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Questionnaire: You aunt is back after a year, are you happy to?

Alan:Who aunt?

Questionnaire:sorry, SNL.

Alan:Are you crazy. I am no happy to see her back

Questionnaire: I wonder what may be the reason?

Alan:She is crazy, she takes us to strange places and ordere’s us to pose

Alan: She makes us do crazy things, for her dog


Alan:B for ball and log

Questionnaire: you meant blog?

Alan:I think so

Alan:My sister loves her. She do super crazy thingsAlan:Its torture when your surrounded by crazy womenAlan:Sometimes I stand far away and watch them.

Questionnaire:Sounds fun to me.

Alan:Its fun when she doesnt makes us do things her way. She is Bossy!!!

Cow:I can hear tiger roaring, with my humans all gone I am scared. Somebody help me.Captain America: Amba, dont worry when I am here.Captain America: I save every single soul from distressCaptain America: All you have to do is Call meCaptain America: You have say “save me sorry Catain America Save me”Captain America: No matter where you are I’ll help youCaptain America:I love to help people and save the worldCaptain America:Catching up with my fiend Elsa from NovadaCaptain America: I might look small but dont go with my size.I can carry all the coconuts.Captain America:And climb this windowCaptain America: Call me and I will save you


I am bond, AbhiShree Bond!!!



Ayyo!! kidding macha



Every kid has to go through this torment….No Hair for little Fairy!!


Aviary Photo_130227945487530350

I am bored, Tell me punyakotis story


Look Lord Krishna here:)



Excuse me, i have to eat butter now…



Ayyo its not real hair, its artificial!!!!



Who said only model can pose!!


WP_20140420_068 (1)

who doesn’t like Indian traditional wear!!?



Meghaaaaa my darling cousin


Intro:My cute girly girly AbhiSheeee(as she says her name) is 2 years old. Abhi, she dont mind asking the same questions more than 10 times, she enjoys seeing the same rhymes often and often until she gets it. She always enjoys roaming around, playing(at times fighting) with Spoorthi and Aditi (her cousins). She a big fan of Chota bheem. She is no less than a boy child in her mischief’s. She gets irritated when someone touches her cheeks…My Lilttle Sweet Chubby Abhi is blessed with beautiful smile.


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Hiiiiiiii everyone, its me Maya and my little kid bro Kevin



Kevin and mommys Selfi.. One of my favourite pic



school time

With cool uniform like this who doesnt  want to go to school?



I can handle spoon very well; you see i love to be independent:)


micky n mini

Micky and Mini(unfortunately mommy didnt get the costume)



With cute little eyes, innocent smile and those dimples he makes everyone fall in love with him




I am daddy’s¬†favorite apple pie


2 mnkeys

Ok Mommy, can you repeat everything you said from beginning?



All set to go to school


i am a star

Aint i look classy?



Not now daddy, i have to powder my nose before you click my pic




Sorry dady no place for you:)

Few words from their Mommy:My little hearts Maya Jennifer Sera and Kevin Tej Sera smiles,cries,dramas huh never to forget their mischief, that’s like a perfect combo. Kids!My GOD they can drive you crazy but at the same time can get an instant smile even if your day goes bad with tiny little things they do. We are blessed to have you two little darlings in our lives. Our life start with them and end with them.Life cant be better without you my little hearts


A for Aloma n Alan

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Life is so boring without copy cat bro



This i do when all are watching….when thy dont i just bite him



Cant you cant sit quietly for a minute you big Jackfruit!!!




Alan will you move bit…i cant lift you. You are too heavy…What mommy feeds you anyways?



Be happy with Nappy




Dont mess up with me….but you can with my bro…..



Love you Sister even though you are big nautanki


Intro: Aloma Lobo three years old and her brother Alan Lobo one. Aloma loves to dress up and roam while Alan loves to run and play. Alan loves his sister so dearly he wants to do everything his sister does. A n A are very blessed because SnL is their COOL aunt.