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I didn’t know how long I stood there watching the boat disappear with the woman I started to like. I looked at the sky and realized that my life will be full of dark clouds. I sat on the cold sand and tried to feel the warmness of the sand. I felt my whole body shiver with cold. I looked around when I heard the footsteps. When I saw the familiar figure I continued staring the vibrant sea.

Rall said “you shouldn’t have let her go. You see I had a strong feeling that last minute you will change your mind and make her stay. I like that woman of yours”. Caleb stared at Rall and opens his mouth to correct him but the words died in his throat. Rall continued “Sometimes no need to talk about your feelings, your actions tell them loudly and more clearly”. Caleb looked at Rall and thought how fast the kid he held in his arms grown up to a young sensible boy. Caleb said “I couldn’t make her stop, if she wanted to stay I wouldn’t have said anything. But you see she doesn’t belong here. This place is not meant for her.” Rall said “with you around not even a leaf could have harmed her. You always sacrificed your life for your people. There’s nothing bad in loving somebody and being loved in return”. Caleb didn’t say anything. He knew it he lost the woman he cared forever. May be this is what Allah wanted. He looked at the sky with a fake hope. Rall sat beside him facing the sea. Caleb thought even Rall miss Zoovy like him. Caleb doesn’t know how long they sat in that position. When Aleeba found them there she said “Allah, get going boys, its too late. Caleb hold your tongue before I cut into pieces. You need rest.” Caleb thought who can argue with old Aleeba. Three of them started walking towards their home with their own worry. A silver lining in the dark sky was unnoticed by them was smiling behind their back.

Caleb was restless with every minute. Maffez should have been back by this time. He checked the watch again. It was almost 10 in the morning but no sign Maffez. He wanted to know whether the woman of his life safely boarded the plane. He started to pace.

It was 11.00 when finally Maffez showed. He looked worried. When Caleb saw his ashen face he said “what happened tell me now, is she fine? did something happened? Did my uncle Zuhed men attacked you? Maffez took his time to answer while Caleb’s mind thought all the possibilities. He felt for the first time that he shouldn’t have sent her with his man. He took his dragger and held it to Maffez throat and said “before I do something stupid speak up”.

When he heard somebody say “I never imagined you can harm a innocent man for not answering your question” his released his breath which he was holding with a relief. His heart started to beat in its normal speed. Zoovvy stepped forward and removed the scarf which covered her face and said “I am fine, nothing happened to me”.

Caleb hid his joy and held Zoovys wrist in his hand and said “tell me woman, what you are doing on my land. I thought I already made it clear that I don’t want to you here. He tightened his grip on her hand and said “nobody disobeys my command”. Zoovys eyes filled with tears against her will. She tried to move away and said “let me go Caleb you are hurting me”. Caleb looked straight into her eyes and said “not until you answer me”. Zoovy realized they had huge spectators. Not that she cares but she felt somewhat odd to answer him in front of his whole clan. Caleb closed the distance between them and came closer to her and said “you know what you have done?”. Zoovy feared for the first time that she made a huge mistake coming back

When Calebs father said “let the woman go” Caleb released her wrist and cursed loudly.

Why Zoovy didn’t go home? why she came back? what made to change her mind?

(may be most of you expected this….pretty predictable story????i dodnt know…wait till the end and then you decide…Sorry for the delay….)

I looked at Rall who looked sad. I said “it was nice knowing you Rall, Will surely miss you”. He said “You could have stayed with us on the land for few days. Wonder why master is hurrying so much”. I knew it why he was hurrying. He wanted to get rid of me. Rall got up and started to walk.He stopped near the door and said “come to deck if you like it”. As I was bored I went with him. People were more excited now. The surrounding was very soothing. I guess I was the only soul who was crying inside.

I observed then our ship avoided the crowd. I was surprised when we crossed the port and the ship didn’t stop. Rall sensed my curiosity and said “usually we put an anchor near to our home. We never visit port”. May because of they are pirates they avoid the port or whatever I didn’t give a shit. I looked at Caleb. His expression was hidden by his happy mask. His father was talking to him and he was reluctant to answer him.

As the ship finally stopped I didn’t know what to do. They started unloading the things which they looted in the attack in smaller boats. Rall said “you come with me, I will show you my home”.

