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Saima: Shes a hard working woman. I am always fascinated to read her formal mails. The words she uses makes go crazy. whenever i have to write a formal mail i ask her help.

She loves to play those games in FB. Criminal case is her favorite. May be in her previous birth she was a spy

SnL tip: Have faith and one day she will see her daughter in you. all the very best






Please huh..Huh..Please…(heart throbs)Please don’t eat me monster. God save me, Protect me Almighty…

You might be thinking who that monster is?





Phew………..Well, that’s my mom-in-law.

My name is Saima(name changed for obvious reasons) married to an engineer working for a well known MNC and we are a happy married couple. Not to forget the old furnitures (meaning mom-in-law and dad-in-law) staying with us.

I was overwhelmed when she told me that I am like her daughter. Since she has no daughters(has 2 sons) I trusted her. I thought that I can see my mother in her. Ofcourse,I cannot expect the same love and affection I received from my mom, nonetheless I was hoping that at least we could be good friends. Forget about being  friends  but we are good enemies at the present situation!!!

Let me tell you my Day-to-day activities.I wake up at 5.30 sorry 5.45 sorry 5.50 (Actually my hubby wakes me up) and we get ready.He goes for a morning walk and I goto gym.He will be back by 7. I reach home by 7.30 only to see that the bathroom is occupied by my mom-in-law. I then wait for the bathroom to be vacant and finally take bath and get ready to office.Now starts the tug of war between the 2 ladies when I enter the kitchen. She says that I am lazy and I need to wake up early so that I can perform more household work.(Balls to you kane).Sometimes we have clashes regarding this also and we are down with a cold war for a day or two.It is then my hubby intervenes and clears the differences between us. Then she starts drilling me with her 1945 old stories which annoys me but somehow I pretend to listen.Then she expects me to assist her in preparing the breakfast which I actually do and then realize that it is already 8.30 and I have missed the only direct bus that goes till my office. Shit man,what the hell,WTF etc etc I blabber it to myself(as if I have guts to tell it to that female in the kitchen. )Whatever, I then prepare tea for myself and my hubby, find a place to sit and sip the tea. But then I would be damn exhausted. Finally I start to office.

I wait for an empty bus so that I don’t have to stand.But to me bad luck,I only see crowded buses.I get into some bus which will drop me to majestic. From there an other bus and finally at office by 10.45.

Later back home by 7.30 p.m. Loser(I am scolding mom-in-law) is watching sankara TV( a channel which telecasts all hindu temples all over India) with the remote in her hand. For god sake woman don’t you find any other channels!!!!!She serves the dinner to us at around 8.30p.m and scolds me if I don’t eat more rice and I have to eat whether I like it or not. She then goes to the hall while we are still hogging, keeps changing the channels as per her whims and fancies. This goes on till 10 p.m.I have to sit like a dumbo and watch those shit programs or else shut my ass and goto the room and sit with the laptop.I sit with the laptop,play criminal case and then start irritating my hubby who is seriously working. He is such a cool and a loving partner who even though gets angry doesn’t show it on me. (Love u darling ). I force myself to be awake till 10.30 and pester my hubby to shut down his laptop and sleep.He does the same and finally we switch off the lights and try to sleep.I don’t understand why the alarm is in such a hurry to start barking.Grrrr…Its 5.30 in the morning.

My routine life starts again.Hmmm….


Well,this is it with my story.Let me also tell you the rules and regulations I need to follow there.

  • Wake up as early as possible even on weekends not to forget that it is in-lawss’ house.(Not your mom’s place or a PG that you wake up at your own timings)
  • Make sure you have bathed before you enter the kitchen.
  • Prepare breakfast for yourself and husband
  • Wash utensils when the maid is on leave.
  • Don’t dare to touch the TV remote(Remember your job is to only perform household work.That is the expectation of my mom-in-law from me)


  • First 2 rules are common.
  • Prepare breakfast for everyone and then prepare tea as well.
  • Soon after having tea,start cutting the vegetables and get ready to cook for lunch.
  • Again,wash utensils since maid will wash only few vessels.
  • Put your clothes into the washing machine and later spread it out on the terrace for drying.
  • Prepare tea for all in the evening.
  • Don’t ever say that you want to visit your parents.

Now I am a free bird. Can do whatever I want except watching TV because it’s my mom-in-law’s property. Afterall she will be bored yaar,She needs entertainment.

With all these, mother-in-law is not satisfied. You are not doing any household work.!!!

Guys, hope you have now understood why I call her “MONSTER IN LAW”.

I am sure every mother-in-law would be strict and try to control her daughter-in-law so that she gets accustomed to their family. But please don’t take away her freedom,give her some space and time to get adjusted.Dont expect your likes and dislikes to be her likes and dislikes. Don’t forget that she has left back her family for you.Don’t lose the respect and trust she has it for you.

