6. wilson says:

    hey veena… nice dear.. i cud’nt believe its u…. very nice blog……


  7. lml says:

    i have read almost all of ur stories… these are the only things i read when i am busy….. it just
    makes me laugh… “News which made me SMILE” was crazzy… it was not the news..it was the outburst..i have the video of ur so called “VOTE OF THANKS”..do u want it?


  8. dramahater says:

    jackass… Karnataka is the state, not Bangalore. Get ur facts rights


  9. shilpa says:

    Ur blog is on my fav list on the browser… Write more!! write more!! write more!!!


  10. Hi there! you’re so pretty..I thought you’re just a high school student..:) Anyway, did you know that ‘LOBO’ is a tagalog word from the Philippines? It means WOLF or BALLOON.. 🙂


  11. Terence Menzies says:

    Hey I am suprised… You write really wonderfully well. Thumbs up to your blogs and your poems and songs and and and…. All cool cool cool.


  12. Hari says:

    Its unbelievable dear…


  13. Vanita says:

    hey good intro about urself.. I’ve read ur few articles in daijiworld too.. didnt have much time.. read one or 2,then directly felt like googling ur profile and found ur website.. keep going. I’m happy for u and good luck.


  14. Vinay R Rao says:

    Wow man , u seem to have quite a fan following…!!!
    Hmmmm… 😛


  15. swathi says:

    hey nice blog….at last i read it 🙂 🙂


  16. adetokunbohr says:

    You write well. Saw a write up of yours on daijiworld.com. Cool.


  17. wilson says:

    nice blog…very interesting to read ..some are crazy..i know kinigoli people are little crazy i have a friend from kinigoli…..


  18. Rizwana Abdul Sal;am says:

    hey u doorstep to poem is quit intersting … 🙂 go ahead and cherish ur dreamzzzz


  19. Lavina Sylvia says:

    Hi my li’ll sis,
    Nice to read about you…and your articles are really interesting …keep up the good work..God bless you!


  20. ywwp says:

    Just a suggestion:
    Go to Settings>Sharing, and select the checkbox – Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results
    Now if someone visits your blog, he/she may like the post without opening the post separately. It will help you get more likes on the blog.regards, http://YourWellWisherProgram.wordpress.com


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