As I walked on the sea shore I realized how I missed walking on the shore. Few days back I used to walk on sea shore with Rex now I dont have anyone except my pa. I saw Caleb who was giving orders to his men and they were obeying him without a question. How I am gonna miss him only I know. Whatever my feelings for him will be hidden in my heart. I cant show my feelings for him anyways who wants a gal who was gang raped. If I was in his place I wouldn’t have looked at the gal for the second time

I lost in my thoughts so much I didn’t realize we reached civilization. Elderly woman came running to Rall when she saw Ralls bandage, she started asking questions in strange tongue. With her came a beautiful young gal. I thought guys will die to be with her. When I was staring at her,elderly woman turned towards me. As I didn’t know what to do I bowed my head. She said ”Its ok. I am Aleeba, thank you for saving my grand-son. The rob looks well on you than on Caleb”. I started to blush without my knowledge. She pointed towards the young gal and said “this is Roomani”. I smiled at her. She looked more beautiful when she smiled. My brain wondered may be Caleb will take this gal as his wife. Some more people came to meet Rall. Most of them were women and children. Before I open my mouth Caleb came and said “Aleeba, she will be living soon so tend the gal”. He looked at the gal and smiled. The gal returned the smile. Caleb said “Day by day you look more beautiful Roomani”. The gal started to blush. I looked away. Do I need to be there listing to their love talk??i looked at Aleeba. She took my elbow and guided me towards a small house. She said “Wonder why that gal is still waiting for him when she gets good proposals. The boy is crazy he wont listen to me and wont take any gal as his wife. I ignored whatever the old lady was blabbering about the man whom my heart is obsessed.

After having bath and having heavy dinner in the evening I was relaxing. Caleb called Aleeba from the door way. Aleeba came in and said “he is calling you”. I went out where Caleb was standing. When I came out Caleb stared at me. I just wonder why. I hugged the old lady and Rall. My eyes filled with tears. Aleeba said “May Allah keep you always happy”. I wiped my tears. Caleb said “you are getting late, hurry”. Again I hugged Rall and said “Thank you kiddo, always you will be my little bro”. Caleb said “I don’t have habit of repeating my orders”. When I heard his icy voice I started to walk. I continued walking wondering how I will be going. He said “Maffez will be accompanying you. I have given him my instruction. Just do whatever he say. Take this money you will need this. My father sends his regards”. I took the money and looked at him. In the moonlight he was looking more stunning like Greek god. I said “Zoovy, that’s what my pa calls me. Thank you for helping me. I am greatful to you……”. He ignored my comments and said “be strong and be happy. May Allah be with you”. With that he was gone. He left me there alone and started walking never looking back. How I wanted to run behind him and hug him. Tears were rolling down my cheek, heart cried in vain. When he was out of my sight I turned to find a tall guy. He smiled at me and guided me towards a boat


I had to be strong. When she looked at me with those eyes how I wanted to hug her and say “stay, don’t go back”. I know I cant ask her things which are not possible. She doesn’t belong here. I have my responsibilities, my people.

When I saw her in Aleeba house all I wanted was to tell her not to worry. When she cried hugging Rall, my heart was crying too. But I had to be strong.

When we walked on the sea shore for the final time I wanted to hold to that moment, wanted to stretch time, wanted to stop her. Then she said her name. “Zoovy” that’s what she is called. When I thought I cant take it any more I walked away from her. I knew it she was standing there and looking at me. I stood there where she cant see me and watched until she was out of my sight.

If this is what Allah wants then be it. I know her face will be always in my heart.


next chapter is the last one????sad ending???

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Do I want to go home? I asked myself. Yes I wanted to go, I wanted to hug my dad and cry on his shoulder. I wanted to tell my dad what those mongrels did to me. All I wanted was to keep my head in my dads lap and sleep peacefully. Peace!! What is that I don’t know the meaning any more. Many times I get nightmares of those Mongrels . I lost the count how many times I have to cool myself. Whenever I remember the bad incident my veins boil for vengeance. How I want to take revenge on them. I looked at Rall. He opened his eyes and was trying to sit. I helped him and gave some water to drink. I thought I should inform Caleb. I went on search of Caleb and found him on the deck. He was there standing facing his father. His back was towards me. He was saying “Father, I had made arrangements for the lady to return.  By tomorrow she will be on her way”. His father stared at me with more worry. Caleb sensed my presence and turned towards me. He said “is the buy alright? he need anything? talk”. I said “hes awake. Sorry to interrupt you. Thought I should inform you….”. Caleb went downstairs before I could complete my sentence. Then for the first I saw some trees. I thought my departure is near. Caleb’s father said “Gal, don’t lose hope. Your father will be delighted to see you. Try to forget everything thinking it’s a tragedy..”. I said “Till I die I cant forget. The print of those mongrels is saved in my heart.”. He stared at me. He closed the distance and touched my head and said “Allah has its own way of loving his people..” I said “Sir please talk anything other than god. I don’t believe in talking about someone who does not even exist”.  I looked in to sky and said to myself “god who the Fu%^& is he? i don’t know anyone named that guy”

