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Mind blowing view from my hostel,Kyleakin

Glad I am a fascinated morning walker, could see the beauty. Kyleakin



That is the view from the hostel window,Kyleakin

Mountain cattle




Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools

It is believed that if you take a dip in this water you will never age.Fairy Pools

The Storr

The view from the Storr

The view from the Storr

The Storr

The view from the Storr

You dont need word to explain the beauty, just a look a enough

The story behind The Storr is very fascinating.

Kilt Rock

Quiraing viewpoint

Looks like sheep doesn’t have any other work that grazing in the mountain. In England and Scotland, sheep grazing grass or gazing at you is common

Oh yeah, those are women spectators from my tour group

Even sun plays hide ans seek in highlands


Fairy Glen

The place is all magical as fairies

Yeah baby, its Fish and Chips

After the dinner when I took leave and started to walk, limping,  on the lone street of Kyleakin,in the dark but sweet night I was happy. The moon was dancing in his white glory in the silent dark sky. When you are content, doing things, your way ,even nature joins the celebration.

I was crossing the small bridge, on my way back to hostel when I was thunder-shocked, two girls, head covered in hijab were lying on the bridge and admiring the Tide-white moon in the sky. Crazy?na, it was super crazy and I loved it. When they saw me they tried to get up “no, dont do that, please let me join you guys, I always wanted to do this”. Smiling we three lied down on the hard  floor of the bridge,watching the moon.

“He looks much sexier from here” I said.

“yeah” they agreed,giggling. Then it was all quiet . We lost ourselves in watching him, his body marks, his shape, his biceps.

I couldn’t stop myself from remembering this guy, on whom I had huge crush, yeah just crush no LOVE saying “you are too crazy, no wonder you are single”. I was hurt wondering do I need to change myself to be little less crazy and very boring so that I can be loved? I am glad I didnt. That is the reason I was happy, living my crazy moment with women I didnt know from Adam, in Scotland.

When my back started to hurt I got up and said “I think I’ll leave, nice to meet you ladies and Thank, I will always remember this moment”. Bidding my fair well I walked away towards my hostel, I didnt know their name or place, I didnt bother to ask, it didn’t matter, sometimes its best to do things with total strangers.

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Image result for equilateral triangle

First time I saw those those eyes, I was lost, trying to reason their colour  . The moment I realised I am making Christoper uncomfortable with my 4 eyes, without blinking that too 4th day of my UK visit I had looked away. Defiantly he would have thought “what a silly, Indian, country girl“. Did I care? hell na:)
Its pretty rare you find a good looking guy that too with a fancy name like Christoper. “Chris”! It sounded so nice, sexy to my ears. If you think that I was falling madly in love with him, hold your horses, I was just admiring his Greek-god like feature given by god and name given by his parents. I had to catch a flight of 9 hours from India, to admire the the beautiful creature of god, can you beat that.
I still remember those  big black but not so active eyes, bit bigger than the usual nose shape of ridgegourd which complimented his face royally. Neatly cut hair, edges left free forming small U shape over his decent forehead. and if you draw two straight line from two eyes to nose they form equilateral triangle considering line from one eye to another as base. And the Adam’s apple dont even ask about it. Every time he spoke with that deep rich voice his apple moved up and down like the piston making its movement visible to the spectator. Most of the time I was confused whether I should see his eyes or listen to him or watch Chris’s apple move. I can bet if he was there in Eden instead of Adam, Adam’s apple would have known as Chris’s apple. Wowie!
If he was little bit younger or may be I was little bit older, I would have captured his attention in the communion queue during mass. Love would have find its own way into the gods house, with me waiting for him after the mass.Followed by a date under the chilling UK sky and him giving his jacket to me like a English gentleman while I shivered. Then year after marriage in the same church where we met first. This is what Happens if you read romantic novels.
Every meeting I attended , I listened carefully every word he spoke. Bullhit!, every time he spoke I just watched him carefully mind already lost in  paddy filed running a kite. But his voice!!that deep-rich-thick voice,hmm always had the capacity to to bring me back and wonder how he got that deep voice?did he eat mint leaves?or may be tulsi leaves or he gagaled every morning with lukewarm water with salt.
He was married man with kids with good fashion sense. The navy blue cardigans, round shaped sweaters when he wore them and stood in the corridor, talking to someone, with hands in his pockets, he looked like Kinnigoli’s Chethan bakery’s plum cake, simple, elegant but perfect. I would just smile and walk away and Bingo he always returned my smile. The way I looked at him I am sure he would have known that he got a piglet as admirer.
It was a busy day when Christoper came to me and was discussing something regarding the work.Oh boy oh boy You should have seen my face all radiant like a full moon in the dark boring sky. When he left I was just thanking my lucky stars when my senior came and asked for a update. When I started with “Christoper said that…….”he politely said “Nasir not Christoper”. “No, No Christoper”. “No Sylvia it’s Nasir” he stressed looking at his system. OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!!!!! Buuuuttt, c…h…r…iiiiissssss.. cat got my tongue and knife got my heart.
So what he is Nasir and not Christopher , I never stopped admiring him. Every time he walked by my place he would smile at me , no matter how busy I was I return his smile and glare at his disappearing back followed by chuckle and shaking my head. Since then I call him equilateral triangle with all side equal, what is there in the name
I never had a crush on him, OK may be 20% but I never stared at him OK may be  except for the first time. I was just a distant admirer.Married or not you should appreciate beautiful things. Admire the shear beauty and appreciate gods good creation. And that is what i was doing till the last day I was in UK, but in my own  piglet way.