She isn’t my enemy but that generation gap really sucks. Things might change over a period of time as we get to know each other better. I am hoping to see the real mother in her…………………JUST HOPE!!!!

MY One way love STory

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Naina is the name she recommended to call herself. As she wanted to keep her identity secret she told me to publish her name as  Naina. When i read the name i felt it weird so i asked her what that’s stand for. She laughed and said “thats what i want to call my daughter”. I replied “i am so thrilled to know that you want to have a gal baby, nice infact awesome”.

She is very bubbly kind and full of energy. She have a enchanting smile must say. Thank you Naina for giving me opportunity to publish your work

I know this story is true so here’s my tip for you “dont be heart broken, still there are plenty of guys you just have to explore and find the right one. SnL blessings are always with you so cheer up



I was smiling to myself listing to Enrique’s I am gonna get you song. I looked my reflection in my i-pod and smiled again. I touched the missing apple bite and giggled . Was I acting insane I don’t know, may be people in love act like this I thought. As I had completed my work on time so I decided to go to my home by walk. It was first time in weekdays I was able to see the sun in the evening. Mild sun rays, and honking horn that’s the specialty of Bangalore in the evening. I made a gun sign in my hand and held at the sun and pressed my thumb as if I was shooting the sun. People walking on the road gave me a weird look but I didn’t care. I thought about his smiling face and curly hair and I smiled. Actually I blushed, I know for sure because I could feel my cheeks turn red. I hit my head with my right hand and said “get a hold on your brain woman; you don’t know whether he likes you. I told myself “if he was not interested he wouldn’t have send me the friend request in FB, if he was not interested he wouldn’t have asked my number and send those cute little forwards”. My brain stopped thinking when my heart justified. Its then my phone started ringing. When I saw the that it was my friend who was calling I smiled and picked the call.

She told me about her engagement and briefed me about her beau. Like other women I asked her few questions like “love marriage? From where? Which company?…”. When finally I felt there’s nothing to ask I just asked “so babes, you got any news?”. As we were from same place often we used to discuss about eligible bachelors in our hometown. And the guy on whom I had crush from childhood was from my hometown. So my friend said “yeah, that guy on whom you had crush when you were in high school is getting married….. she was telling something but I felt the earth go merry go round and I sat on the bus stop nearby. She was telling me about his wedding date and about the gal. After a minute when I regained myself I told my friend that I have to call someone and disconnected the call. I know he didn’t promise me anything or proposed me but still I was head over heals in love with him…well  may not be love but something . My eyes filled with tears and I started to walk again. May be this is what happens when we won’t get what we wanted

I continued walking with my head phone on. I changed the song when I heard Ronna Keating “when you say nothing at all….”, how I hated that song at the moment. Same apple was mocking at me when I wiped the tear drop from the screen. When I saw the park nearby without my knowledge my legs started to walk in that direction. I stared to walk like other evening walkers. I felt my head heavier than usual and all blood running to my brain. I saw a guy doing yoga on the lawn, Whose legs were up in the air and head on the thick grass. I looked at him and said to myself “I didn’t do that but still blood is running to my brain can you beat that?”. When I completed one round automatically me legs started to take one more. I saw a couple seated on the nearby bench. I felt they were scanning me head to toe. I was sure they must have said “wonder why she is walking, she doesn’t even have extra calories to burn!”. When I understood their look I told myself “fat, health are not the only things who makes you walk, look at me I am walking for loss of my love which was never mine. F&*^“. Round after round three, four, five I lost the count. Still could see his smiling face in front of my eyes. Erasing his memory is not that easy I know. I wiped my eyes and took my phone out and started typing a message to him “congrts my dear”, I stopped for a while and deleted my dear. “Congrts, it was a surprise indeed.  Never thought so soon I will get a chance to dance and eat. Finally you getting married, wow, sounds so good (my mind said “hope she tortures you every day” But my heart said “be a good example for they lived happily ever after ) take care of yourself c ya”. After pressing the send button I deleted his number from my contact list.  I smiled and continued walking. My tensed muscles started to relax when they heard Katy Perry’s “Fire Work”. My legs increased the speed with time. When I saw bouncing bums steady bums I giggled wondering how my bum will look when I walk.  Then I saw a guy trying his level best to peep inside his gal friend’s salwar I chuckled and told myself “this is not the end, Look at this guy he ie dying to see which is hidden from him. Forget that guy he was never yours, never, ever”. When I reached the same spot again I laughed out loud when I saw the guy and gal literally making out in the public park. I wiped my tears and told myself “every dark cloud has a silver lining. When I reached the exit gate I chuckled and said “indeed walking is good for health”

Stung By Humility

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Kaarthik Rao B R that’s what he is called. Down to earth, cool, understanding,responsible….. yeah that’s all i had seen him while chitchatting with him while waiting for my cab. He is very tall may be 6+ i never asked. If i was a director and i was directing this “incredible Hulk part II”, i would have selected this guy. Trust me. When he walks with his head bent all he makes the perfect Hulk picture.  Like his pic indicates he is a geek. Knows in and out of technology. He likes car and knows lot more about them. He is Google addicted. He loves food and keeps on telling me nice places he had been to. When he told me he wrote story i was like “WT…. this geek writes? that too cool stuff!!”i smiled and told myself  “cool geek”.

