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With heavy heart Zoovy boarded the ship. Her eyes were swollen weeping for her dear pa. She looked back at the familiar coast and closed her eyes. She never going to come back to this place she told herself. She knew no matter how hard she try this place will haunt her till her grave. As she couldn’t stand there watching the place she loved disappear with the water she went to her room and closed the door

Caleb wanted to run behind his wife and hold her. But his instinct told him Zoovy want to left alone. He cursed himself for his helplessness. He knew her distress will affect the babies but he cpuldnt do anything. With frustration he punched the railing. He paced on the deck for few hours while his heart wanted to be with woman he loved so dearly. When he couldn’t take it anymore he walked to the bedroom which he shared with Zoovy.

He opened the door slowly hoping to find Zoovy fast asleep. When he saw her swollen eyes he knew it will another 2 to 3 hours before she sleep. He stood there watching her, she was sitting onna chair and looking outside through the window.  She said “I thought you will never come Caleb, what made you take so long?”. Caleb said “I am sorry I took so long” and covered the distance with long strides. He continued “here I am, tell me how can I reduce your pain”. Zoovy got up from chair and stood face to face with Caleb and said “hold me Caleb, just hold me. I feel so alone”. Caleb held her and stroked her hair like a small baby and said “its alright Zoovy, I am here now. You are not alone and never will be. I am there, babies are there, you have a complete family”. Zoovy said “I cant believe he is no more. How I wanted to hug him and talk to him. Wanted to tell him my whole story.  He was wonderful father”. Caleb said “I know how it feels. But you have to be strong Zoovy, at least for babies. I will be by your side till I die, its my promise.” Zoovy smiled with her teary eyes and said “I love you too Caleb. Promise me you will never leave me no matter what”. Caleb kissed her lips and said “its my promise I will never leave you”.



With the dark clouds gone sky looked brighter. New day had come with new promise and new things. Sun rays penetrating deep into the water made the waster shine even more. Caleb was enjoying the sun rise with Zoovy for the first time on their journey. He smiled looking at his wife who was looking at the sky. He thought she looked more beautiful. Never in his life he thought he would be so happy. He got more than he bargained for. He held Zoovy’s hand and kissed her palm to remind himself its not a dream.

Caleb’s ears couldn’t miss the sound of the bullet fired from a distance. His all senses got alert and he turn around. When he saw the big American Navy ship approaching in their direction he knew it something bad is going to happen. Before he could warn his men American’s fired at his ship.

When Zoovy saw what caught Caleb’s attention her heart skipped its beat. She thought worst part was over not knowing it was just the beginning.She tugged his arm and said “Oh Caleb, We have been attacked!!!”. Caleb didn’t waste any time to order his men to take their position. He turned towards Zoovy and said “pack the necessary things, now”.  Zoovy tried to protest but Caleb said “its my order”.

With hurried steps Zovvy went to her room and packed few of the necessary things for the journey with unwilling mind. When she appeared again on the deck, ship was completely wrecked. She saw Caleb talking to Rall and one of his men. When he saw her standing there he said “you are going with them”.

Zoovy throw her bag on the floor and said “I am not going to leave you Caleb. Not now, not ever. Don’t ever talk about it”. Caleb said “Don’t argue, its time and you have to go with them quickly”. Zoovy slapped him across his face and said “tell me again and I will kill you”. Her eyes were filled with tears already.

Caleb stood there watching his wife fighting with him. He wanted to hug her and say “everything going to be ok, the babies, her, him will be a happy family. He will take care of everything. Even though bullets were fired in all possible direction Caleb stood there watching his wife promising himself it wont take longer. Caleb took all his courage to take his eyes away from his wife and said “This time you obey my orders Zoovy”



Zoovy was nervous as well as excited to meet her pa. It’s been ages since she had met her pa. She looked at Caleb who was talking to Rall. She touched her baby bump and said “that’s your father I just wonder what I would have done without him. You know what babies, I love him and you  more than anything.”

They had left immediately once Zoovy made up her mind. Caleb had taken few of his expert man with him. Rall was very furious when he realised he is not going to be the part of the sailing. Then he had convinced Zoovy to take him along with them. Caleb had raised his eyebrows when he realised Rall had approached Zoovy instead of him. Caleb knew Rall was very much attached to Zoovy. He used to take care of her like his own sister which he never had. He loved the kid anyways.

The small ship was moving with steady speed. To avoid the unnecessary attention Caleb had selected the smaller ship for his journey. With all the American navvy taking rounds he had to be extra cautious. He looked at the water while his mind started to wonder about Zoovy. She will come back with me to Somalia?She will stay with her pa? He will never get to see his babies? With all this unanswered questions he was becoming restless. He knew Zoovy will make a wise decision and if she decides to stay with her pa he is going to respect her decision he thought. He looked at his wife and walked towards her. Zoovy looked at Caleb and said “thank you seems to be small word to express my gratitude to you. I don’t know how to thank you Caleb”. Caleb said “no need to thank me Zoovy, I am your husband and its my duty to keep my wife happy”. Zoovy moved closer to him until her head rest on his chest. She tightly hugged him and said “I am scared Caleb, terrified. What I will tell my pa? If he comes to know that I was gang raped he will be devastated. His old heart cant take that burden Caleb. What should I do? What should I tell him?”. Caleb held her close and said “He is your father Zoovy, he will understand, trust me with this”. They stood there for a while without saying anything while Caleb mind wondered about Zoovy, Zoovy wondered about her pa.