its hard to forget the day when I visited Westminster’s Abbey on my own. It was snowing slightly, freezing outside, I was tempted way beyond words to stay back,wear my woolen socks. sipping the mulled wine to watch a movie. But no, that day energy was running at its peak my body.

When you are around, all you have to look up and you see the time.


Beyond this place all you have is your eyes to capture the breath taking architecture and absorb all the fragrance of the beauty.

With so many kings and queens bodies resting in peace you dont feel the presence of divinity but you feel the presence of quiet ghosts


Beautiful but little plumpy, on the wonderful day like this why grumpy?

Only problem when you travel alone is you have all pictures except you in it.

Its a must visit place, entry fees is bit pricey but worth spending.

When I was tired walking, exploring on the cold day, his mere statue felt consoling. I was walking on those street just a month before the attack. I feel fortunate not to be present there to witness the human slaughter in name of religion.

Whats new: The lazy ass finally did her solo trip not to euro but to Scotland. Who says you cant do things on your own terms:)


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img_20170108_131713268  img_20170108_133136600The story behind Stonehenge is interesting, like the heritage itself. Some says it used to burial ground may be that is why the crow is sitting there communicating with invisible but still living things.





img_20170108_134607718Sheep grazing on the grass, historic monument with mind blowing English winter, it was pitch perfect like chilled beer . Definitely UK is breath taking placeimg_20170108_135351142Felt sad for this lone stone which sits at a distance apart from the group. Every time it gazes at its peers catching up, on black moon day, or boxing day when noisy humans disappear, I am sure this lone guy will sit and weep at its ugly fate to be outcasted.img_20170108_135359441


img_20170108_132905809So many tourist, just wonder when the smart photographer captured his finest shot which made it to every ones desktop.Yeah, this definitely going to sit on my desktop for long time





img_20170204_132018933It was just perfect.

img_20170204_132356912This massive door opens only when Royal family comes for visit not for the commoners like meimg_20170204_141238465Does it look like a Pineapple or its only me who can see the replica of pineapple growing in my aunt’s backyard.img_20170204_142555052To visit the dome we have to walk , climb steps after steps img_20170204_142835588Breath taking view is totally worth is when you are breathless climbing so many stepsimg_20170204_143038697All skyscrapers flaunt their beauty proudlyimg_20170204_143410212

img_20170204_143506579London eye

img-20170205-wa0062That is Shard

img_20170204_143524680Thames flowing quietly with all the dirt and tearsimg_20170204_151851415The Queen with her knightsimg_20170204_152030648Its magnificent building, sad that taking picture is inside is prohibited. Its a must visit placeimg-20170205-wa0033Oh yeah, that’s me with two eyesimg-20170205-wa0067London bridge from top of St Pauls Cathedralimg-20170205-wa0068That is what i have been doing on every London street.