Thank you KR, for giving me a opportunity to publish your story…!


Ok here goes …I was in this airport with a strange guy in tracksuit and sunglasses. Strangely enough the entire bay was empty except for the security guards and us. Since the flight was at midnight and the time was still 11pm I had an hour to kill. So I thought let me talk to this “Strange guy”. I started off by introducing myself and asked him about his flight. He didn’t introduce himself but told me his flight details. Turned out that he was on the same flight as I was.

I, being a techie wanted to show off my new work to him. I was working on this “cutting edge stuff” which dealt with Artificial Intelligence as in “a machine or a computer program that learns over time analyzing all the inputs given to it previously and the current input”. I had developed a prototype application which could analyze various parameters of a song and it could predict if the song would be successful or not. I was showing him a few samples and yapping off about how well my application could predict the success of various songs which were in the market already which my application had predicted beforehand that it would be successful. To say the least he was amazed by my application. He asked me how my application was able to analyze songs and predict their success in the market. To show off my skills I started off by saying that it was a product of years of hard work and perseverance and that it required a thorough understanding of music and computer programming. I went on chattering and he heard me patiently.

Now he told me that he was a music enthusiast and he had a few songs of his own which he had recorded recently .He asked me politely if I could analyze his songs. I agreed but warned him saying that the results would be discouraging and he should not give up his hobby. I was of the impression that he was just another run off the mill music enthusiast and he would suck at it. He took his IPod out and gave it to me and asked me to copy a folder to my laptop. This folder consisted of around 7 songs and I told him that I cannot analyze all the 7 songs and waste my time. I offered to analyze just one of his songs and he asked me to analyze the last one in the folder.

In the meantime I asked him more about himself .He told me that his name was Mathew and he made a living by singing in local bars and clubs. He also told me that he wanted to be a great singer. By that time my application had finished analyzing his song and the results were astonishing. His song surprisingly had a high success rate of 90% meaning 90% of the intended audience would love his song. Looking at the result I told him that the application is still a prototype and that the predictions are not always right.I again ran analysis on the same song. Yet again the same result.

I was astonished by the result. So I ran analysis on some of his others songs as well and yet again good results. I am not saying that my application is perfect but most of the analysis had yielded accurate results. At this I told him to try his luck in the music industry. He told me he didn’t have enough to make it large .It was midnight and time for our flight. We both boarded the flight and yet again our seats were next to each others. The quality of his songs was exceptional and seemed like they were recorded in a very good studio. I asked him where had he recorded all his songs to which he replied that he had put all his savings into it and got the songs recorded. Listening to all this I offered to help him by introducing him to my contacts. He was glad. Then we both slept. The flight landed safely .Just before we departed we exchanged our telephone numbers.

A few years passed .My application was accepted by many recording companies and I was minting money. All of a sudden one day I remembered this “Strange guy”. I took out my cell phone and called him. The voice on the other side said “You have reached STING’s assistant. How can I help you? ”. I checked the number again and it was correct. I was taken aback. I asked “Can I talk to Mr. Mathew”? The voice on the other side surprisingly asked “Mathew”? I said sorry “Can I talk to Sting?”.”Sting is busy .Do you have any message for him” was the reply. At this I just hung up.

I switched on my laptop and Googled for “Sting”. Turned out that his real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, Mathew for short .I called him back that very night and this time I had mustered the courage to talk to him. First I introduced myself, and then I narrated what had happened that day in the airport. He remembered me and told me that he was using my application in his recording studio too. Finally I asked him why he didn’t reveal that he was the “Sting” that day. To which he replied: “I am tired of making people listen to me. Now and then it feels good to listen to people. If I had told you I was the Sting you again would have asked me about my songs etc”. The call ended.

I started thinking about that fortunate day in the airport and had tears in my eyes. How can such a great man be so humble and I being a small techie had thrown lot of tantrums that day. Suddenly I felt someone’s arm around my shoulder and suddenly everything vanished. ALAS I was awakened from this beautiful dream by my mom telling me that it was time for breakfast. But that dream taught me to be humble in life no matter how much success I attain.