When Zoovy saw the familiar coastal area her heart jumped with joy. The cold breeze, fish smell welcomed her. Zoovy held Caleb’s hand more tightly. She had covered her face to avoid attention. She knew it nobody can easily recognise her with the new appearance.

Caleb had anchored his ship few miles away. He thought it would be wise to reach the shore in his small fishing boat. As he saw the sea shore his heart cried with pain. He just wondered whether he made a mistake taking back Zoovy to her pa. He held her hand more tightly. Before they reach the shore he hugged Zoovy, kissed her forehead.

Zoovy guided them to the shore. As people were busy with their work they were able to walk without any suspicious look. Zoovy walking in anarrow path and was telling about how she loved to play in water with Rex. They almost reached the house when Zoovy saw the huge crowd gathered around her house. She looked at Caleb. Caleb tightened his hold on her hand. Zoovy could hear her own heart beat and she knew it something is wrong. Slowly she took the courage and walked inside. She almost fainted seeing her pa’s lifeless body in coffin. If Caleb wouldn’t have been at her side she would have hit her head to the floor. She stood there staring at her pa’s closed eyes with a fake hope that anytime he will open it and recognise her. She had lost Rex, Sam and now Pa. With all her loved ones gone she felt alone. She looked at Caleb who wiped her tears .She wanted to run away from that place. Old happy memories were everywhere. She walked towards her closed room and unlocked the door. Slowly she walked inside and took the framed picture hung on the wall and said “its time we leave Caleb. I am never coming back to this place”.

Caleb was torn seeing Zoovy crying. Few minutes back she was chattering and now she was mourning for her dead father. She didn’t even get a chance to talk to her father. He knew it will take another few months till he ease her pain. He decided to fight against all odds to keep her happy in future.

Sun was setting, birds were flying back to their nest. Zoovy walked in silence till their boat. She knew it with Caleb beside her she can bear any pain.


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With the familiar smell hitting her nose Zoovy realised she’s back in her house. He exhaled her breath with relaxation. She opened her eyes with all her strength to see Caleb watching her. He came to her and held her hands in his and looked into her eyes. Zoovy’s hands itched to touch the hair fallen on his forehead. She tried to say something and Caleb bent to hear her. Zoovy moved his hair from his forehead and said “Did I tell you how much I love you Caleb?”. Caleb smiled and said “its been 2 days since you told me that. In spite of the pain Zoovy pulled him in her arms and said “I love you”. Caleb touched her head with his lips and said “I know, I love you more than anything. When I saw you in the pool of blood I thought I lost you forever. But it can’t be true I told myself I got you few days back and so soon I cant lose you. I keep on reminding myself and prayed to Allaa. Then I decided never in my life I will let you fight”. Zovvy smiled and looked into Caleb’s eyes. When she saw the tears her heart cried with pain. She just stared at him and said “this was my fight Caleb; i couldn’t let you fight this battle for me. I am sorry for worrying you.” Caleb took his time to answer “I know that’s why I let you fight. But promise me you will never fight in my presence”. Zoovy looked into his extended hand. Then she placed her hand in his and said “I promise Caleb I wont fight unless it is necessary”. Caleb hugged her, kissed her forehead and said  “You cant fight at least for 7 months Zoovy”. Zoovy took time to understand what Caleb was saying. Zooys eyes sparked with joy when she looked at Caleb. He kept his hand on her stomach and said “Aleeba gave me the good news. You don’t know how happy I am. Little Zoovy and Little Caleb wow, you made me happy Zoovy”. Zoovy asked with a stun tone “we are having twins?”. Caleb bit her earlobe and said “yes, we are having twins. I love you “. Zoovys eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t believe that she can be so happy after what she had gone through. Loving husband and 2 babies, finally she’s having a family she thought. She pinched herself to make sure its not a dream

It was after few days when Zoovy was walking with Rall on sea shore she saw a headless body hanging on a wooden pole in the water. She stopped walking and stared at the body. Ralls stopped when he saw the sources of her destruction. Rall said “they hanged him as soon as we came. Caleb’s father boiled when he saw his brother. He didn’t waste a second to punish this old bastard for his wrongs. Good never comes to bad people”. As long as Zoovy stared at the body her brain started wondering about Roomani. She asked Rall “Did Roomani loved Caleb?”. Rall said “I don’t know about her but trust me Caleb never looked at her the way he looks at you. When you are around he is a different person. He smiles which is rare, I have never seen Caleb so happy. Zoovy turned red listening to Rall. She loved Caleb with her whole heart. She cant even imagine how her life will be without him around. She touched her stomach and smiled.

Zoovy was 5 months pregnant now. With her body changing Zoovy looked more beautiful. Zoovys face had new glow. Aleeba cooked good nutrition food for her and Caleb listen to her each and every needs, even though she couldn’t stop herself wondering about her pa. Many times she picked Calebs phone and dialled her house number but before it ring she had disconnected.

Every night she was sleeping in Caleb’s arm. Caleb never complained about her rolling and occupying more space. He always liked the way she put her legs over his leg, he loved that habit of her. He was happy that Zoovy stopped getting those nightmares. Now peacefully she used to sleep in arms.

From few days Zoovy started crying in her dream. In the beginning of her pregnancy it was rare but as the time passed it became more. Whenever she cried Caleb held her more tightly but she didn’t reduce. It was killing Caleb to see Zoovy in such distress. Caleb knew it that she is missing her pa. Caleb knew then what he has to do.