I looked at the blur trees. With passing every minute the image became clearer. I stared to walk towards my room. I stood outside the door when I heard Rall saying “she was frightened I fought but he was too big for me. Then she started to fight with him to save me….Sorry I couldn’t meet up to your expectations. Caleb said “I don’t want to hear about it. I was here at the right time that’s all matters.” I knocked the door and let them know my presence. Caleb looked worried. He said “evening will reach home. Late night one of my men will take you to nearest port and then he will drop you to the airport. Passport, air-ticket is taken care. Don’t worry everything will be alright from here”. I looked at Rall who wanted to tell something but kept quiet when he saw his master. I said “is that ok if I stay till Rall gets better”. Caleb said sharply “We are going home and Aleeba will be there to take care of him. You don’t worry about him. It will be good if you leave as soon as possible”.

So Caleb wanted to chase me. My heart missed its beat. At least for few days he would have let me stay. My heart was blooming whenever he was near. May be he doesn’t feel that way. My heart, my feelings, my wounds is my problem. Even though my heart will bleed I decided to take care of it in my own way.


I knew it she will be safe with the boy. But I didn’t expected those cannibals to attack us so soon. He was sure that in near future they gonna attack them again no matter what. But he wanted zoovy to be away far away from sea, his home and his heart. He knew his heart danced whenever he looked at her. He had met many women in the past. Some were gorgeous, seducing and charming. But Zoovy looked outstanding among them. She had something within her which attracted him to her. When he saw her being crushed by the tall, filthy Bas&*& all he wanted was to kill him right there. There she stood crying in the hand of the wicked. When he couldn’t see her stricken face he had hugged her and consoled her like a small kid. When he hugged her he felt something, something strange. Like she belong in there, in his strong arms, which scared him to the core. He had his responsibilities, his clan and his people. He can’t let his heart be troubled by a woman. That’s why he decided to send her away as soon as possible. How he wanted to protect her from the world and keep her happy. He still remembers in which condition she was there when he laid his eyes on her for the first time.

When he walked away he felt the gaze on him. With every step he took away from her his heart cried in vain. He ignored the pain caused by his heart and with determined mind he walked away to make the arrangements for the departure of the woman he started to like

Like a stricken kitten I found you,

With heavy heart I am sending you

Be happy my love

No matter what I will always remember you 

Finally Zoovy going home???Caleb will let the woman of his life go that easily???

(Ohhh i didnt realize day by day story is getting bigger and bigger mean to say lengthy.  did i make mistake starting a novel??)

I was still frightened and scared of the event occurred in front of my eyes. When I saw Rall I knew it I have to attend him. I told Caleb to carry him to my bed. I saw his wound. It badly needed some stitches. I started to clean the wound with a clean cloth. Caleb said “We cant reach shore till the evening. Wonder how I will stop the bleeding”. As I didn’t want to waste time explain my occupation I said “get me some more clean sheets and a needle”.

When Caleb came back with the things I mentioned his father had accompanied him. I said “ I am a nurse and I can handle. Don’t worry nothing can happen to Rall”. I started to stitch his wound with my study hand. As Rall was sleeping he didn’t feel the pain. Once his wound was bandaged I told the father and son that I will take care of Rall and they left with a worry on their face.

I was seated on nearby chair. I checked on Rall. As his breath was steady I felt he is out of danger. I don’t know when I dozed off on my chair. When I got up I found myself covered in a warm rug. I looked around and found Caleb pacing the floor. As I got up from my chair and started walk towards him. I said “he is out of danger”. Caleb stopped and said “I wont rest until he opens his eyes. He is my responsibility”. I said nothing. I looked at Rall who was sleeping soundlessly not knowing how many people are really worried about him. I said “I want to thank you again for saving my life. If you didn’t show up on time then I don’t know what would have happen”. I could see Caleb’s jaws tightening. It was obvious that he was angry. He didn’t say he just stared at the empty space.