Weekend At Harrods

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It is better to be on your own rather than having a annoying company. Gearing  up all the energy, with broad smile on the face, my heart was jumping like junkie Roy, when I stepped out of  Knights-bridge tube station, on my own. Last week when I wasted my weekend just warming up the spring bed, I was determined to visit the place which I always wanted to. HARRODS.


img_20170128_124947978Even though there was Prince court in front of Harrods but nothing could divert my attention. I was all eyes for Harrods img_20170128_141546358

img_20170128_141608424With head held high I walked in pushing the heavy door, Zapka! I was in different world. I felt like Alice in wonderland with drumming heartimg_20170128_142359824








img_20170128_144321275Books!!!There is nothing which Harrods doesnt have

img_20170128_144459160How I envied those not so good looking blue and pink dolls.img_20170128_144519887When you are inside Harrods, It is all about Harrodsimg_20170128_144745278


img_20170128_144828607Harrods, Harrods, Harrods….















img_20170128_150800336When Superman does hand up he looks like thisimg_20170128_150816143

img_20170128_150931190And the army is ready for the warimg_20170128_150935199Easy to find the slope of the straight line




img_20170128_151208468 img_20170128_151334603No Matter where you are are, you will easily spot something Indianimg_20170128_152020317

img_20170128_152028906Dallas, Hawaii to the right, Istanbul, kyoto to the left rest please get lost    img_20170128_152109264






img_20170128_153104373It is really a paradise

img_20170128_153113610  img_20170128_153130474





img_20170128_153210452I bump into Johnnie Walker while coming out of the washroom

img_20170128_153318050Fancy yeah! price is even more fancier:)img_20170128_153347898

img_20170128_153507376I just wonder who is going to wear Cheetah on swing around their neckimg_20170128_153544854“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” If you watch that movie you will understand what is it like to walk into a shop which you love dearly but you cant afford a thing.img_20170128_153646874If you ever visit London make sure you stop by Harrods. May be you cant buy designer clothes but definitely you can buy  different varieties of Jelly beans. They are ssoooo good, I cant stop eating them.img_20170128_153721518

img_20170128_153811081There are many entrances, 8 is what I choseimg_20170128_153956476When Alice walked out of the wonderland she was greeted by the buskers. It was magical




img_20170108_115226607Yeah, that is my beautiful wrist:). Security is so tight even the scanning machine wouldn’t have scanned your kidneys so clearly. Windsor Castle

img_20170108_094806366Can you see a a yellow yellow dirty fellow, fishing his nose, He is standing in from of Windsor Castle

img_20170108_100938868So what it was raining, Castle looked still amazing

img_20170108_101206980The passageimg_20170108_101253111There I found one more Indian and my joy was multiplied

img_20170108_101824309  Can you see a cathedral far far away?No ?Rub your eyes and see againimg_20170108_104051919The view from inside the castle

As the photography was prohibited I couldnt capture the Dolls house,Ball room, dining room, dressing room,Sitting room, Garter Throne room,Kings bedroom, queens bedroom and god knows how many. I loved the Dolls house with wine seller, house keeping room, laundry room, servants room, kitchen, Kings bedroom, queens bed room. They had separate room, which shows even king and queen loved their space.  only disappointing thing was that their room didnt have huge window from where you can see sun rise or sun set.  I loved the queens private room with huge dressing table and chairs for her friends to sit and chat

img_20170108_111010019This the private sector which is closed for public. Queen and her family lives here  img_20170108_111207573Clouds flew to their dear ones clearing the view which their were blocking with ugly fat ass

img-20170108-wa0026Hopefully he can see where he is going









img_20170108_112952944   img-20170108-wa0030

And they lived happily ever After