One fine day when nobody was around he asked Zoovy “would you liked to meet your pa?”. Zoovy was startled to hear that question. She got up from her chair and said “why you ask that question Caleb? What’s going on inside your brain?” Caleb smiled and said “I am taking to you to your home, to meet your pa!”. Zoovy stood there without uttering a word. Caleb continued “I am sure you dont want him to believe that you are dead when you are not”. Zoovy said “I don’t want to meet him Caleb. Don’t ever..”. Caleb interrupted her saying “we are going to meet him Zoovy, pack your things. I know how you miss him and how badly you want to see him”. Zoovy wanted to argue but she didn’t. She stood there watching her husband. She never understood how Caleb ccan understand her so much.

She packed her and Caleb’s clothes and necessary items for the long journey. She was happy that finally she is going to meet her pa

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Zoovy stared at the approaching ship without uttering a word. She saw the crew were all set to fight. Her mind was clear, this was her chance to take the revenge she had planned for. She didn’t turn around when Caleb came and stood right behind her. With a false hope he tried to convince his life for the last time “Zoovy this is not your fight, I will handle this”. Caleb moved his hand in space helplessly seeing his determined wife. He touched her shoulder and said “ok, I will let you fight in my way. You will wait here till I give you signal”. Zoovy chuckled and said “you cant touch those 3 cannibals. They are mine”. Caleb saw the pain in her eyes and he knew how he can set his wife free from her nightmares.

Caleb and his men attacked his uncle’s ship. Caleb knew he can defeat them in fraction of second if only Zoovy was not there with him. Her presence on the ship worried him. He killed most of the men. He wounded his uncle and captivated him with his remaining men. Few of his uncle’s men flew when they realised that they are defeated. With whales around Caleb knew it they will never make it to the shores. He told his men to guard prisoners then he signalled for his wife. Caleb’s heart started to beat fast as he saw his wife scanning the prisoners thoroughly. His prisoners laughed and said “oh, What we have here???Same lass but fully clothed”. Then they all laughed. One of his uncle’s men said “she looks pretty without those clothes. I will be honoured if I get the chance to undress her”. Caleb slapped and walked towards Zoovy. He said “just tell me who laid their filthu hands on you I will handle this, they are filthy you cant stand this. You don’t have to do this trust me, I will take your revenge”. Zoovy was touched seeing her husband’s concern for her. She touched his arm and said “no Caleb, its my fight and only mine”.

She pointed out at the three prisoners and ordered to release them. Caleb stood there watching the emotions play on his wife’s face. He held his sword more tightly. He realised even Rall was clutching his sword more tightly and was praying silently. He knew he cant let anyone harm his wife.

He saw the three huge prisoners and his blood boiled. How he wanted to strangle them to death with his bare hand. He waited for Zoovy to act. They laughed at Zoovy and said “wowo, you fight lass? Why you want to fight lass? Because we killed your old man and dog or because we fucked you again and again?” All three laughed in unison. Zoovy’s eyes filled with tears and anger. She said with her steady voice “Na bastard because you don’t have right to live” .Saying that she swung her sword at them. They were huge and well built. They laughed and surrounded Zoovy. Caleb stood there watching his wife. All he wanted was a signal from his wife.

Zoovy swung the sword again and easily they escaped. Zoovy realised she have to plan to take those three cannibals down. She cornered one guy and swung the sword while with other hand she threw the dragger at other man’s leg. The man cried and held his leg with pain. She then focussed on remaining two men. She had few seconds before the wounded man gets up. She jumped and swung the sword with all her might wounding other man on his arm. Two down and one still standing Zoovy held her sword more tightly. She knew she had very less time. She took the gun which Caleb’s father gifted her and fired at the man in front of her on his leg. All three men down she took a minute to relax. She looked at Caleb with a smile on her face which clearly said “I didn’t fail myself”. She failed to see the man advancing towards her with the dragger. The man succeeded in wounding her back. She cried with pain and swung the sword at the man arm. She wounded his left arm badly and he fell to the floor. She then pull the dragger from his leg and kept in its place. She then turned towards other two who were trying to get up. She fired the bullet the gun at the second man’s groin and said “sorry about that”. She stood there watching the third man. He stood and said “you bitch, I will kill you..”.. Before he could complete she aimed her dragger at his left eye. His cry made it clear that dragger reached its destination.  She then walked towards the man who was holding his eyes and pushed the dragger deep inside. The man screamed with pain. Then she chopped his fingers and threw in water. Deck was flooded with the blood.

Caleb held his breath seeing his wife bleeding. She fell to the ground. Caleb was next to her holding her. She said “didn’t I fight well Caleb?”  Caleb said “don’t talk. Just lay here”. Rall was seeing her with teary eyes. Caleb signalled Rall and he moved to his place and held zoovy head in his arms. Caleb walked towards the three men lying on the floor and kicked one hard on his face. He cried with pain. He then opened his stomach with his sword and took out his intestine and tied it around his neck and pushed him into water. Second man started crying seeing Caleb advancing towards him. He knew he doesn’t have a chance. Before Caleb could reach him he ran towards the edge of the deck and jumped into the water. Before He could reach the water he hit his head to the side board and his skull opened. When Caleb walked towards the third man he stopped staring at him. There was no moment other than his unsteady breath. He dragged him and hit his head to the railing and then pushed him in water. He then stood there watching the scatted body parts and blood stream. His uncle chucked and said “how brutally you killed them only because they fucked this bitch!” Caleb slapped his uncle hard on his face and said “Careful what you say, she is my wife. Its time you learn how to respect women”. Saying that he kicked hard on old man’s stomach. He spit on Caleb’s face and said “over my dead body”.  Caleb kicked him till he was unconscious.