When I started to walk he said ”as soon as we reach shore I will make arrangements so that you can go back to your home. they might attack us in near future. I dont want to take risk. So by tomorrow you will be with your dear ones. Its not safe to be with us and on sea”. I didn’t know what to say. I stood there motionless still digesting the word while Caleb looked at me with for the final time and left me alone with sleeping Rall

Back to my home…to my dad. is that what i want? i asked myself.

Finally Zoovy meet her dad?Theres not a thing between Caleb and Zoovy??


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Asking Rall was unnecessary as I heard heavy gun fire. Rall held my hand took me near the bed and said “nothing gonna happen to you. I will protect you with my last breath”. My eyes filled with tears. I looked at his small face and said “I know Rall you will never let anyone harm me. I trust you”. He said “those cannibals have attacked us. As we are un-prepared they are taking the advantage. But you don’t worry, my master is unbeatable”. I felt my senses go numb when I heard about it. Seeing those cannibals alive and un-punished, my blood boiled.

Before I could say anything the tall cannibal who had given me dirty water to drink on that ship appeared on the door way. He smiled when he saw me and said “so, my honey bee is here. You know we all missed you. My master is waiting to have you back. So come on honey, don’t make me kill this young lad”. I was so scared that I didn’t realize that I was clutching Ralls arm tightly. Rall pull me to his side protectively and whispered in my ear “don’t  fear, he cant even touch me”. I held him more tightly because I know a young boy cant stand for long in front of 6 feet tall, strong guy. I replied “Rall I don’t wanna lose you. He gonna kill you like how they killed my dog and Sam. You run for your life. I can protect myself”. Rall pushed me aside and took few steps towards the cannibal. He took his knife and said “you know, your are a monster, attacking lone woman is all you can do…..”. Before Rall could finish his sentence Cannibal’s strong fist touched Ralls cheek. I knew it that rall was in pain but he didn’t show any signs of it. Before Rall could regain his balance Cannibal attacked him with his sword. Rall cried with pain. I ran to Rall and saw his wound. Rall was holding his both hands to his wound. I thought 3 or 4 stiches might require. He was bleeding, he needed urgent treatment. I didn’t wanted to loos Rall so I took the Ralls sword which was lying beside him and said to the cannibal “you will rot in hell you B@#$%%”. Cannibal smiled and said “Yeah babes will rot in hell together”. I couldn’t take it anymore. I attacked him with the sword and as anticipated he was able to push me away with his one hand. How I wanted to be 70kg ,6feet WWF wrestler then. I stood up and scanned the surrounding. I knew it I cant fight with that mongrel. The fear of being kidnapped again by those cannibals gave me strength. I held my sword more firmly and looked at the cannibal. Trust me he was all set to fight with me. I took few steps and swung my sword. Before the sword come to its starting position my hand were held and I felt helpless again. How I wanted to kill that Son of B%$$ then. He looked at me with those lustful eyes and said “I love to play with wild cats”. He nestled my neck and said “I love them ,I love them”. I felt 100 needles prick me at the same time. I couldn’t pray or cloudnt call Rall for help. I was helpless.

“Let the lady go……..”. The loud clear icy edge voice broke the silence like a rock. My eyes rested on caleb. How I wanted to hug him then. I smiled at him but he didn’t smile back at me. He just stared at the cannibal and the place where he held me. Cannibal laughed and said “Always protective and caring Caleb”. I was confused. This cannibal knew Caleb. But how? I said “let the lady go free. Don’t make my sword taste your blood”. Mongrel held me more tightly and kissed my cheek and said “else what you will do Caleb? Kill me like you killed your uncle?I like this one and I am not letting her….Before he could finished his sentence bullet from Caleb’s gun entered cannibals skull gracefully. Caleb had taken his gun from his boot within fraction of second. That was a great shot indeed. The hole was not bigger than 50paisa coin between his eye brows.

Cannibal fell to the ground and he let go of me. I stood there watching him. When finally I looked up with my tearful eyes Caleb was standing next to me. I didn’t know who closed the distance. All I know is he was holding me and I was sobbing me. He stroked my hair, my back. He was consoling me like a small kid.