                                    “Fame is temporary, Class is Permanent ”


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His name is Harsha Aithal, a stud. He is a techie!!! , very good in writing code. With looks like that i am sure he should have done dozen of movies by now. He was my senior in college thats how i know him. He is a cool, fun loving guy. Hope one day i can see him on big screens jingling his body for the beats. All the best BRO!!!!


Well, first of all a big thanks to sister sil for letting me scribble in her space, even though I am nowhere
near to her mighty fun blogging.. I read somewhere that India is the only country in the world which has
most people aged under 35..!! now If you think of what most part of that crowd is doing these days then
you will end up somewhere near facebook. We have almost forgotten the written media except for a
few minutes during morning coffee. It is a rarity that people like sister sil in her youth (yes- I call her like
that even though she has enormous number of aliases!! From her cute nephews and nieces or some
other people for that matter!!) still find it intriguing to write something. So lots of Respect!!

‘nuff flirting J .. let me get to what I wanted to say – The journey

Things I wanted to say here was due for a long long time. Last 2 years in Chennai I usually walk, to and
from office, you know, thinking I will lose all the weight and go invisible one day! something of that
sort hardly happened in reality, but the same stretch of road everyday would give me a totally different
experience, refreshing as well as frustrating, sometimes dusty sometimes rainy !

And when I am walking alone I plug my earpieces on for some songs and also to avoid ever honking
Chennai crowd. The song and being yourself gives a whole new prospect to your perception for things
happening around you. You have time to think and observe rather than just get in to others situation
and get lost.

I leave my room, walk some distance and I reach the main road, and from that moment things start to
get interesting. The first place I have to cross is a bar, “ oh no it is a hotel! no it is bar.. hell.. it is a bar
in the evening and a hotel till evening !!“ So I walk past this bar and gaze towards it to find people in
there cleaning last night’s mess. I walk past the water which they used to clean their floor and letting it
flow generously on the newly laid main road. I see some animations I see some faint voices! You know I
am still plugged in. Next couple of minutes I am fully merged with in my own thought process of finding
out reasons for “why people drink”. Well, everybody has their own reasons and most of them has some
common reasons. Reasons apart, what amazes me most is that how an individual behave after drinking.
The same individual when he/she is not drinking, with all their senses make conscious effort to try not to
behave like a drunkard, which brings me in asking what do we really want as an individual?? Behave in a
way we want to? Or what others want ?

Few minutes later, if I am early on that day, I see some municipality workers trying their ass out to clean
the stretch of the road even though they are very well aware of the fact that in the next minute or so
some shopkeeper is trying to keep his shop clean by dumping the filth on the road. I pity them And pity
us for blaming government for everything..

Next up is the school.. I go back to my school days , while I was having fun in flashback, a fast ridden
two wheeler comes straight down to my neck and I was this close to get a scratch.. The most disturbing
aspect of that scene was this guy on the motor cycle took a wrong side to save some fuel and he was
non other than a parent of a small kid who is going to that same school to learn some right things. That
makes me think is school the only place left to learn some right things.. Why cant the society be good
and everybody learns from it.. Why do we always need laws to monitor us.. Are we that bad..? We are
humans.. The most intelligent creatures on the earth… Remember? ?

I walk a few steps more .. Songs being played one after another.. Since I put the player on a random
mode same set of songs gets played in different order everyday so that I dont get bored of it.. What
should I say.. Technology..,,!!!

Now I reached this place.. not a mere place.. Heaven .. ! A vegetarian restaurant… Need I say more..?
Tantalizing smell of that breakfast.. Specially Idlis.. Which this place is famous for.. Red advertising board
infront of the hotel listing out “today’s special” makes me forget everything bad that happened so far.
Plus, I have already forgotten why I chose to walk daily. Thank god for food !!

Before I end my morning journey to office.. I have cross this super luxury hotel called Hiltons… This is
where things get akward. These guys had planned it to built there thinking that it is close to an IT park.
But it aint worked out like it was supposed to.. Almost everyday I see a white guy trying to figure out
how to reach the building which is just few steps from the hotel. He comes to the hotel gate.. Security
tells him that the building he is looking for is just there but still this white dude is confused.. He doesnt
know how to walk mere 10 steps.. He can see a footpath leading to that building but poor chap cant
take the fact that a woman on her knees is washing some utensils on that path way where he was
supposed to walk on. He decides to venture but the super speciality smell of municipality garbage
container suffocates him to death and he goes back to the hotel, asks for a drop and probably thinks to
finish his business here and go back. This happens almost every day and I couldn’t do anything about it
except for the laugh.

Thats it.. I reach the office.. Pull off my earpieces and get myself ready to embrace the reality. As some
rightly said it is not the money that makes you cry, laugh or feel akward about your past.. It is the
memories that you have left for yourself.

Signing off.. Peace out! !