He walked towards his wife who was trying to keep her eyes open. Caleb knelt in front of her and said “you know how much I love you, don’t you?”. Zoovy smiled and touched his face with trembling finger and said with drowsy voice “I know Caleb but I love you more and more…”.  She lay in Ralls arm while Caleb ordered his men to get some bandage and needle. Today he was going to save his wife no matter what. He was ready to fight with death if necessary.

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Zoovy never thought she can be so happy. The man she loved by her side she kept on doubting her luck. Caleb was very understanding and loving. She loved her new house,it was nice and wonderful. She learnt Caleb’s favorite dish from Aleeba. With open heart the older woman gave her the recopies. She had touched Zoovy’s head and said “Promise me Zoovy you will take care of him”. Zoovy was touched by the older woman’s love towards her husband. She had hugged her and said “He is my husband now I will love him with my whole heart, protect him from all danger and feed him with your recipes”. Aleeba giggled and said “I believe you”. Then Aleeba kept her hand on Zoovys stomach and winked at her and Zoovy turned red. Aleeba laughed and said “soon there will be junior Caleb”. Zoovy said “Aleeba have patience…”. When Zoovy saw her husband she shut her mouth. He came in and hugged his wife and kissed on her lips. Aleeba walked out of the room saying “I can be wait for 9 months not more than that”. Caleb took a minute to understand what the older woman was saying. He kept his hand on Zoovy’s stomach and looked into her eyes. She touched his cheek and he kissed her palm. Caleb said “not yet, may be soon”. Zoovy hid her face in her husband’s shoulder. Caleb kissed her neck and said “even you want little brat or doll right?”. Zoovy slowly whispered in her husband’s ears “I want either of them”. Caleb laughed hearing his wife’s honest answer.

Caleb started teaching Zoovy to swing the sword and fire the bullet. He tried to convince his wife that he will be always around her so no need to learn all that. But his adamant wife never listened to him. It was then he gave up and started training his wife like his other men. Caleb knew no matter how much Zoovy smiles the pain is still there inside her. Much night she woke up screaming and sobbing. All Caleb did was held his wife and console her. Even though he wanted to do ease her pain he couldn’t do. He knew only he can ease her pain but he didn’t knew how.

Caleb was sailing in his small ship for the first time after marriage. He felt happy to see the water again. As the breeze was blowing with much force he had to hold on to the railings. He smiled looking at Zoovy who was busy talking to Rall. Caleb had said no when Zoovy asked whether she can join him. Then she had blackmailed him saying “you take me or not I will be there on your ship Caleb, I have my ways”. Caleb cursed himself and had given her permission to accompany him in his ship. She had kissed him and said “thank you, trust me you wont be sorry”. Caleb’s eyes again moved towards his wife. She had put on weight. Right now couldn’t say whether she was carrying his baby or not he thought. He was waiting for the good news. He then looked at Rall. He was busy talking to Zoovy. Whenever she went he followed. He liked that lad anyway.

Caleb had decided to fish for few days and go back home. He was worried about Zoovy. If she was carrying then raid on ship will be difficult. He knew it if Zoovy is around during the raid he cant focus so he decided to take a break from the raids

Ship was sailing with its usual speed, miles away from Somalia. Sun was setting and birds were flying back to their dear ones. Caleb felt like he saw some ship moving in their way. He got alert and cautioned his crew and told them to be ready for the attack. When he found out that it’s his uncle’s ship his blood boiled. He was sure the pain he was trying to ease from Zoovys heart going to increase. He was sure his uncle is going to attack his ship to take the revenge for killing his man and taking the girl who they had kidnapped. He went in search of his wife. He found her in their room she was alone and was sewing something. She looked at him and she knew something is wrong. She asked “what is wrong Caleb? Why are you worried?”. Caleb hugged her and said “no matter what remember this I always love you”. Zoovy pushed him back and said “will you tell me what is wrong?”. Caleb held Zoovy’s hand and said “we spotted a ship and……it belongs to my uncle”. He said and waited for Zoovy to respond but she stood there motionless. Caleb felt his wife shiver so he increased his grip on her arm. Zoovy said “why your uncle wants to attack you Caleb? Before this he tried to harm you why?”. Caleb said “he used to stay with us earlier. We all raided the ship together. As he was mean he didn’t wanted to share the profit with our people back at home. My father didn’t like this and told him to leave. He and few of his men left without any argument. He made a mistake when he kidnapped a girl from our clan and raped her. Then my father along with his men attacked my uncles ship and freed that girl. She is non-other than Roomani. My father takes care of her like his daughter. I was supposed to marry her. But when my father realised that my heart is stolen by somebody else he didn’t force me. He sent her to her paternal uncles house who stays in Africa for a while.“ Zoovy sat there listening to the story. Caleb continued “When my father came to know what they did to you he felt guilty. Its his brother’s men who once were his men harmed you”. Caleb saw his wife’s emotionless face and said “you are mine Zoovy, its my duty to protect you and I will fight for you till my last breath. Stay in here and don’t come out”. Zoovy touched Caleb’s cheek and said “I don’t doubt that but this time I fight for myself Caleb not you. This is my fight and only I can end it”. With that Zoovy took her took her sword and rifle and walked away.

Caleb cursed Zoovy for not listening to him. He wondered how much more he going to curse her for not listening to him.


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Caleb’s father was busy with wedding arrangements. It was Caleb’s wish to keep the wedding ceremony simple and small. Zoovy suggested that they get marry in Islamic tradition. Caleb had hugged her and said “thank you”.