When I regained myself I moved away and ran towards Rall. He was closing his eyelids slowly. He touched my cheek and said “I told you right, my master is unbeatable”. Before anybody could say anything. Rall closed his eyes and drifted to sleep

Rall closed his eyes never to open again????Will Zoovy will save Rall?Caleb is attracted to Zoovy like Zoovy is attracted to him???

(story taking U turn or V i dodnt know. All i know is i have to read previous chapters to remember the names and story)

I didn’t expect that incredible hunk to guard me. When i got up from my sleep crying i expected  to be alone. But that breath taking man proved me wrong. When he had touched me i could feel the 100V running through my veins.  I knew it whatever I am feeling for him is not right. I should not feel that way.  After what happened with me, I cant imagine liking man spices. But something was different about this guy. He looked humble and strong. After all he is the one who saved me from those cannibals. When he spoke politely I knew it he is like a magnet and I am attracted to him like iron rod. I had to count 1-100 to be normal. When he had walked away i felt light of my life walking away. I never understood why I held his hand and stopped him. Again i felt my veins going numb. When i felt I am burning in his touch, I let his hand go.

Now I was standing in front of him. He was tall and  I  was reaching his chest. I wanted to giggle when I realized its his rob i was wearing. How i wanted to listen to his heart beat then. My hands itch to touch his hair which was fallen on his forehead.  In other circumstance i would have done anything to own this guy. But now I can’t dream of things which are not possible. I  had asked his name and the place. When he paused i thought he never gonna answer my question. But then he had said it “Caleb”. It sounded so right. I repeated in my mind “CALEB”. I was looking at him hoping he will answer my second question but he paused again. I assumed may be he doesn’t want to answer that question. Then he had said “he is a pirate”. If I was surprised I didn’t show it on my face. I have read it in paper how pirates used to hijack the ship and ask ransom.        I just looked at him whit curiosity in my eyes. Never in my wildest dream I thought I will meet the pirates. So the guy who saved me is a pirate.  Should I be scared? I don’t know. I don’t have anything to lose. In fact I am ready to die I don’t have any interest in life.

When I was staring at him he started to walk, I said “wonder why you saved me, you could have let me die there”. He said it cruelly “we are humans lady. We just grab few bits from rich b%$# and enjoy. We never take advantage of helpless woman”. Yeah that’s what I am “helpless woman”. How I wanted to correct him. Before I could say anything Rall rushed in and said “you are needed on the deck”. Caleb said “You will stay with her.” He gave him his gun and said “I know you will take care of both both of you”.

Before I could say something he was gone. I felt sick. I looked at Ralls horrified face and knew it then something is wrong.

Is Zoovy gonna regret being saved?what happened on the deck???

(Boom boom boom i am scratching my ass sorry head…..wht should happen next??)

He saw the sleeping gal in his arms. His hands itched to touch her hair. When first time he had seen her on those cannibals boat he didn’t know what to do. His heart cried seeing her cloth less body and blood stained face. Even though he didn’t knew her he had given orders to take care of her. He knew it what had happened to her. Explanation was unnecessary. When he had seen the wounds in her body he boiled with anger. Sometimes human being can be the worst animal in the world. How he wanted to kill those son-of-bi$$$ then. Without saying a word He had stitched her wound and cleaned her. A smile appeared on his face when he saw his rob. Even though he is quite big she looked cute in that. Earlier when she was standing on the deck he had seen those beautiful eyes. In his oversize rob she looked lovely and his heart missed his beat. The way she smiled at Raleeba was so charming. He took a deep breath and took her to the bed. He tucked her in the bed and sat on the nearby chair.

Crying sound woke him up. He saw the gal on the bed. She was awake now and was crying. he didn’t like that. He got up from his chair and went near the bed. Slowly he touched her hand. She didn’t move, instead she continued crying. He didn’t know what to do. He stood there for a while. When he thought he cant take it anymore he said “don’t waste your tears. Why cry and waste tears? Save them and make them as your weapon”. Wonder why he said that. She looked him straight into his eyes. She just stared.

Again he saw the pain which was still raw. When he couldn’t take it anymore he said ”I will send Ralleba “ and started to move. She held his hand and looked up. He was force to look at her. She released his hand, got from bed and said “I want to talk to you. I don’t know why you saved me. You should have left me there to die. Anyways thank you for everything.” He said “don’t thank me, thank god”. She said “there’s no god, trust me. Soon even you will realize”. He said “Allah is everywhere; he helps us and protects us”. She said “can we talk something other than god?”. He didn’t say anything. He knew it she already lost the faith in her creator”. She said “whats your name? and who are you?”. He took his time and said “I am Caleb “. He knew it he cant say who he is. When she looked at him expecting a an answer from him he said “I am Somalian and I am a….PIRATE”.

was the breath taking man really a Pirate???is Zoovy safe with them???

