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She Is Who She Is

Posted: March 8, 2018 in My Silly thoughts, POEM

She is compassionate, loveable, powerful

She is a home maker, developer and pace maker

She visits space and flies jumbo jets

She fights for justice and helps the needy

She is an author, baker and singer

She is a hostess in air, on water and on soil

She is who she is

She is a mother, a sister, a wife

She is a woman

Wish you happy women’s day today and every day

Dont Say FAREWELL…..

Posted: April 16, 2015 in POEM

With my farewell said, there I was all weepy and sad

Smile on your face there you were by my side

I fell for you again, fell hard even though my heart was heavily guarded

Jose cuervo’s fine product may not help me to forget that killing smile


“Don’t say farewell, we just met ” you said

How I wanted to shout with joy

And say “we have to walk, we have to run, we have to get old along”

Because we just met, Time, I loved it dearly then


Tempting though to dance with you

In the moonlight under umbrella of shining stars

With tons of self misery and doubts on my back

I am a distressful small pigeon


Don’t go for the calmness on my face

Inside I am one helluva thunder storm

Fighting with emotions and feeling and fate

With mind acting nut heart is bleeding with new wounds


With my heart skipping its beat, I contemplated

But then the past was never been sweet I had to decide

I looked away towards the lonely, barren mountain

And said “no its better we part, with farewell said”


“We still have long way to go” you said again with determined eyes

“Holding hands, talking and laughing” I wanted to say

With tongue lost its ability I stood there perplexed

I wanted to say “YES, we have long way to go”


“Our path don’t cross” saying I tried to flush

The urge to hug you for the final time

To preserve the comfort in your arms forever

Desire piling up I shun them all


“Try harder, don’t give up just like that” You said

I have tried in past but again I am gal with no charm

With my spell week as thin air

I cant rely on hope of rope for long


“Don’t be stingy with words, say your farewell” I said

“Good luck, be happy” is all you had to say

But again I cant blame you for those 4 words

Gou are A man of few words I knew that for long


Intangible force still alive between us

Its hard for to walk when you stand there and watch

I walk away from you with head held high

For you cant see my tears with my back to you darling


My memories become victim to Alzheimer I pray

Killing smile, polite manners, scar on your face

I want everything gone, not even single trace

My sweet memory might rot, pray my heart will heal in this race




Posted: April 15, 2015 in POEM

Good byes are hard, I never liked them
They make me teary eyes..But
Here I am saying you good bye
Its a must, I don’t want be the side boat anymore.

Pot full of negative thoughts, I am a disappointed soul,
To find happiness within I don’t know
I am crazy, complicated and funny
Lonely as I am, I thought I could find fortress in your arms

In life of bridge when we met, I was super excited
After all you came, you took interest, you were nice
I had counted time in my wallet and how I wished them to last forever
With every second we spent I felt, I may not meet you again

I am not a person who chases guys or flowers them
I am a woman with sharp tongue in my sheath
But then you had something which ruled my mind for years
Enough, I said “Its high time I bid my farewell”

Its something I should have done long back
Sailing against fate didn’t helped anyone in the past
With your picture still alive in my heart
I may hope, but I cant force the future to be fruitful

May you sail well and reach some shore rich with honey and milk
Women might have said no to sail along
Don’t let this will stop you, you will find ‘The One’ some day
If not she will find you, and you will be frozen to ground with happiness

When you lay your head in her bosom
And see your kids play in the garden
Struggle and pain of past will vapor
You will realize every wait ends with good fortune

How I wish even I had a love story
To boast about when I am old and wrinkled
Love just happens, you cant force
I am one naïve whale to ignore the facts

you may not remember me in the future
But I will remember you like a rainbow
Appears after heavy rain, mixture of all colors
occasional though but with happy heart

with all the best wishes I say my final bye,
I don’t want to cry, I don’t want to feel sad
But don’t know why my heart is weeping
Maybe, its how it feels when you say bye to someone you love