Night before the marriage Zoovy was seated in her usual spot and was staring the waves. As she wanted to be alone she had chased Rall back home. She knew the place very well then Rall didn’t hesitate to leave her alone. Zoovy was disturbed, she missed her pa. She wanted to see him and talk to him. In every girls life her father plays major role during her wedding. May be the weather or the emotions were making her cry she thought. She wiped her tears off and started to walk.

Caleb’s steady voice made her stop “When I say I want to become part of you, I mean I want to become part of your pain too”. He stood in front of her and said “you miss your pa, isn’t it?” Zoovy still couldn’t understand how he could read her mind so easily. He wiped her tears and gave his phone to Zoovy and said “Talk to him”. Zoovy stared at the phone Caleb chuckled and said “we are pirates it doesn’t mean we don’t have electronic gadgets, its just that we use them when its necessary”. Zoovy turned her back to Caleb and said “I don’t want to talk to him”. Caleb held Zoovy’s hand and said “talk to him, you will feel good”.

Zoovy slowly took the phone and dialed her house number. It was ringing and her heart was beating fast. When nobody picked the phone till the last ring Zoovy exhaled. She missed the beat when somebody picked the phone on last ring and said “hello”. Zoovy didn’t reply. She just held the receiver close to her ear and stood there listening to her father’s voice. Her father said “hello, hello anybody there”. Zoovy stood there motionless without uttering a word. Caleb slowly said “talk to him Zoovy”. Zoovy disconnected the phone and threw the phone back at Caleb and said “tell him what Caleb?That that…his dead daughter is alive and getting married tomorrow? I don’t want to talk to him. He thinks I am dead and its better that way.” She wiped her tears and started walking towards the house. Caleb came and hugged her. Words felt useless for Caleb at that moment. With his warm touch he tried to ease Zoovy’s pain. She kept her head on his shoulder and whispered in his ears “thank you Caleb”.

Nikha was simple and only few people were present. Caleb was wearing traditional groom clothes and Zoovy was wearing Aleeba’s hand made dress. The man Zoovy had seen in mosque was leading the ceremony. As a mhar Caleb gave his dragger to Zoovy. Her eyes lit up with joy when she saw the gift.

After the Nikha was over Caleb took his new bride to his home. He was so happy that he kept on hugging Zoovy and said “I am lucky”. Zoovy was laughing seeing Caleb’s new face. Aleeba and Rall had come with the nuptials to see their needs are met. Aleeba had called aside Zoovy and gave her some free “first-wedding-night-tips”. Zoovy turned red listening to older woman’s tricks. Aleeba winked at Zoovy before leaving and Caleb burst out laughing understanding the meaning of that wink. Old lady is wicked he thought. Left alone Caleb played Ronan keating’s song “when you say nothing at all”. He came forward and extended his hand in front of Zoovy and said “may I have the pleasure of having dance with the lady?”.  Zoovy touched his cheek with love and said “sure you can have this dance and rest of the dance with your wife!”.

Back in nursing college Zoovy had told her friend that she going to dance for this song on her wedding day. May be circumstance changed but here she was dancing with her husband on the song she selected years ago. She leaned forward and kept her head on Caleb’s shoulder and closed her eyes. She smiled thinking how words seems useless around them.


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Zoovy was smiling looking at Rall. He was showing his new tricks with the sword. She never felt so relaxed and merry. Its then her eyes rested on Caleb who was observing them from his hidden place. She saw the same joy in his eyes which she had seen before. Her heart was blooming and she got goose bumps. Some moments caught her attention. She saw American soldiers were moving slowly towards Caleb. She got up from her place. She has to protect the man she loved and save. She opened her mouth and called his name. But to her utter dismay no sound came from her mouth. She started running towards Caleb and tried calling his name again but no sound came from her mouth that when she saw an American aiming his rifle at Caleb. He eyes filled with tears and she heart started to bleed. She didn’t know what to do. She looked at the American aiming at Caleb and called his name loudly. His name echoed and at the same time the American shot Caleb. Zoovy called his name again and again.

Somebody was waking Zoovy. She didn’t have the will and strength to open her eyes. She tried to move but pain in her left arm made her impossible to do so. The cold water drops on her face forced her to open her eyes against her will. Very slowly she opened her eyes. She found Caleb’s face few inches away from her face. She tried to sit that’s when she realized he was holding her with both of his arms. Slowly she touched his face with her trembling hand and said “you are safe, thank god you are safe Caleb ”. She hugged him with her all strength and said “I thought they killed you, Oh Caleb you are safe”. Her eyes were flooded with tears. Caleb held Zoovy closed to his heart. He knew how much he loves her. Slowly he moved away from Zoovy so that he can see her face when he talk. He said “you saved me Zoovy, you are my guardian angel”. Zoovy held Caleb’s face in her hand and said “I am in love with you Caleb, I love you. I don’t even care if you don’t love me. I am always beside you no matter what. Don’t share your joy with me but share your pain. I will live with that. But don’t ignore me. I don’t ask anything from you other than your heart.” Caleb closed her lips with his for a long moment. When he broke the kiss he said “You own my heart, lady. It listens to only you”.