(Waht happnes next… be honest even i dodnt know:))

When I open my eyes after a long time I felt good. I tried to get up. Then I saw Raleeba dozing off in the near by chair. As my legs hit the floor Raleeba got up and said “you want anything? hungry?”. I said “nature call, want to go to toilet”. As I stood I realize my legs were still paining. I took few steps and looked at Raleeba. He understood and came for my aid. He helped to go to toilet. When I saw my reflection in the mirror hung the toilet I felt sick. My hair was a mess, still dirty, scared cheek and swollen eyes. How I hated my reflection. I hit the mirror with my hand. Raleeba came inside and was startled to see my bleeding fist. He just carried me to the bed and bandaged my fist. He didn’t ask me any question. I said “whats your age Ralleba?”.He said “15 years old”. I said “would you mind if I call you Rall?”. He smiled and said “no, call me anything you want”. I told him to sit on the bed, he did as he was told. I touched his shoulder and said “thank you for everything”. He smiled and said “thank my master, he is the one who saved you. I was just following his orders”. I said “but you helped me”. He didn’t say anything. After a while he tucked me to my bed and left. I slept for a while.

When I couldn’t sleep any more I got up from my bed and walked outside. It was bit silent. As the sun has risen I didn’t find difficult to find my way to the deck. Before leaving my cabin I had tried tying my blood stained hair in a knot when couldn’t do anything I left just like that. Few men were there on the deck. They looked surprise to see me in my long rob. When I spotted Rall I smiled at him. He retuned my smile and walked towards me. He said “you need rest, you look tired”. I said “ I am ok, couldn’t sleep anymore so I came out. Where are we?”. He looked the deep blue sky and pointed his finger in direction and said “there, that’s our home, one more day and we are home”. His eyes were dancing with joy. I said “want to meet your master will you take me to him?”. His eyes became serious and focus on something as if they are communication with somebody. He said “He is resting, will take you later. Let me help you to wash your hair”. I smiled and touched his cheek and said “you are such a darling”.

Once he was finished my blood stained hair he left me alone in my cabin. My mind started to recall the incident. Pa, Sam Rex and my home how I missed them all. My life took a “U” turn and within fraction of second everything changed. Few days back I was dreaming of my marriage and now I am thinking of taking my revenge. How I wanted to kill those guys. When I remember the incident on my boat my blood stared to boil and I hit my hand to the near by wall. A tall figure appeared in the door way. He was in his late 60’s.His cloths were somewhat similar to mine. But something about him made me realized that he must be the master Rall was talking about. His eyes were serious and attitude was reflecting on them. He said “Take it easy lady, you will hurt yourself”. With my tearful voice I said “there’s nothing left to get hurt. I am a living corpse”. He looked at me for a while and said “Whatever happens its god’s will”. Tears were rolling down my cheek, I said “there’s no god, if he was there he would have saved me”. He said “see, he saved you?”. I said ”no, you saved me. If he was there he would have helped me when I clade him, prayed to him. There’s no god. Church, cross, god, prayer everything is fake bullshit”. I was boiling now. I said “you shouldn’t have saved me, you should have killed me. I don’t want to live”. He took few more step towards, touched my shoulder and said “Allah listen’s to everyone. Whatever happen’s it happens for our good”. I got stiffen. So I was saved my Muslims. Its not that I hate them but usually they don’t help. I had Muslim friends and I used to ask them about religion. I know many things about Islam religion. I looked straight into his eyes and said “you wouldn’t have said that if your daughter was gang raped “. He stood there for a while and said “you need rest. Once we reach home, I will arrange for you to return to your home. And its my son who saved you not me”. Before I could say anything he had left. “Home” I asked myself whether I want to go home or not? Who is my rescuer?. Zoovy lost in her thoughts so much she didn’t observe a tall, well-built figure move behind her. When she turn back she was shocked to see the man. This man has the similarities to the old man who had come earlier. It took few seconds to realize that this is the master who Roll was talking about. His calm eyes, well-formed cheek bones and broad chest was everything a woman can ask for. He might be 6 feet. Zoovy so much absorbed in watching him that she forgot that he had asked her a question. When Zoovy didn’t utter a word the man repeated his question again this time loudly and clearly “you wanted to talk to me?”.Zoovy held her breath when his rich voice hit her ears. She thought an angel is talking to her. She continued staring at her. When the man took few step towards her she felt like whole earth moving. She felt she need to sit. Before she could take steps she fainted and the tall man held her in his arms. Before Zoovy closed her eyes she captured the beautiful eyes

Will Zoovy go home?will she fall in love with the stanger?