DADY Look at me……

Posted: December 10, 2013 in POEM
I opened my eyes to find my dear dad
Standing near the window watching the world
while I rested my head on my mothers warm chest,
wrapped in all warm clothes.
How I wished to be held by those strong arms
which were distant and folded out of reach.
Looking at his back I thought
may be a baby boy would have made him smile.
But daddy, I could have made you happy with all my love
How I wish you just look into my eyes
where you can see only love for you.
I would hold your hand when you walk.
I won’t let you out of my sight.
Will make you smile with my small company.
Will accompany you in your every journey
When you are not well, I will take care of you
If my marriage is the reason of your worry,
dont daddy, I can take care of the small things.
When I need you, be there for me.
Thats all I have to ask for, not money or gold.
When I have your blood running in my veins,
I dont care about the worldly things.
When you are old and I will be your walking stick.
I would protect you from thunder and storm.
Just turn back dady, I am no less than a boy.
I am part of your body and flesh.
Ohh daddy, how can you hate me when you dont know me.
I used to sleep listening to you when I was inside the womb
Dont you want to talk to me now?
After all I am your little girl
I promise, one day i will make you proud.
You will be my hero till the world ends.
I wont irritate you or bug you.
Your love is all I want daddy.
Just look at me, for once.
I will wait for you daddy, to look at me,
to be held, I’ll wait and wait patiently.
Until then I will live with my love for you
nurses come and hurt me with needles
How I wanted you to protect me from
all those who hurt me.
How I wish daddy, How I wish!
Dont be so cold and numb!!
Even the needle can’t hurt me
more than your indifference towards me.
When I was inside mummy, you were so nice and good.
Your hand on mummy’s tummy used to assure me
everything will be alright when I am out.
But within a fraction of second everything changed.
You don’t want me anymore.
Don’t want to touch or protect me.
How I wish I was a boy just to make you smile.
Dady look at me please…..

Sooner OR later I am gonna be A GONER

Posted: December 5, 2013 in POEM

With empty beer can in my hand,

watching the ship sailing while walking on the sand

I sing “I am born this way” in the own words of Gaga

“How I wish I was different” is my daily saga.

In me,My parents lost their hope

during the times when I started listening to music pop.

Their only son, I was the apple of their eye

wonder why parents’ expectations were so high.

May be I have a genetic disorder without goals & dreams.

In my head, I still could hear the loud screams.

After a puff of marijuana I say “please talk to me” to my brain

and it tells me its unfinished tails like insane.

Sitting in one place and staring at the sky so blue,

wonder why I am so weird I have no clue

Meditating I lost myself to the psychotic thought

of girls dancing in their bikinis, I was the only man rowing the boat

Watched the waves come rolling, dancing and mocking

yelling I tell them to stop; their behavior annoying.

When the familiar smoke hits my brain again,

I dance through the cold shivering rain.

Like the ship, sooner or later, I am a goner,

Wont be missed, wont be mourned as I am an out lander.

I will be free from all the fake bondage and heavy baggage

eager to meet all people in hell speaking all language.

I know sooner or latter I am the goner

Wont be missed, wont be mourned, as I am an out lander……


Posted: October 24, 2013 in POEM

While sun rise and flower bloom
My heart is the only thing which gloom
With my fingers tracing dimples on the picture
I realized i am a cursed creature

While you sleep with your head on another man’ s arm
i turn the pages of our memory of album
With Strong whiskey flowing through my throat
I walk the in the monsoon with same blue coat

I could see the same shivering gal in the rain
tried to embrace,woken by imaginary pain
i will never forget those wonderful moments of life
While you do your duties being another mans wife

Looking into my eyes you nailed my heart
same lane i seek you which is now desert
i am not, but sound like a paranoid
with my heart bleeding i gulp the strong liquid

Still living with my heart dead
hurt and tired i feel exhausted
With no interest to live i walk
carrying the heavy burden of bulk

With you, you took away the colors
With my heart shackled with your love i thought you were my jailor
Throwing the key you proved me wrong
Since then i am listening to only sad love song
Smoke of tobacco tried very hard
But who can beat the fragrance winning award?
Days would not have been the same
if you would have changed yours to my name
Will love you, as i love you before
If possible love you no less but more
With your smiling face in my eyes
Everyday i bid fair well to those sunny rays


Posted: August 24, 2013 in POEM

Cant take it any longer, not any more

Your silence, your numbness

Make the ice wall vanish, Please!!!

Just for once cant you listen to me?

I may sound crazy and lunatic

How I wish you take some pain

To know the real me inside the crazy frock

Yeah, how I wish you just care for once

Eyes, face, heart I asked myself what I saw in you

That I cant stop thinking about you

Its love…? infatuation…? I don’t know what the fuck it is

Sleepless nights, haunted dreams I lost the count

I wont nag, I wont crib, I promise

I will be content holding your hand

Talking in silence and listening to unspoken words

Cant you just give me another chance?

You don’t care, never cared

I don’t complain even though I want to

How I wish I can live like you

So cold, so calm and ignorant

I may not be Cinderella all pretty pretty

I may not be 21st centuries hot chick

But still I have the heart which dances like peacock

Just thinking about you; is this not enough?