Zoovy looked tired Caleb thought. He was happy to see her awake. When he had seen her screaming his name over and over in her sleep, he was torn into pieces. When Caleb bought wounded Zoovy to his home Aleeba helped him to clean the wound. She had clean the wound and bandaged it. Rall felt guilty as it was his responsibility to protect her and he couldnt do anything. If Caleb was angry with Rall he didn’t say a word at the moment. Caleb never left Zoovy’s side. He was there sitting beside her holding her hand and praying to Allah to save her


On second day Zoovy’s condition improved. She was able to walk around. When she came to know she is in Caleb’s house and on his bed she was happy. Caleb never left her side until she started walking. Zoovy knew he had his responsibilities and he have to attend them. She was seated in hall when Caleb’s father came to visit her. He looked bit worried. After asking her about health he said “I want to discuss something important with you”. Zovvy said “Sure”

Zoovy knew something is wrong. She held her breath and her fingers crossed. She thought may be they have decided to send her back home. He mind started thinking all possible possibilities when Caleb’s father said “he wants to marry you”. Zoovy just stared at Caleb’s father. He continued “He loves you and the way you protected him it’s clear that even you love him.” Zoovy didn’t say a word. He said “this is the first time somebody from our clan marrying a different religion woman. But its ok, Caleb doesn’t want you to change your religion. If you are willing then please let me know I will fix a date for the marriage”. Saying that he walked towards Zoovy and touched her head with love and said “thank you for saving my son”. With that said he was gone.

Zoovy sat there in the chair frozen. She couldn’t believe her ears. Slowly she got up from the chair and walked out. She wanted to see Caleb right then. When Rall saw her he said “what happened Zoovy, you look pale”. Zoovy said “I want to see Caleb where’s he?” Rall was about to answer her question when Caleb walked towards her and said “leave us Rall”. As soon as Rall disappeared Caleb looked at Zoovy and said “So my father talked to you”. Zoovy thought how well he can read her face. He continued “I won’t force you to marry me Zoovy, its after all your decision”. Zoovy stood in front of him and said “knowing after what happened with me you want to marry me Caleb? I cant be so mean and selfish. You deserve something better than me”.

One looks at Caleb and Zoovy knew it he was angry. He held her hand and said “I don’t give a shit about your past Zoovy. Never ever talk about it again, I cant see the pain in your eyes every time you talk about it. I want you as you are. I want to be part of your pain, worry, joy, I want to be a part of you. Just say yes that’s all you have to do”.

Zoovy kissed Caleb on his lips and whispered in his ears “yes Caleb I want to marry you”


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Caleb saw the deep blue water and remembered Zoovy. He smiled thinking how he missed seeing her. Even though she had gone through a bad time her spirit was still alive. He liked that thing about her. Whenever he sees the un-healing pain in her eyes his heart shout in dismay. It was then he decided he will protect her till he dies.

As it was early morning it was very cold . One of his men came and said that they spotted a big ship. Caleb got attentive and ordered his men to be alert. They covered their face and got ready with their guns. Caleb checked his dragger whether it’s on its place. He remembered Allah and ordered his men to attack the ship.

“Sunshine” was the name of the vessel. She was huge and a beauty. Caleb hardly took any time realized that it’s an American Vessel. He ordered few of his men to swim and approach the vessel and few of his well-trained men left in 4 different speeding boats towards the big vessel in different directions. Those who were there on the ship sailed back home. Caleb knew its not an easy task. He had hijacked the vessel before but compare to others this was a huge vessel. Caleb saw moments on the deck. As it was early in the morning he was sure he wont be having much trouble. As Cargo ships doesn’t have much security it’s always easy to hijack those ships. Caleb held his breath as the fog was clearing he was sure the person from the deck can see the speeding boat approaching the vessel. He was thinking of a plan when he saw one of his man hit the person on the deck. Person was fighting but he was no match to his man. But before falling to the ground he had shot bullet in the air. Caleb knew it he has very little time to reach the vessel. He increased the speed of the boat. He was almost on the deck when the sailors in the ship started firing. All of his men were on the deck. Few of them were trying to go inside. But due to firing that task looked impossible for that moment.

Caleb had a plan to defuse the opponent people. He threw one dynamite bomb at them. They hardly had any time to realize what’s happening when the bomb went wild. It was a plus point to Caleb and his men. They captivated the men and held them as prisoners. Few of them were hurt in the blast. He told his men to attend their wound. Caleb was a bad man but with good principles.  His men were all around the place now. He put the ship on anchor and spoiled the engine. They bought all the sailors on the deck and made them sit together in a line. He treated the prisoner well.

After negotiation On Caleb’s demand ship company agreed to pay 8000million $ . As decided 2 people came in small yacht with the cash. As soon as those men got on deck they handed over the bags filled with cash to Caleb. Few of his men went to the yacht to check if there are any intruder. It was then the firing started from the yacht. Caleb knew it those Americans never let him go peacefully. He threw few bombs at the yacht and it charred to ashes within fraction of second. Prisoners on the deck were all scattered and even they started firing at Caleb and his men. He was so absorbed in the firing he didn’t realized somebody was aiming at him. Before the bullet come and hit his left arm one of his men came for his rescue. Blood was running out of the wound. Caleb was grateful to the man who risked his life to save his masters life. He just picked the man put him on his shoulder and reached his speeding boat. Few of his men were wounded in the firing but all were out of danger. As soon as they reach their boat, they started the engine and increased the speed. Caleb knew with the broken engine and burnt yacht they will never be followed. Caleb just reached his boat and he felt something unusual. He kept the wounded person on the boat and turned him around. He had seen those eyes before he felt. Slowly very slowly he pulled the cloth which covered the face of the man lying down in front of him. His face was ashen. He said “what the hell Zoovy, what are you doing here?”. Zoovy smiled in spite of the pain touched Caleb’s cheek and said “I wanted to make sure you are ok, Caleb. You always take care of others never thinking about you and your safety. I want you to know there are people who care about you”. Zoovy eyes were closing and Caleb was yelling. His men were sad to see their master in pain. To stop the bleeding they tied one cloth around Zoovys arm.