(tell you what writing is difficult. Thought can be a writer bit i was wrong……)


With my half opened eyes I saw the kid. He must be in his teens. If I had a younger brother he would have looked like the kid. I raised my hand to his cheek. The kid stiffened. I took back my hand and I continue watching him. He carried me with ease. He didn’t stop until we reached a ship. The ship was beautiful. Faded paint and rusted railings said it must be old. As I was tired I closed my eyes. When finally I bow to slumber I wondered for the final time whether worst part is over or pending.

I was running. Now fully dressed and fed. I was running in my Nike sports shoes to save my life. I looked back at the strangers who were chasing me. I increased my speed. I stumbled over a bush. I saw the cut made by the wild thorns. I didn’t stop. I continued running. As I was running I realized I reached the top of the cliff. I looked around hoping to find a  small exist but non I found.I saw the deep blue silent water, which was inviting me. How I hated its silence. From my childhood I hated water as I don’t know to swim. I looked at the stranger and terrified. The leader advanced and I took a step towards the edge. He said “come on, we are not gonna harm you. Trust me”. I know what that crocodile smile means. I took another step towards the edge. I knew it I am gonna die, there was no escape. I took a deep breath and looked into the water and jumped. As I hit the water with a splash I drank the water. I tried to float but couldn’t. I felt like sinking. I found it hard to breath as my nose was dipped in water. I started to kick the water with my legs but no use. I went deep inside. I felt suffocated.

I could hear my scream. When I got up from my nightmare I was breathing hard and sweating. This dream always haunted me. Many times I tried talking to my dad about it but always he ignored it saying “dreams are nothing but a spark thrown out by our mind”. I looked around as it was dark I couldn’t see much. I felt I was clothes and my cuts were stitched. I touched my lips. I still could feel the blood on them. I tried to move when somebody on the light. As the darkness escaped I got a better view of the room. I looked around and was relieved to find the kid standing near the entrance. I looked at him. He said something in strange language. As I continued staring at him he said “no standing, rest, rest”. I checked my surroundings it didn’t take much time to realize that I am still in a ship. Again I tried to move. The long rob which I was wearing caught in to my leg and I stumbled to the floor. The kid came running and held my hand and said “no walking, rest, rest”. This was the firt time somebody cared for me after so many days. Tears filled my eyes and I hugged the kid. He was taken back by my action. He moved out and said “no crying”. I hugged him tightly and said “thank you “. He put me back to my bed and said “rest”. I sat on the bed. Cabin was old but was clean. I saw the white bed sheets and thought how I hated white sheets as they were difficult to maintain. I looked at my long dress. I just wonder which people still wear those long robs. I looked at my legs and hand. All my cuts were cleaned and stitched. I looked at the kid and said “who treated my wounds”. He said “my master, as Alia didn’t come with us master had to do the stitching. He don’t like the job”. He smiled. He looked very cute when he smiled. I asked his name and he said “Raleeba”. I tried to analyse his name. It didn’t make any sense. It was my childhood habit to tell the religion name as soon as I hear the names. Raleeba sounds like Islamic name. I asked where are we . He said somewhere in middle of Africa and it will take another 2 days to reach home. HOME, how I wanted to see my pa. My eyes filled with tears remembering the past incident. My pa must be worried. I started crying as Sam’s dreadful face appeared in front of eyes. I tried to control but couldn’t help it. Raleeba came running towards me and said “don’t cry, you are safe. Nobody will harm you here”. How I wanted to see my dead Rex wagging his tail. I closed my eyes. All I wanted was change the past 2 or 3 days. As Raleeba continued stroking my head like a small kid I passed out .

Who is Raleeba?Is Zoovy safe??