May be we are roads which never meet

Cant you just enjoy the short journey

With my expectation just with your presence

Trust me I will make this journey unforgettable

You might find someone better than me

Might find worlds happiness in her bosom

I wont mind to be the sweet history

Which you recall when your low and smile

I wish you all wonderful things

Only good things never bad

If you ever plan to turn back you will find me

There where you left me; waiting with HOPE

Please Note: un-necessory question like “who is the guy?”, “you in love”……bla bla questions will not be entertained. Its and attempt to see whether i can be a poet(i know i am too far away…but what is there in trying:))

Ladies I MET……………

Posted: August 7, 2013 in POEM
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I was in school was eager to experiment

I was told that few things makes you impure

Thats when I became slave to BEER

I love you my darling, you are always my first wife!!!

Smiled watching dishes which I didnt had a clue

with family members all around seated

My heart started jumping higher and higher

when my eyes fell on familiar and sexy WINE

Drinking plain juice I didnt know anymore

High with emotions and feelings

I danced, sang half of the time I didnt had a clue what I did!!!

Thats how I met my mistress VODKA

With my closed nose with heavy cold

breathing and eating through mouth not easy

I tried hard to smile looking at the beauty

While proud BRANDY made love to me

BMW brand shone in the sun rays

3 floor house stood there reflecting its richness

haunted by loneliness I sit in private my bar

  Italk and talk   while the pretty SCOTCH listens without any clue

Depression, tension, failures chase me

I didnt find comfort in my wife’s arm

That’s when I smooched WHISKEY

Everything looked so colorful just for a while

Now when I lift the glass and keep it to my lips

My body shivers at the memory

of the most beautiful ladies I met

WATER laugh and says “its time you come back to your mother, Sunny”

Those who jump on conclusion Please note, this poem is written in a guys point of view rather than mine)

One ‘V’ day when i wrote…

Posted: April 16, 2013 in POEM


 Today is lovers day,

 time spent on different bay,

 rainy June to sunny may,

 dont hesitate when u want to say,

 silly jokes makes me piss,

 how i love your sensational kiss,

 cant love u more or less,

 without u i am ugly mess,

 pretty like white dove,

 your crazy each n every move,

 makes me fall again in love,

 u r my queen i always bow,



 well built, so handsome,

 with me is a wholesome,

 your touch makes me numb,

 sometimes u are a psycho bum,

 i try hard to make u laugh,

 hold my breath when u cough,

 hate your priky beard rough,

 love when your act weird n tough,

 well built like a Greek god,

 love to touch u r spinal cord,

 hide u r emotional like a iron rod,

 love you my baby in bulk n in load,



Posted: November 13, 2012 in POEM

Decade has passed with no change

Only in my salary nothing else

Tomato, onion price change every day, month and year

How I wish sometimes I was a fish monger rather than techi

I rot in office till late night

Remembering my mom cooked meal

I eat Maggie with teary eyes

Helping my intestine to grow fat, twist or whatever

First day first show I don’t watch anymore

Beer, rum and whisky call me every Friday

I drink water and wave my hand

Promising soon to be there before it’s too late

Hope of spark rises in my heart

No life, no friends and defiantly no fun

I smile and tell myself

“Don’t worry dude, you will get nice hike”

I burn with fever I ignore it

I get ailment in my stomach I ignore it too

Still I go to office instead of hospital

With one and only one hope

Hardly I go to cafeteria to sip coffee

Sometimes go to refresh my brain with GOLDFAKE

I work without cribbing to meet the deadline

Even though my brain screams “I cant take it anymore”

Manger sends me meeting request

I smile and enter the with confidence

I nod at my TL and manager as I sit

Obviously they know my hard work

Only praises I can hear around me

I feel I am balloon and am floating

I get horn like unicorn and fly still higher

Not knowing what’s going to happen in next half

When THEY feel its enough, they stop

Then they will start and show their wicked face

I stare at them and ask myself

Are they really THEY whom I know

You are not this..

You are not that…

You are not a team player

Don’t have communication skills Says the boss

With the horn gone and needle prick

I float till I feel the chair

Sit there like paralytic patient

 Not understanding their strategy

How I wish to open their skull

And see whether they have brain or shit instead

I sit and stare without uttering a word

While they continue adding “NOT” with “YOU ARE”

Even though I want to bang the phone to their head I control

I curse them, their family, and their whole clan, dead and living both

Urge to tell “shut the FU** up” still in my veins

I sit still and control my tongue and fingers

Meeting concludes with “don’t take it personally”

My tongue itch to say “you ……………..”

Lip closed I smile sarcastically

I walk out and  let my tongue take it stroll

Still boiling I lighten my cigarette

Chuckle thinking what a workaholic ass I had been

I dial my friend and say “where’s the party tonight”

I smiling and say “I learn my techie lesson today”