Caleb held Zoovy tightly close to his heart. He cursed himself for her pain, her wound. He touched her face and said “I am sorry I failed you. I vowed that I will never let a single soul harm you yet you are here in my arms battling with life. Don’t leave me Zoovy I need you, please Zoovy I am begging you. Stay with me”

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Part 2

I am one of them now

As the days passed I felt Caleb and his clan accepted me. I used to dress like them, long robe, and hair covered with scarf. I never complaint about the outfit even though it was irritating in hot summer. While they used to do Namaaz 6 times a day I used to sit on the sea shore and remember my pa. I was always worried about him. With Sam gone wondered who is taking care of him. My unshead tears always disappeared with the heavy breeze. Rall never left me alone. He used to spend lot of time with me. Rall was always there beside me to help me, guide me. Even though Caleb avoided me he haunted my dreams. He was always there back in my brain no matter how much I tried to shut him down. As much as I tried shut him down I was pulled towards him more and more as if he has some magnetic power.

Every evening Caleb used to train his men with gun, sword. He was master in everything. Even though other ladies were not interested in the activity I was interested. I wanted to learn. So that next time when I find myself in danger I can protect my dear once and myself

Day time I helped Aleeba in her daily chores. She was a lovely lady, she treated me like her daughter. Night I used to practice the sword with Rall on the sea shore. For his age Rall was too quick. He taught me many tricky tactics.

It was one night when I was practicing with Rall I felt somebody was standing and watching me. I turned around but couldn’t find anyone. Rall took the opportunity and put me down . I was on the pile of sand and was cursing myself for my stupidity. It was then I saw Caleb’s face in the moon light. He looked serious but his eyes were dancing seeing her. It looked like eyes want to tell me something.

Caleb stood in front of me and said “distraction is dangerous when you are fighting, focus and caution will always help you”. With that said he extended his hand to Zoovy. Zoovy ignored his hand and stood up. Caleb said “Leave us Rall, I want to talk to Zoovy”. Rall looked at Zoovy’s worried face and left. Zoovy stood there with her back to Caleb. Caleb said “ladies in my country no need to fight, you are safe here..”. Zoovy said “not always, it better to learn than rely on somebody else”. Caleb lost his patience and said “at least while talking don’t show your back, its bad manners”. Zoovy said “I don’t think it necessary, as I have nothing to say I am leaving. Have a good night Caleb”. Zoovy took few steps when she was stopped by Caleb. He was furious. One look at him and Zoovy knew she went too far. Caleb said “The last thing you can do for me is be polite. All men are not bad, trust me.”

Zoovy said “I didn’t say that, but most of the men are bad”.

Caleb held her hand in his and said “don’t give up your faith zoovy, Allah always protects his people. I never let a soul hurt you again, trust me”. Zoovy looked into his eyes and said “When you are not there then what you will do Caleb?how you will protect me?. You have your people to worry about”. Caleb said “even you are my people now. You are one of them now”. Zoovy said in a low voice “na Caleb, I can never be one among you. I am a distress soul who found shelter under your roof”. Zoovy’s eyes filled with tears. Caleb increased his grip on her hand and said “don’t say that. Aleeba loves you like her daughter; Rall adores you like his sister”. Zoovy looked into his eyes trying to find answer for her unsaid question “and you Caleb?”. Caleb wiped Zoovys tears and ignored her question. Then he said “Tommorow I will be gone. I am going to sea with my men for the loot. Heard some big ship is on waves. Rall will be with you. If you need anything then talk to my father. You are safe here, trust me. When I say I protect my people I mean it. “

Zoovy said “how long you will be gone Caleb? Can I come with you?”.

Caleb smiled and said “next time when I go for fishing I will take you ill promise”. Then he looked at the dark night and said “it too late, go to bed”. Zoovy said “after sometimes, not now. But you go ahead, go to bed you have a long day tomorrow”. Caleb looked at Zoovy and knew she wanted to be alone. He scanned the surrounding and walked away.

Zoovy sat on the sand and looked in to water. She wanted to stop Caleb but she couldn’t. May be they didn’t expressed their love vocally but she knew it he cared for her. She couldn’t even think of anything bad happening to Caleb. In other circumstance she would have prayed to god to save the man whom she loves. Instead she just sat there thinking how she can protect Caleb.


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When I headed to the waiting plane in my new clothes and a plastic bag containing my rob I realized I cant board the plane. I never wanted to regret not giving a chance to Caleb. Maffez smiled when I looked at him. Guess he was happy to see me board the plane safely. I held the plastic to my chest more tightly. I stopped then and there. I cant go home, I can never go home. What I will tell my pa? that I was raped? that Sam and Rex were killed in front of my eyes? How I will live in that painful surrounding which constantly will remind me of Rex and Sam? And there’s is Caleb how I can leave the man whom I love just like that?

I turned around and waved at Maffez. He came running. I said “take me back, to your master”. When he heard he went numb. He said “I cant do that. I have to follow his orders. Please go, board the plane”. I started walking towards the exit of the airport. He followed me saying “don’t do this. He will be furious”.