(Trust me writing novel is such a pain. Funniest part is i think,scratch my ass and write and nobody reads it. )



I prayed to god to send my guardian angel.  I always fancied happily-ever-after story books “mills and boons”. It took a while to realize that real life more complicated. In one day I had lost my everything. I cried again begging them to stop, to spare me but they never stopped. One after the other they took turn to spoil the beautiful rose bud. Deep blue water maintained its silence when rose bud was crumbled and torn. I looked in to sky “before you finish praying you will get”,”Your name is carved in my arm”……I felt all those words from Bible doesn’t make sense any more. I never even dreamt in my wildest dream that I will be gang raped.  Fraction of second I lost my hope in my creator. I knew it then there’s no god, none.

When those cannibals were done, they looked into each other and laughed. I was lying on the boat bleeding without any clothes. I wanted to die. I tried to get up with my remaining energy. I couldn’t. I tried again. This time I reached half the way but I slipped and fell in my own pool of blood. My head banged to the floor. It didn’t pain. Guess my body lost the senses. Again I tried when they got my attention. Short guy whom I had hit earlier came and slapped my face and said “Bi&^D still has energy, let me teach her a lesson”. He slapped my face and said “never ever hit the guy in wrong place. Tell you honey they don’t like it”. Again he raped me. I laid there lifeless. Still he continued with what he was doing. Are the men so eager to spill their seed that whenever they see a hole they try to spill? I hated men , the whole men clan.

When the guy was satisfied they wrapped me in the blanket and got into their boat. Before they left they set my boat on fire. As they didn’t wanted to leave any clue. I didn’t know how far they went but later I got shifted in to a small ship. There were many more mongrels waiting to stamp me. How I hated to be gal then. I stirred slowly when the guy carried me slapped me again. When we reached the deck he dumped me on the floor. All curious gaze were upon me. They looked stranger. With their 6 feet height I knew it they are from some other country. As a tall old guy started to walk towards me the guy who carried me said “back off ass, nobody touches her, she is for the master. See that she is well fed”. I laughed thinking that I am none less than a goat. Which they feed well before slaughtering. I looked in to the sky and with a last hope I said “ I wanna die that’s all I ask for, nothing else”.

Cool wind warmed me as if it’s the only thing who is listening to me. As I closed my eyes a tall guy came and held a dirty bowl to my mouth and said “drink Bi%$”. I looked in to those eyes and said “on my grave Bas%##$#”. He slapped me and ran his dirty finger on my breast and said “don’t push me, I am…..”. His sentence was unfinished as a tall figure appeared on the door way. He looked as if he knows how to handle those mongrels. When I saw the wicked smile I knew it not a single soul on that boat has humanity. He said in his steady voice “You don’t know how to handle the female Tus. They are delicate and fragile.  He closed the distance between us. Now he was standing in front of me. From the place where I was laying I could see his never brushed teeth and scared cheeks. He sat in front of me and held a drop of blood from my face and said “I am sorry for their unfriendly behavior lady”. Before I know what’s happening I was tossed out of my blanket. I stood there naked and all those men were standing and clapping. I remember my pa and cried. How he used to take care of me. He always protected from bad people. How I wanted to call my pa. I didn’t cry, I didn’t beg I stood there motionless marking this day in my heart. Absorbing the each and every tiny detail. With my remaining energy I said “you are doomed, you are cursed, you will die, you all will die”. They still stood there watching me and laughing. I fell to the floor. I couldn’t move. My limbs were hurting. I didn’t know when was it when finally I closed my eyes. I was shivering to the cold breeze. As I lay nude there I hugged my knees and tried to cover myself.

Bullet fired from the ship woke me up. I was not scared. I already faced the worst fear of my life. All mongrels were shouting and yelling at each other. Even Mongrels were firing back. I realized then the ship was under attack. Some Mongrels were already wounded  and were bleeding. Before I could see much a kid in his teens came and covered me with blanket. Before I know what’s happening I was carried out. As I was carried out I just wondered how many more times I will be raped. I just touch the arm of the guy who was carrying me and said “kill me, kill me”. For a while he looked in to my face, then he continued walking. I saw the tall old man still fighting. Days must pass but the print of the mongrels and their leader was saved permanently in my heart. As I was carried out I saw Mongrels leader for the final time.

Zoovy goonna be a sex slave?who the people who attacked mongrels ship?did her god abandoned her?

(Story sounds boring and sad. Wonder what made me write such a colorless story…….Few days back had visited book stop “Blossom”. went crazy seeing the novels. How i wished people to see my smiling face on my book. Now i know it never gonna happen…..What you feel do tell me)