I was outside the airport now and Maffez was saying “there’s still time, go back to your home please”. I adjusted the scarf and covered my head and started to walk. When I felt Maffez is following me I said “don’t worry about your master, I will talk to him. Just take me home”.

When I saw furious Caleb holding the knife to Maffez I felt I made a mistake coming back. I looked at Caleb. He looked worried and angry. What he was angry at? When I faced me I was scared to the core. He was not  happy to see me!!! . When he held my wrist in his hand I wanted to run away from him. I never dreamt that he can be so angry after seeing me. His grip on my wrist was so tight that I thought I will lose my palm. I wanted to ask him the reason for his anger, I wanted to tell me that not to worry about me, I would have anything to put some sense in his head. My words gave up and died in my throat.

I was happy when Calebs father came for my rescue. Caleb still looked angry. Aleeba came to me and saw my wrist. It was paining and had become red. She said “look at this Caleb, what you have done!! You think shes one of your man to bear all that torture?”. Caleb didn’t stay there, He looked at me for the last time and went away. I know it will hours before he shows up.

Caleb’s father was looking at me with curious eyes. I said “forgive me sir for disobeying your command. I cant go home, i don’t have courage to face my pa. I told him about what happened to Sam, rex and me. He looked at me and said “I don’t have any objections for your stay. But this place is not meant for you, this is very dangerous place. Many people die with hunger and Caleb tries his level best to help his people. Even though he uses illegal method I support him because I know there’s no other way to save his people. Soon you will regret your decision of staying”. I said “no sir, please let me stay. I wont bother you in any ways.” I was begging now. My eyes were filled with tears. I know staying with people from different side of world is not easy but do I have any other option? He touched my head with love and said “sure, you can stay. But you have to follow our customs. I wont say you should do namaaz like us 6 time per day but you have to cover your hair”. I said “its fine sir I will follow your customs. Thank you for allowing me to stay”.

Rall came to meet me. His eyes were dancing with joy. Aleeba said “look at my grand-son, he is happy”. She turned towards me and said “wait till he comes back, then you two talk. He will understand”. I looked at Rall who was serious now. Aleeba said come with me, you will be staying with me in my house”.

When Rall came and said that Caleb is back Aleeba said to me “go girl talk to him. He must have calm down”. I looked at Rall and he said “follow me, I will take you to his house”. When we were outside I said “hows he Rall? Is he still angry?” Rall said “you have to find out that, I never talk to him when he is angry”. When we reached Caleb’s house I was scared. I didn’t know what to tell him. Rall knocked his door .Caleb turned around and said “he stays alone, he doesn’t like anybody staying with him”. There was no response. Rall said “you go in he is there. I will come after some time to take you home”. I took my all courage to enter Calebs house. It was very clean. I saw 3 doors adjacent to hall and was confused which one to enter when I saw Caleb standing in the hall. He looked at me with questioning eyes. Second time in a day my words died in my throat. He started to walk towards me and I took few steps back. He stopped and said “so you are scared of me now? Nice, Do you know what you have done coming back here? You ruined your life. This is not some fancy place to spend your summer holiday. This is the reality”. I said “Caleb, I am sorry to disappoint you but I couldn’t go home. I didn’t have the courage to face my dad. I told him about the incident .When I was finished he looked at me and said “you are running away from the reality and hiding here. Your father will be worried about you. Don’t you want to see him?”. I said “I don’t want to go back to my house. If you have any problem with my stay I will go away but I wont go home”. Saying that I started to walk away. Caleb took few steps and blocked my way and said “did I ever say that I have problem with your stay?” With Caleb so near I lost all my sense. I looked in to his caring eyes and smiling face. All I wanted to do was stand there and look at him. My hands itched to touch his cheek. He stopped smiling and was serious now. I looked in to his lips. Ohh I shouldn’t have done that. Those lips were tempting. My heart was beating fast, my hands were itching and my lips were going crazy. I closed my eyes and counted 10. With my little self-control I pushed him away and started to walk. He said “wait, I will walk to you to Aleebas house”. As I didn’t have courage to look at him I kept my back to him and said “its ok, Rall said he will come”. Before he could say anything I walked, I walked with more speed. I wanted to cool down myself. I heard the waves and stared walking towards the sea. I looked at the sea , deep blue water. How it used to come to the shore and wet the sand. I sat there in silence and saw the game. Rex loved playing with water. When we return from sea shore I used to bath him again. He loved water all the time. My mind rolled back with time and I was lost for a while

When Caleb stood there facing me I came to reality. One look at him and I know that he was angry.Rall stood at a distance. I stood and said “what happened? Why are you angry”. He held my shoulder and said “last time I am telling you this, don’t make people worry for you, they have better work”. I said “ I never made anyone worry about me”. With the sea near and memories haunting I couldnt take it anymore, my cheeks were wet with my tears. I said “in fact there’s no one left alive to worry about me other than my pa. May be even he stopped worrying for me thinking I am dead. You don’t worry you will be the last person to be bothered about me”. With that I stared to walk away but I couldn’t as he was still holding my shoulder. He loosens his grip but never let it go. I said “let me go Caleb. I am tired, I am dead tired. Please let me go”. He let me go and took few steps and blocked my way and said “next time you take Rall with you wherever you go”. I opened my mouth to answer him but he cut me and said “this is my order, hope you will obey it as you are on my land now”. I looked at him and thought its waste arguing with him. Rall said “come lets go home”.

I walked with the knowledge Caleb still stood there watching my disappearing back. I just wonder I he always like this or only on some occasion

My life on Somalian land will be bad????Caleb is furious about wht?i will never see my pa?

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